DeWalt Power Inverter DXAEPI1000

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  • 1000 Watt power inverter delivers serious power you can transport using dual 120 volt AC outlets and 3, 3.1 Amp USB charging ports
  • Perfect for charging electronics such as laptops, power tools, and other electronic devices on the job site
  • Features an LCD screen showing real-time information on status of power consumption, battery status, and any fault issues
  • Slim aluminum housing and integrated grommets for easy mounting and installation
  • Battery connectors and mounting hardware included; 12V DC accessory adapter not included.Frequency:60
  • Fit Type: Universal Fit



The DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter delivers 1000 Watt of practical household power you can transport using dual 120 volt AC outlets and 3 3.1 Amp USB charging ports.

Simply plug the power inverter into your vehicle’s DC plug (not included) and plug your devices into the power inverter; perfect for charging electronics such as laptops, power tools, and other electronic devices on the job site.

Features an LCD screen showing real-time information on the status of power consumption, battery status, and any fault issues.

Slim aluminum housing and integrated grommets for easy mounting and installation; battery connectors and mounting hardware included.

The DEWALT DXAEPI1000 power inverter includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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  1. oscar m.

    I just installed this May. Now it’s august and the item isn’t working anymore. I got a professional to Install it and I asked them to check out the issue and it seems that this product simply burned out. I wouldn’t purchase this again, although when I was using it-it worked very well I’m very disappointed that the item doesn’t work anymore after only 3 months. Wish the company could contact me to see if there is anything they could do to help me.

    oscar m.

  2. E

    This thing is constantly beeping for no apparent reason other than the outlet has a plug in it, and keeps turning off with less than 500 watts showing on the display.


  3. Stradie

    Works well. I use it as part of a solar setup that charges my DeWalt batteries (after having verified with DeWalt that this can be used with their AC chargers). It does beep when the main battery gets too low, so I suspect that may be the issue that’s occurring when other reviews mention beeping despite low watt usage. Unfortunately, it does make a shrill beep every time you turn it on or off, but that’s just a minor annoyance.


  4. JJ

    Worked great for 2 months. Now it wont turn on.


  5. Scott

    It’s very good in my pickup truck. It is wired to a second battery I installed, and it can handle powering devices that require higher than normal amperage, such as a pancake style air compressor.If you don’t need that much power, you can simply plug it into a 12 volt adapter in your vehicle to power & recharge all your cell phones, tablets, and laptops.


  6. David King

    I ordered this to run a large sound system for a Fourth of July party on a boat.I was very impressed, the unit performed excellent, the sound system I used was the norm us, and this inverter had no problems powering it.

    David King

  7. Kevin C.

    PROS:Easy to use. Many options to connect (battery, clamps, cigarette lighter). Nice blue LED backlit screen with all the info. Good size.CONS:Price is a little high (paying for DeWalt name). If the car isn’t running it constantly beeps to let you know (annoying). Not sure if I exactly need 3 USB ports on this thing. The little feet have little caps on them that keep falling off (can just glue these on).Side note: While the size is good, it wasn’t small enough to fit under my seat, and the legs elevate it up a little to make is JUST too tall to fit. I can’t hold this against them just because my truck didn’t have the clearance, but just wish it was smaller.Overall.. I love dewalt and this is a great product. Just wish it was cheaper and smaller.

    Kevin C.

  8. Jon Jones

    the clear glass covering the LCD read-out was cracked when it arrived but does not affect usability… still think its a great product mounted under back seat of my yukon denali

    Jon Jones

  9. Darren

    I must mention before continuing that when it comes to high wattage power inverters, there are few considerations your average joe should know about. I think most of the bad reviews on here are people not installing this product correctly.The standard 12v socket in your car IS NOT wired to support a load as heavy as this inverter, anything past 140w will blow the fuse in the car’s built-in outlet, and your inverter will no longer get power. Luckily DEWALT knows this and inverter has the appropriate connections for wiring this device directly to your car battery.Unfortunately, the battery hookup cables supplied by DeWalt are about 2ft long (Literally). So unless you are planning on mounting this inverter directly next to your battery under the hood of your vehicle, (Which means you would have to run an extension cable from the inverter to the cab of the car every time you wish to use it), you are left with two options.A: Buy a second battery, and place it inside the cab of your vehicle, then use the appropriate gauge wire to link your batteries together in parallel, then hook the inverter up inside the car to the second battery. This will let you mount your inverter inside, and will actually double the length the inverter will power your devices.B: Make your own battery hookup cables (Again, be very aware of the gauge of wire you are using, I went with 5AWG wire, I believe the cables they provide are about 6-8AWG. The lower the gauge of wire, the more amperage you can drive through them before they burn up. The input power for this inverter according to the manual is 12V DC – 100AMPs, Remember P=IV which means (Watts)=(Amp)(Volts) => (12)(120)=(1200w) I felt safest at 5AWG. Look online and double check AWG/AMP charts or consult an electrition if you are not comfortable with this stuff.I must say, I’m a little disappointed in the product, I would of


  10. Steve Da Pratto

     Tres mauvais produit vraiment déçuCourant output vraiment instable entre 97 et 105 volt booooo👎👎👎👎👎amazone me la remplacer et meme probleme avec le 2ie72 watt de brancher sur une batterie AGM full charge a 14.40volt et mon ecran 24″ se ferme er rallume meme parfois le reset de l’inverter sonne donc de la vrais scrap

    Steve Da Pratto

  11. v c

    I bought this unit with reserved assumption the brand name DeWalt would be a good buy, even though this unit costs more than others for the same functions. I then patiently waited a few months before writing this review.Using brand new deep cycle batteries fully charged and measured with a top quality battery tester. (Using two separate new batteries to eliminate any possible errors due to battery quality)Initial charge of batteries 12.8 volts. inverter measures full charge on its onboard monitor.With modest use, monitored, (laptop, led light bulb, phone chargers), unit will display “low battery” and beep irritatingly.Battery testing with unit using sonar reflection principle shows batteries (both as I wished to be sure of eliminating errors due to battery quality) at almost 100% charge but inverter indicates low batteries even though I know load is very low and watt-hour use/amp-hour use is not enough to drain any single battery less than 80% of full.I did this testing with several different load use setups and every time the unit measures “low battery” after only 15% discharge. Any deep cycle battery can be safely discharged up to 50%.I do not recommend this unit to any buyer as a false reading causes problems consistently

    v c

  12. Mel

    Parfait pour utilisation électrique de base dans l’auto. Pour une utilisation plus gourmande, la connection à la batterie fait très bien sont travail. Fonctionne parfaitement et il est plutôt compact. Belle qualité de fabrication. Seul point négatif, la longueur des fils !Je recommande fortement, qualité/prix, c’est difficile à battre.


  13. jean-roch lavoie

    le nouvel appareil fonctionne très bien merci Amazon

    jean-roch lavoie

  14. Vanessa Wood

    scary ,,, was good until i came in to the cabin smelt like burning electronic ,it made a spark i saw the flash under the 110v plugin smoke came up unit still work pushing 35w like it was wen i left it. scary ope it was just a dud.

    Vanessa Wood

  15. Bruno Turcotte

    n’est pas le produit don je m’attendait manque de puissance pour mes besoins (aurait aimé 5000w) mais devrait servir lors de mes voyages de peche

    Bruno Turcotte