Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Oscillating Bladeless Fan/Purifier – White/Silver

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  • The latest Dyson purifying fan; It senses pollution and allergens, captures them in a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter, and projects purified air around the room
  • Connected: Wi Fi connected. See real time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson Link app
  • Senses: Automatically senses & reports air quality levels on LCD display on air purifier, including ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Captures: The sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns makes this an ideal air purifier for allergies, pets, dust, pollen and mold spores
  • Projects: Projects purified air throughout the whole room. Air Multiplier technology delivers over 77 gallons per second of smooth, yet powerful airflow. Upto 350 degree of oscillation directs airflow where you need it
  • ALEXA Enabled: Voice control using Alexa to turn on/off, turn on auto mode, and update you on the indoor air quality
  • Smart home compatible: Compatible with Dyson Link app, which lets you control your machine and monitor air quality, and Siri
  • Other product listings for non authorized 3rd party sellers are not covered by official Dyson warranty
  • Warning : Unauthorized replacement filters are not tested or verified to perform at HEPA standard; Only authentic Dyson filters are recommended to ensure a sealed system and proper functioning of the machine


The only purifying fan to clean a whole room properly.1  We design our purifying fans to go beyond test chamber conditions and focus on real home conditions – this is more than just having an efficient filter.1 Dyson engineers and research concluded that to clean an entire room properly,  you need to sense pollution events automatically; capture ultrafine pollutants;  and project cleaner air around the room using Air Multiplier technology. Only the Dyson purifying fan is designed and tested to do all of this.2


  • SENSES: Automatically senses & reports air quality levels on LCD display on purifier,  including ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).
  • CAPTURES: Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters capture pollutants.
  • PROJECTS: Air Multiplier technology delivers smooth, yet powerful airflow throughout the whole room. Up to 350 Degree of oscillation.
  • DUAL-FUNCTIONALITY: Forward airflow mode purifies while cooling you as a fan. Backward airflow mode purifies without cooling you. 90% of allergy sufferers surveyed would recommend a Dyson Purifier.3
  • NIGHT-TIME MODE: In night-time mode the machine monitors and purifies using quiet settings, with a dimmed display.
  • ALEXA ENABLED: Voice control using Alexa to turn on/off, turn on auto-mode, and update you on the indoor air quality
  • Other product listings for non-authorized 3rd party sellers are not covered by official Dyson warranty.
  • Warning – unauthorized replacement filters are not tested or verified to perform at HEPA standard. Only authentic Dyson filters are recommended to ensure a sealed system and proper functioning of the machine. The official Dyson replacement filter can be found by searching “B07HJFXFNL” in the search bar.
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  1. Amazon Customer

    We had received our Dyson Pure Cool 2 days before we left on a 2 week vacation. My sister was staying at our house to care for our 2 cats and 1 dog. My sister is allergic to cats and dogs but thought she could handle it for a few weeks. After the first week, she told friends she didn’t think she could last another week with her allergies being so bad with our pets. That night, she noticed that the Dyson Pure Cool was an air purifier and quickly read the manual. She set it up (we didn’t have time) and my sister said that she noticed a difference in her breathing after 2 hours of the purifier cleaning the air.If this had been anyone else telling us this, I would have been skeptical but my sister was thrilled at how well it worked for her. We were very happy with this product as my husband smokes and we have found it works excellent for our needs.We are so happy with the Dyson Pure Cool that we bought another one for our bedroom and one for my sister.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Steven T.

    A great fan for those monitor the air you breathe but also filter the contaminates out. The charcoal filter clean out dog farts.

    Steven T.

  3. Jon Deutsch

    One of the bosses at work bought this and handed it off. This thing does alot of amazing things, it can track humidity, has 2 filters for air, can track various allergens, can oscilate 350 degrees. Its got a cool little remote control, and a nice little screen on the front. It does alot of great things, it is horrible at actually being a fan though. Air output is a sad joke. I have a 6′ $7 clip fan that moves more air than this thing. The price per air moved (cfm) is ridiculous. If you are at home sweating save the cash and get something else. While It will certainly be louder but it will also put out alot more air and won’t burn up your wallet. *amended Works alot better with all of the filters off, nearly doubled output, but that bumps it up from meager to less than average speaking in air moved.

    Jon Deutsch

  4. JEB NYC

    Wifi, remote control, remotely control the machine, oscillation control to the max; filter has excellent design, quiet, excellent product, Provides so many readings, such as indoor temp, types of air particles, etc; iphone app is top notch, Can be used as an air purifier alone or turn or can reverse blow dirrection to use as a fan, too, without hazardous blades (safe around anyone), Great LED readout, filter is lasting so far over six months and LED tells you the remaining filter life. Incredible R&DA Dyson Home Run!! A+ .


  5. Amazon Customer

    We moved to an area where we are surrounded by commercial agriculture and near Laguna Seca. I’m totally a believer after Car Week in Monterey. Over the weekend while the classic cars were racing at the track I had opened the door to our patio because the weather was beautiful. Within only a few minutes, my Dyson, which was on “auto” bumped up to level ten. I looked at the display and saw that the NO2 was in the red zone. I promptly closed the door and watched the level gradually drop back in to the green. Just to double check, I opened the window and sure enough, the level of NO2 started to climb. I’m ready to buy another for the upstairs area.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Dr. LC

    I have dreamed of owning a Dyson bladeless fan since they first came to market and thanks to APD, I now own not only the fan, but a filter/fan combo! I have yet to notice an improvement in allergies (especially the congestion that my husband, dog, and I develop during the night), but realistically that probably will take a while for us to receive this benefit from the air filter. We have a 650 sq ft master suite and we have kept the fan and filter running, with the doors to the bedroom closed, since first plugging it in. The fan is quiet — though we actually enjoy white noise so it might be irritating to those who like a completely noise sterile bedroom — and we haven’t experienced any clicking or other sound when the fan is in oscillation mode as some reviewers have reported. The fan has definitely made it feel a few degrees cooler in our bedroom and boosted the 75 degrees setting on our central air conditioning to feel more comfortable. We live by the coast in Orange County, CA, and can’t afford to keep the AC any lower thanks to an already $700-800 monthly electrical bill that results from a 77 degree AC setting during the day and 75 degree setting at night during the summer so the “air multiplying” feature of the fan was the main impetus for purchase. The design is sleek and modern, and I appreciate that the device easily tilts at the base so the air flow can be better directed up or down. Other reviewers have recommended changing the filter every six to nine months, but considering the fur and other dander from our 125 lb, short-haired dog who sleeps with us, I’m guessing optimal filter change at three to four months.

    Dr. LC

  7. carlos

    I bought this because of the mentioned benefits of the purifier. In theory, the device would clean up the air so you don’t breathe pollutants and related stuff. Well, probably all of that is true. however the device worked for 48 hours and then an exclamation sign inside of a triangle showed up and all the nightmare begun!!!DO NOT BUY THIS THING!


  8. Clinton S. Adams

    I use this item in my bedroom where it keeps the air clean and circulating.

    Clinton S. Adams

  9. Roger pedigrew

    It’s a Dyson say no more

    Roger pedigrew

  10. Glenda Ducharme


    Glenda Ducharme

  11. CIBRO – Swindon

    A thoughtful and well constructed machine so easy to manipulate. Changing settings remotely in the dark – as when awoken by incorrect room-temperature – is fiddly on the TINY touch-sensitive control. Need a light on and greater tolerance from partner!!!

    CIBRO – Swindon