Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest / Heavy Duty Cooler / High Performance Commercial Grade Insulation (Tan)

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INSULATED: 75 Quart Ice Chest holds ice for days on end with up to 3” inches of commercial grade insulation, Freezer Style gasket, and ColdSeal Latches;

FEATURES: Military-grade nylon rope handles, GorillaGrip Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Molded Tie-Down Slots with Lock Plates, Recessed No-Leak Drain Plug, Pressure Release Valve, 2 Built-In Bottle Openers, and More!;

SERIOUSLY TOUGH: Virtually Indestructible Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction with Heavy Duty Rubber ColdSeal Latches and Exterior UV Protection;

SERIOUSLY COLD: 3 inches of commercial grade insulation and cold-keeping freezer style rubber gasket keeps your items colder for longer!;

1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: We guarantee our Ice Chests to be free from defects in material, workmanship, and assembly, under normal use and in accordance with the specifications and warnings for a period of 1 year.


Seriously though, seriously cold.

The ice chest is built to withstand the unbearable heat of summer.

Their team of engineers has designed the ultimate cooler that will retain ice for days on end.


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  1. Derek Brown

    I’m impressed. Took it on a 5 day hunt in the Comanche National Grasslands over Thanksgiving. Day temps 65-80deg. Put a 10 lb block & 10lb cubed. Pre-chilled overnight outside @ 38deg prior to leaving or putting ice in. After 5 days block @ 75%, cubed @ 50%. I opened it prob x6 a day. I’d buy again & will get one of the smaller one’s for daytrips. Way better than a wallyworld coleman, way less expensive than a Yeti.

    Derek Brown

  2. Sunshine

    I bought this for Burning Man & I’m thrilled with it. It did great in 100+° for 12 days on Playa. I kept it off the ground & in the shade under my carport. I started with dry ice that lasted for 4 days, kept regular ice on it the remaining time & food was still good at the end. It did just as well if not better then the Pelicans & Yeti’s in camp. This is Playa tested & approved!


  3. David Iseminger II

    Probably the best cooler for the money. I couldn’t get it to hold ice any longer than 6 days, but it did keep everything very cold for 11 days. If I am able to get it to hold ice for longer, I will update this review.

    David Iseminger II

  4. TopoJoe

    I own an Engel and a Yeti cooler and this Driftsun is everybit as good as either of them. Highly recommend!


  5. Doug

    This is one tough cooler, it’s sturdy well built and made in the USA.These people that say their coolers leak don’t know how to tighten a drain plug obviously. They do come with a rubber gasket so they can’t leak. If your ice is melting too fast you didn’t buy Quality Ice or pre-cool the cooler properly.If this cooler is left in the direct sun it will melt the ice faster, if you’re driving around in a vehicle and this cooler is bouncing around, that will also cause the ice to melt quicker. (Friction) And last but not least the more you open this cooler the faster the ice will melt. It’s just plain common sense and simple math, if you want a good cooler spend the money and buy this one.


  6. Graham Marsteller

    We bought this cooler with the expectation that the significant cost would be recouped over a period of time not having to buy 10 to 20 pounds of ice every day. The claims and reviews I saw said it would hold ice for 5 to 7 days. This is not the case. The cooler was outside in summer heat but was shaded all day and we never had ice for more than half a day before it melted to just water. And before you say it, We also did not open the cooler very often. Needless to say we are very disappointed in an expensive product and will be looking into returning it. Should have paid the extra for the YETI.

    Graham Marsteller

  7. Heidi Still

    Great price and well made – keeps ice for days in the heat of AZ. also use it to keep beverage cool during warm weather without ice. Easy to clean out. Has NON-SKID feet which makes it hard to slid in the pick-up bed – does stay put. Is heavy when empty. you will not be able to drag it with the non-skid feet so have a wheeled dolly or you will need a second person to lift and carry once filled with ice and food

    Heidi Still

  8. Huy Quoc Dang

    I froze 6 gallon jugs which is about how much you can fit inside if you want room for other items such as food and drinks. I tested the batch for mwlt time. Maintained 35 degrees for about 7 days. Rose over 40 degrees on day 9. There was ice left inside jugs at day 10 but not sufficient refrigeratikn past day 8 or 9. Remedy this by adding loose ice pack sufficient to keep temp down and still jave room for food and drink items. I am now confident I can make food last over 1 week for westwrn hunting and camping trip.

    Huy Quoc Dang

  9. salarguy

    It looks terrific, kinda make you think it will perform the same!


  10. stephen Bowen

    Really keeps things cold

    stephen Bowen

  11. Amazon Customer

    Excellent price compared to local Yeti’s or Pelicans sourced locally. Very solid. Seals up well.

    Amazon Customer

  12. Amazon Customer

    Keeps ice for days

    Amazon Customer