DeWalt DWMT81534 205 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

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  • Access: The 72 tooth ratchet allows for a 5 degree arc swing allowing for greater access in tight spaces
  • Durability: The set comes in a durable blow mold case, keeping your tools safe in your house or garage
  • Comfort: The anti slip screwdriver provides maximum comfort during use
  • Design: Sockets and box end wrenches incorporate DEWALT Direct Torque technology, allowing for greater contact with fasteners and greater torque to make tightening and loosening easy
  • Variety: This set comes with an array of sockets, wrenches, accessories and specialty bits, great for a variety of uses



It also comes with a bit driver, specialty and nut bits, combination wrenches, and hex keys.

The set comes in a durable blow molded case with metal latches for security.

This set of tools is built to meet the demands of hard-working professionals with a full-polish finish that provides corrosion resistance

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  1. Scott L.

    Got home early from work today. I’m sitting on porch with a cold one. UPS pulls up with my new tools. They look and feel great. Got into my truck to go to store and it was a slow crank. Put brand new Dewalt set in my truck, then off to the local auto parts store. They checked battery and it was time to replace. Bought new battery and switched it out with my brand new Dewalt Mechanics took set in about 3 minutes. This set is awesome. Everything was in its place in the very sturdy case. Awsome.

    Scott L.

  2. D.K

    I was in the need for a decent tool kit. After much research, I decided on this one.I had narrowed down to this kit, and Craftsmans 220pc set.At the time they were within around 10 bucks of each other.The reason Dewalts case sold me, was 72 tooth ratchets, and all 6 pt sockets.The Craftsmans kit has 45tooth ratchets, and 12 and 6 point sockets.I have always preferred 6pt sockets, and finer teeth makes for less swing in tight areas.Sometimes that really matters.I also like the Dewalt fat handle design. Its easy to find thin tapered handles, or bi-material, but hardto find heavy thick handles.The Craftsman kit does have quick release ratchets, but honestly, I am indifferent.As far as the case goes, mine is fine. Quite robust actually. Not really sure who’d call this flimsy.When opening, the letters face up. Like always.Both brands are made over seas now, and have lifetime warranties, so that is a wash to me.My only complaint would be my 1/4 in ratchet was real “crisp” feeling. Like it may have had some grit in the teeth, or just wasn’t oiled from the factory.It loosened up, but works better now after a blast of WD40.I consider this an upper tier consumer grade set(not).Update: 1/4 in drive went back to its old ways. Def has a “square” spot in it. That bothers me.What bothers me more is there isn’t a proper hex included to open and inspect the ratchets! At least not in my set. That itself merits a star reduction.Lastly, the 1/2 in drive is set NOT a 72 tooth. I finally slow counted clicks over and over and got 36. Rereading the sales description, gives the impression ALL ratchets are 72.Still an ok set, but maybe not as good as I originally thought.Update 2:This is my last update.After doing a water pump change, these ratchets finally got the best of me.I dug and scrounged and found an old junky gas station pocket multi-driver, that had the propersize bit for opening these ratchets up for inspection.1st observation: Zero lubrication. None. Nada. Not even the tiniest light film. Nothing. Dry.I normally use a grease designed for fishing reels, but I couldn’t find my bottle, so I used a dollop ofSTP in each ratchet.My test, that infuriated my dad, is to hold an extension, and spin them like party favor noise makers.If grease and that motion, don’t smooth them out, they’re garbage.Results:1/4 drive: smoothed out. It doesn’t have that “catch” and “grab” feeling every 30 or 40 clicks.Knock on wood, it seems good.3/8 drive: It always felt smooth, although it occasionally reversed direction on me doing the water pump. Now, it barely makes a sound (I accidentally over greased it), and is smooth as butter.1/2 drive: For whatever reason, presto! It now clicks 72 times! I guess the rocker inside was stuck, don’t know.Popping some water pump bolts free didn’t help it, but the STP did. It seems to be fine now. I actually miss the solid 36click sounds now! The 72 clicks sounds weaker, lol. Time will tell. Guess I got used to the louder clicks.My opinion of this set hasn’t changed.When I buy a set of tools, my first mechanic action should NOT be to repair the tools themselves. That is ridiculous.For those who want to attempt opening these and greasing them, be very careful not to loose the little spring. I can see that easily happening. Work over a magnetic tray. The 1/4 drive can be tricky since the parts are so tiny inside, but it is doable in just a few minutes. Don’t just jerk it apart. Hold the selector in with one hand from behind, and ease the mechanism up little at a time.


  3. Jeff

    As others have mentioned the plastic case is bad. There is nothing holding any of the sockets in place. If you open the case incorrectly ALL of the sockets will fall out. When I’m working on a job that’s not something I want to worry about or deal with. Also, my case was slightly deformed so some sockets were falling out of their place even when the case was closed. The faulty case was a deal breaker so I returned it promptly. I didn’t test any of the tools,


  4. Xavier

    This toolset has a good range of basic wrenches and sockets but left some things to be desired. I’m not a pro, in fact, this tool set is my first exposure to mechanic tools and maybe this gives me a unique perspective on the subject. The first point that I struggled with was getting the sockets to come loose from the case, ad to that my latex gloves were oily from working on the car and it was just downright frustrating. On the good side, they will stay in place when you transport the tools. Second, These rachets do not have a release button on the back. Again with oily gloves, my hands would just slide off the socket and I was hard to change sockets quickly. Third, the 1/4 adaptor which makes it possible to use the torx bits with the rachets does not have a magnet, so when you are trying to use it in tight places it will fall out and you will have to go find your bit under the car if it falls all the way through. Fourth, has a limited amount of wrenches in mm. Could have really used an 8mm and a 17mm but the range is only 10-15. I think what I liked the most about this set was it had more than one extension for the sockets so I could reach more places. Hope this helps. Would I get this set again? Probably not. I would opt for something that has quick release ratchets and Allen sockets.Cheers!


  5. Edward2018

    I’m so happy with this set , it’s way better than I thought, the quality is superior and all the pieces came together, super well made


  6. Amazon Customer

    The case is really good. Heavy duty, not cheap. One review They complained about the sockets falling out…i tested that because that’s a big issue for me if that was the case. I carried the case like normal and even shook it up and down and side to side…opened the case and all the sockets were right where they should be. There is a foam like pad in the case that keeps everything tight…if that were not there I could see the sockets moving out of place. Especially if you were to drop it. All the sockets look good and made heavy duty…the wrenches look great as well. They sound heavy duty and feel heavy duty. Between this and the 204pc set…they are the same thing…this 205pc set is organized differently but it’s over all the same product. So go read the reviews for the 204 piece set and you can get a very good idea of how good this set will be.

    Amazon Customer

  7. James Burke

    Just received. Everything looks great. Only negative, I could give is that the 1/2 ratchet sure doesn’t feel like 72 tooth. The other two, most certainly do. Maybe not too important as generally that’s for large things, not for tight spaces.The other thing is that there are so many deep sockets, yet, most of everyone only needs the main 3 deeps (both spark plugs and maybe a lug socket). Lots of weight dedicated to deep sockets that are going to be useless. I spend a lot of time at the junkyard… work on many vehicles. Never have used them other than those 3. More open-ends or mulitmeter or security bits would be much more valuable. I mean, a swivel socket… com’n… But for the price… $128 shipped… I’ll make some changes to the case. Good value.

    James Burke

  8. David M.

    Soy un joven aficionado a la mecánica, vi esta caja de herramientas y pense que era una buena oferta, estaba temeroso de que si esta ¿sera una buena inversión?, ¿necesitaré comprar más herramientas a corto o largo plazo?¿Hay mejores opciones por el mismo precio? La VERDAD es que ESTOY MAS QUE SATISFECHO con esta compra, principalmente me dedico a motocicletas clasicas y modernas, TIENE TODO LO QUE PUEDES LLEGAR A NECESITAR al momento de desarmar completamente una motocicleta, si eres un mecánico o aficionado a la mecánica esta caja es excelente, una vez que trabajas con una caja de herramientas asi no hay vuelta atrás, olvidate de tener ese maletin lleno de llaves, matracas y dados revuelos por todos lados, esta caja te permite trabajar de una forma mucho más limpia y ordenada, Dewalt a demostrado ser una marca de gran calidad y también tiene su garantía de por vida, si cuidas de tu herramienta y sabes usarla te durara muchos años.Lo unico que le añadiria seria un juego de llaves extras, porque la llave mas grande que tiene esta caja es de 15 milímetros y una de 9/16, asi que si necesitas apretar o aflojar tuercas o tornillos grandes te recomiendo que busques un set de llaves de grandes para completar tu colección.Básicamente lo que ves en la foto es todo lo que trae

    David M.

  9. Cliente de Amazon

    Son excelentes Set de herramientas he comprado varios para nuestro taller, están muy bien configurados tanto en dados como las llaves combinadas y Allen, y la verdad no esperaba la excelente calidad, y además tienen garantía de por vida,

    Cliente de Amazon

  10. Steve O

    Great value for a great product.

    Steve O

  11. Alfredo

    Buena Calidad a un precio razonable , ademas de muy rápida entrega