Dirt Devil UD70350B Razor VAC Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum

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Dirt Devil

  • Swivel and Swerve – Dirt and hair tucked in corners and under furniture are no match for the full 180-degree movement of this powerful upright.
  • No Loss of Suction – Not only is the Endure filter equipped for powerful, long lasting upright vacuum cleaner performance – it’s also easily accessible + risible for quick maintenance when you need it.
  • Powerful Spin4Pro Multi Floor Brush roll + Automatic Floor Height Adjust – This is just fancy for, “You and your carpets and hard floors are going to be so happy. ”
  • Quick and Easy Reach – Power through dirt and pet hair high and low with 10 ft. of extra reach with a wave of the removable extension wand – which pops just as easily back into the vacuum when you’re done.
  • What’s Included?– A turbo tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool stores on-board for messes at a minute’s notice.


The Dirt Devil Razor Vac Plus upright swivel vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use.

The low profile design steers around and under furniture with minimal effort.

Our premium SPIN4PRO brush roll is designed and optimized to effectively clean both carpet and hard floors with automatic height adjust.

Simply detach the 10ft. cleaning wand for instant suction to clean hard-to-reach places like ceilings and stairs.

No loss of suction means a powerful clean anywhere in your home.

Plus, the advanced three stage filtration system keeps your vacuum running better, longer with a whole lot less maintenance.

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  1. dlovestojeep

    I have a three story home with lots of wood and tile as well as low and high pile carpet and a dislike for hauling a vacuum up and down stairs all the time. I own two Dysons, but have purchased cheaper vacuums for my basement. I have tried a lot of different brands and vacuums, returning some and giving some to relatives in need because they are just not as good as my Dysons. After a couple of years of not having a third vacuum, I decided to take a chance on this one because the price was right and because it will be used primarily by my teenage sons, who aren’t as picky as I am. Of course I wanted to try it out myself first to see if it would do. Turns out, I’ve been hauling this thing up and down my stairs (it’s a lot lighter than a Dyson) and vacuuming everything with it! It has incredible suction and the brush really picks up my aging, matted carpet. It’s super simple to turn the roller off for the hard floors, and it does a pretty decent job there as well. The best part is that it is a cinch to clean from the dust cup to the filters to the roller. The filters need cleaned often, but it’s just a matter of about five minutes of rinsing them out at the end of a good vacuum. It must be 10 amps or lower, because it doesn’t trip the breakers in the bedrooms, which makes up for the cord being a couple of feet shorter. Will it replace my Dysons? Well, I don’t think it does as good a job as the hard floor tool on the Dyson, and I like the wand on the Dyson better, but for carpets, I’m sold, especially at this price.


  2. Kindle Customer

    Overall great vacuum cleaner.Pros: The swivel head, great result on pet hair, multiple applications throughout house, and easy to carry throughout multilevel homes. The swivel head lets you move very fluidly throughout your house, getting under furniture or in corners in a single pass is a breeze. It does a fantastic job of removing pet hair using both the floor unit and the pet hair attachment. We have a cat tree that gets HEAVILY coated with cat hair and the pet hair attachment cleaned it up like new. The regular floor unit picked it up great too. We’ve got 2 cats, really heavy shedders and this vacuum is keeping up fine. We also have a high pile rug in the living room, and turning the brush off in the floor unit still removed everything quite nicely. Multiple applications throughout home: I’ve used the hose to vacuum out baseboard heaters, under furniture on hardwood floors, and the lint trap in our dryer. Lots of uses. We’ve got a 2 level loft, with carpet on the top floor, and carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs is no trouble at all. Both my girlfriend and I have hardly any complaints.Cons: Long hair does get a bit tangled around the brush in the floor unit, and you’ll have to stay on top of picking it out if you want to maintain a good clean brush. Also, the hose has such strong suction that it doesn’t allow itself to extend as far as it looks like it could.I’m glad I ignored whatever bad reviews were here. This vacuum cleaner has been a great purchase for our place!

    Kindle Customer

  3. G.C.

    Most amazing vacuum ever! If you have a dog that sheds profusely like mine, you need this! My dog doesn’t shed little hairs, she sheds big black fuzz balls… the kind that are usually harder to vacuum up. Whats also great is thats its super light, and so convenient as far as emptying and using the wand, and just in general.


  4. Kelsey

    As a pet owner with birds and a Great Pyrenees, I needed a powerful vacuum that could handle dropped nuts/pellets and a massive amount of never ending fur. And it’s amazing. It’s easy to use, pretty lightweight and turns well. Its suction is excellent. My last vacuum I had to set it up to use the hose: this just pull it up and it’s ready. Few good sweeps and the area around the cages is clean!


  5. Heather MacInnes

    I just got this vacuum. I have a small apartment with a single cat. This thing is amazing. I vacuumed 2 days ago, now granted I know my old vacuum is failing but this got up so much stuff for such a short period of time between vacuuming. It’s lightweight and very easily maneuvered. It has great suction, you can feel its resistance as you pull back. I also like the long neck and hose so I could reach dust and cobwebs high on the walls and on the ceiling. First go around for this thing but I am quite pleased.

    Heather MacInnes

  6. Kindle Customer

    At last a vacuum cleaner that does just what they say it will ! This little gem picked up so much animal hair it was shocking. With a furry dog and three cats I needed help. I had bought 2 other expensive vacuums that did not pick up animal hair. This vac is very easy to push around …I love the swivel feature. The canister holds a good bit of dirt/hair and is easy to empty. There’s not a single thing that I don’t like about this product. The price was excellent. If you have animal hair on your carpet you NEED this Dirt Devil !

    Kindle Customer

  7. Shane Antonio Benitez

    I use this vacuum cleaner the first day I receive it to remove pet hair from my hard wood floors and carpet and it worked like a charm until today October 18, 2017, I empty out the vacuum and put it back in correctly as I always do after each use but this time it would not power on, I try all outlets in my house still no power. I decided to trust dirt devil instead of othe brands because of price and style but I was close to purchasing a bissell pet hair eraser and now I wish I would have because this dirt devil only last a month

    Shane Antonio Benitez

  8. Travis Cannata

    Broken right out of the box. The maneuverability was great, but the suction handle never worked. I think it’s because the pipe connecting the suction motor to the pipe that the handle uses is such a cheap plastic that it jams and doesn’t transition from Upright vacuum to suction handle. Therefore, I can only use this for carpet, and can’t use the tool itself.Trying to call Dirt Devil support is useless and they rarely ever answers. When you do get someone the call magically “disconnects” when you start explaining your problems or they just suggest you spent 100$ shipping an 80$ vacuum back for service that can take up to 6 weeks to get back.

    Travis Cannata

  9. E.

    I don’t normally write reivews, but I absolutely had to for this.OKAY. So I just got this bad boy. L I T E R A L L Y just got it like 20 minutes ago. My friend had lent me her vacuum when I moved in to my place back in April since it had carpet and I was super broke, and I contented myself with it because hey! its a vacuum I can use. It was kinda hard to use, and it kept spitting all the garbage back out the minute I’d even try to lift it a little and it was annoying, but I dealt with it. Fast forward some months, and I’m super sick and tired of strategizing my vacuumming to always end at the kitchen so I can sweep whatever the thing spat out, and so I go looking for some cheap options, and I find this little dude. I’m still on a tight budget, but I thought heck lets go for it. Everyone seems to like it, maybe it’ll be worth spending a little more on a unit but waayyy below the $400+ Dysons.WELL.As of right now, I’m SUPER impressed. I’m both disgusted at what came out of my carpet and absolutely satisfied. There was stuff in the cannister I didn’t even realized existed in my carpet, which then leads me to shudder at the thought of my lying down on it from time to time since it was in fact EXTREMELY polluted and might explain why it always felt so stuffy in here.Needless to say: I hated vacumming before, but I got excited to do so immediately when I cracked the box open.First off, it moves like a dream. You wouldn’t think a vacuum could move so smoothly, but it does. I even started dancing with it a little as I had my music playing, which I could still here even over the sound of the vacuum. Its by no means quiet but it was enough that it didn’t make my hamster freak out like the old one did. The suction is intense; I don’t even have a pet (yet) that sheds but I got it with that in mind for the future and I can definitely see this thing haul pet hair like a pro. I mean it got all of mine, and I didn’t even realize there was any hair laying around.That photo is from the first pass. That’s nothing compared to what the old vacuum would pick up. In fact, that’s actually more than the 6 months combined and I kid you not, because I still haven’t thrown that cannister out cause it never sucked anything up! I showed my friend and she doesn’t even want her own vacuum back LOL!!! My favorite part though, was the dumping of the gross. One button that opend up the cannister at the bottom. Didn’t have to get my hands dirty, didn’t have to touch anything or wrestle it out or shake it, just open and it all comes out. A++ design. Super into it.Anyway. I’ll update this if it changes, but for now, I’m absolutely in love with this vacuum!!!


  10. Chantel Marie

    This had everything I wanted in a vacuum. I love my current vacuum, but it’s cordless and doesn’t last long enough for my house, so i decided to buy this vacuum. I wanted it for my hard floors and area rugs, as well as for my couches.The vacuum works great on the hard floors but not well on the area rugs. There is no adjustment for speed or height of the brushroll, only an off option. Worked on the low pile entry rugs, but not for the medium pile rugs.I liked that the wand came out to easily dust baseboards/stairs/etc…But thats where my happiness ended! I mainly wanted this for the turbo head to remove cat fur from my couches. As soon as the head touched the couch, the brushroll stopped,rendering it useless for removing the fur! I needed to use a separate vacuum to effectively clean the couches… Not worth $200, so i am returning the vacuum as it does not function properly. I will use my current vacuum for my couches and purchase a regular (cheap) vacuum for the floors. It’s too bad this vacuum couldn’t do it all, because i really liked the design and features (if they worked as expected).

    Chantel Marie

  11. Kerry M

    I was hesitant to buy this but figured I would as it was $110 and my older Kemore vacuum is big, bulky and on its last legs. I thought this would be an economical temporary solution until I could buy a Dyson V10 or similar. Well, I don’t need one now! I was SHOCKED at how amazing this vacuum works! The suction is unbelievable, and the maneuverabilty is fantastic! At first I thought that the vacuum would be too small, but it’s great at getting into small spaces, and because the suction is so strong, I don’t need to go over the same area a bunch of times, as I did with my older vacuum. I love that it’s bagless, and I can see the amount of dirt in the canister.I had just vacuumed two days prior to getting it, then again when I got it, and I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt in the canister! Only my family room has carpet, and the dust that was obviously trapped in there was unreal! It also helped the carpet fibres stand up and look refreshed again. I feel better knowing there is less dirt underfoot now (dirt I had no clue existed). The attachments and hose nozzle are easy to use as well for cleaning couches etc.Although it’s marketed for pet owners, I do not have a pet.I definitely recommend this vacuum, even my husband is impressed with it and likes using it!

    Kerry M

  12. Amazon Customer

    As a previous Dyson pet vacuum owner I was quite skeptical about this vacuum. We have 3 large furry dogs plus long haired cat that destroyed the Dyson is short order. Not wanting to shell out another $600 I took a chance ( for a fifth of the cost) on this vacuum.To all you people that are considering the Dyson SAVE YOUR MONEY!! This vacuum not only out performed the Dyson it has cleaned carpets that I though were uncleanable.I’ve used it now for a couple of months and am completely happy.Now having the experience of the two units I feel cheated by the Dyson claims and will never waste my money on a Dyson again.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Ashley V.

    Soooo happy with this purchase! The suction is amazing, I love the ease of going from carpet to hardwood (can turn off the beater bar), it’s lightweight and made my carpets look new again! This machine replaced my 5 year old dyson that just wasn’t doing the job anymore, and I actually love the features better on this one than my dyson when it was brand new. Would definitely recommend !!!

    Ashley V.

  14. bonnie hay

    I got this for a great price considering going to get the dyson pet…way more money too. I thought try this out. I was so impressed and grossed out at same time how much dog hair and dust were on my couch, floor carpet… I use this daily and I love it very easy manuerver around and I have smaller place with stairs. The pet attachment cleans my stairs beautifully. The one thing is you have regularly clean filters and roller brushes. It’s been great so far!

    bonnie hay

  15. Shawna ashmore

    Holy sh*t this vacuum is amazing!Did a good thorough vacuum with my cordless Dyson like always and then tested out the razor just to see if I liked it and got so much dog fur that the Dyson didn’t pick up. The suction is incredible easy to steer light weight and nice to look at.I highly recommend especially if you have fur friends!

    Shawna ashmore