DeWalt DWMT75049 192-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

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  • Deep laser etched markings for Easy socket size identification
  • 5 Degree arc swing and slim head Design
  • 72 Tooth gear system for high torque ratcheting
  • Low profile directional lever
  • Easy one hand operation



The DEWALT DWMT75049 192pc Mechanics Tools Set offers a number of features that appeal to mechanics tool users.

These pieces have knurled beauty rings that provide a non slip gripping surface, along with deep laser etched markings for easy socket size identification.

A 5 Degree arc swing and slim head design perfect for maneuverability in constricted areas.

The 72 tooth gear system is designed for high torque ratcheting and a low profile directional lever helps reduce catch points and for easy one hand operation.

This all precisely fits into a durable molded case for easy storage and tool protection.

Polished chrome vanadium finish

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  1. Jarrod T.

    First thing I noticed when I opened the box was wow this thing is heavy! I’m not sure how heavy it is because the label didn’t say, but I’m guessing around 45lbs. The case is big as well, 22″x18″x4″, so you need a larger space to store it. Consider these two things if you’re thinking about buying. I’ve included pictures of what it includes from the wrapping on the outside of the kit. I have no idea why Amazon rotated the pictures when i uploaded them, my apologies.These are heavy duty tools. They’ll last forever and have a lifetime guarantee. I have a feeling I’ll be passing them down to my future sons and then they could pass down to their sons. That being said, there may be a lot of sockets/tools in the kit that you will never use, so also consider that in your purchase. I just wanted something with all the drives and all the sockets for each drive. This is the last socket set I’ll ever have to get.

    Jarrod T.

  2. Echo5

    It’s a good tool set. The 6-points sockets are great, and they grab the screws much better than Husky H1003D20SWS. However, I think there is a big quality control issue. 8 of my bit sockets are not properly mounted, when a socket is placed standing on a table surface, the bit will look slanted. Also… Look at the picture.


  3. PartsPro

    I was a long time fan of DeWalt having owning several power tools so it was a simple decision to buy this set of 192 items in February. On April 7, I needed the 1/2″ drive ratchet for a spring time repair and found it was defective right out of the box, the very first time I used it. It would not lock or stay locked when selected for removing bolts. The Amazon web page said it was sold by one company but they said they were not the party who sold it to me so I went back to Amazon.I contacted Amazon and learned it was past the 30 day period so I had to take it up with DeWalt directly. As a consumer, it’s not practical to evaluate or test all 192 items within the 30 day period to make sure they are not defective. Anyway, I had an unfinished job and a defective but brand new 1/2″ ratchet driver.I contacted DeWalt and they promised to send me a new one and noted “just this one time” despite the fact their literature says life time warranty. The “one time” probably meant free shipping but they acted like they were doing me a favor. Anyway, the best they could offer was for me to wait 10-14 days for a replacement. So why does it take DeWalt 10-14 days to replace it? It makes no sense and meanwhile, I don’t have the tool I needed.A word of caution on this 192 piece tool set is to either check everything before the 30 days is up or be prepared to wait up to 2 weeks to get a simple replacement. Otherwise you can get caught in the middle of a project and have to go out and buy a replacement to keep the project moving.DeWalt quality and service was not what was expected from such a well known brand. I will not buy any more DeWalt product in the future.


  4. Tharin

    I just had my tool box stolen with a zillion years of bought-one-at-a-time tools. Looking out for tool sets that were NOT a conglomeration of ultra cheap pieces or odd twenty cent devices included just to bump up the piece count, I found this set, and it seems that someone actually consulted experienced users because this assortment has very little in the way of crap or useless “homeowner” tools. I’d say that, with this set, and a new pickle fork, I’m about two thirds of the way back to normal for hand tools.Other pros: no color coding, only three useless spark plug sockets, no tricky as-see-on-TV stuff, intelligent selection of Torx and Allen sockets, good choice of size adapters and u-joint couplers, largest sockets are 1 inch and 24 mm, no Whitworth! Just kidding about the British stuff: they’ve learned.Cons: Personally I’d like some level of tactile marking to differentiate metric from SAE, but other than that: pretty much nothing.Even the blow-molded case seems sturdy, but I HAD to dump everything into a steel toolbox because blow molded cases are just silly.


  5. ccundiff72

    Great kit! … All if the essentials and not full of driver bits as filler for a higher tool count….. the box is substantial and hefty… not for the…. Dewalt quality through and through…..


  6. J. S. Rupp

    I already have wrench sets’ screwdriver sets/bits etc, and was just looking for sockets. I was disappointed in the quality of my last set I bought in the store that starts and ends with “S”. I changed the water pump in my rig this morning and it was nice having everything I needed in its place with the socket size clearly visible without having to turn it just right to read the “laser etching”. The ratchets are heavier than most but they are very ergonomic and comfortable to use for long periods. I did receive a duplicate socket but less than 5 minutes on Dewalt’s “Live Chat” with customer care took care of the problem and I have the correct socket headed my way now. Check for duplicates as I read (maybe here) another review that someone had the same issue receiving 2 18 mm 1/2 inch deep well socket in stead of a 19mm. Also one of the sockets wouldn’t snap into the case and would fall out. I glued a thin piece of rubber into the recess and it snaps in tightly and stays in place now. They’re held tightly and won’t fall out if the case tips over (unlike my previous set). Nothing worse than having sockets all over the ground when you have a job to do. The case has clasps on the front and sides so no worry that it’ll open while being transported.Over all I’m very happy with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

    J. S. Rupp

  7. Stevo

    Looked at the other four top store brands with lifetime warranty and compared them to the Dewalt. I found the Dewalt was a step up in quality and finish and not much more in price. This set has no filler other than allen keys. All the sockets are six point sockets. This is a very HEAVY set, at least twice as heavy as the other brands. Dewalt also has lifetime warranty but I doubt I’ll be breaking any of these tools.


  8. Al

    Very nice set to own. has a lot of pieces, and so the case is actually one of the biggest cases i’ve had or scene so it’s a bit annoying if you have to lug this around everywhere but if it stays in your shop – great to have ! Very happy with this purchase


  9. Juan Juárez

    Excelente set, muy completo, dados cortos y largos de las tres medidas y 9 extensiones, toda la herramienta es completamente útil y la calidad es excelente

    Juan Juárez

  10. Donovan Rodrigo Garcés Pérez

    Muy buena inversión, súper padre la herramienta

    Donovan Rodrigo Garcés Pérez

  11. Daniel

    Nice set and full of everything that you would need for basic to slightly advanced work. Good start for working on your own car or starting a set for work


  12. Ballin

    Set seems perfect great value no wrenches but they can be added still a reliable set and durability is great to every day use


  13. Carl

    All the sockets you’ll need. The moulded case is a bit weak in holding a couple of sockets. Beware that there will be plenty of loose sockets when you first open the case.


  14. Dom

    I like that, it’s perfect. All the parts are useful, solid, hold well in their location. Best buy I made in 2018.


  15. Javad

    High Quality. Easy installation. I’m very happy