DeWalt DWE43116 Angle Grinder

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  • 13 amp motor / 9,000 RPM
  • Dust ejection system technology to protect the tool from damaging dust and debris
  • 4.5″ type 27 guard, 5″ type 27 guard, 6″ type 27 guard
  • Trigger switch (no trigger lock)



The DEWALT DWE43116 4-1/2″- 6″ high performance trigger switch Grinder shuts the Grinder off in less than a tenth of a second when a wheel pinch or wheel stall occurs, extending the life of the gears and motor.

The dust Ejection system technology provides durability by ejecting damaging dust and debris that enter through the air intake vents for extra protection.

This unit also comes with 3 different type 27 guards.

Specs: 13 amp motor, 9,000 RPM rating, trigger switch, 1700 max watts out, 2.3 HP, tool-free flange system, overload protection, tool weight = 5.7 lbs.

Backed by DEWALT’S 3 year limited warranty.

Includes: 1) Grinder, 1) side handle, inner and outer flange, 1) 4.5″ type 27 guard, 1) 5″ type 27 guard, 1) 6″ type 27 guard.

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  1. CoffeeDaddy

    I’m going to be harsh with my review of the DeWalt Trigger Switch Grinder. Yes, it came in a complete package with a hex wrench to tighten the diamond blade I’m to use to cut concrete, and yes it’s ‘pretty’.. The frustrating problem is that the user manual is written in TINY letters on flimsy paper. This is a problem I’ve seen again and again. Listen up DeWalt, people like me in their 40s, who spend money on your tools WANT to have easy-to-read manuals that don’t require a HUGE magnifying glass, or a picture of it on a smartphone to zoom in and understand how to use your products. The problem with a grinder is that it CAN cut off your fingers, or hands with ease, or just sent a high velocity shard into your skull. Basic questions need to be posed and answered that are idiot proof such as: “How does the user properly install and secure a cutting blade? Are washers necessary for all blades, some or none? Why does the Clamp Nut used to screw a blade have two sides? Should the cutting blade wobble or fit securely on its seat?” Safety first, followed by basic explanations DeWALT. It’s for this reason that I discourage the purchase of this product; it can literally kill you because an easy to read and understand user manual is absent. That aside, if you’re a pro and know the inns and outs of these death hand tools, then I give it 5 stars.


  2. kayla hinkle

    I have purchased 7 dewalt grinders over the last year, and overall I am happy with them. However, this particular grinder I bought is absolutely dangerous with a 6″ cut off wheel. The arbor is off balanced, and has excess vibration. It will chew up a cut off wheel and cause it to break pieces off the wheel. Even with a pipeline wheel, it will chunk out pieces because of the excess vibration. I use good quality wheels, mostly the premium metabo wheels, not the plain black metabo wheel.Now I am not sure what to do with this grinder, because it is used and I already used a paint pen to write my name on it so I doubt I can return it. Might just use it for flap discs.

    kayla hinkle

  3. Dennis W Haussler

    this is the second one of these I have bought, and I love them. Durable as hell, very powerful yet lighter than a standard 7-8 inch machine. I use this for iron work, and love it. Great cost as well. Have used Metabo and others over the decades, love Metabo but cost on these is great and just as long lasting.

    Dennis W Haussler

  4. Marimons Viator

    Using this particular grinder with the head rotated 90-degrees for masonry and metal cutting with 4.5-inch abrasive disks. Sufficient power in that configuration, but I think it would be fairly easy to bog or jam a 6-inch disk (mine arrived with 4.5, 5, & 6 inch type 27 guards). And since I’ve already self-destructed one metal-cutting disk in the thing, I’d also be reluctant to use a larger disk for with the type-27 guard. Easy to keep control with the long handle, but you do sacrifice some maneuverability. Uses a hex-key to remove and tighten the collar. Despite the description, mine has a trigger-lock. Decent quality, and certainly better than a “homeowner” tool. But not really what I’d consider “industrial”.

    Marimons Viator

  5. J. Riley

    Dewalt… nothing needs to be said about the quality. Its a BEAST. I’ve used this grinder for quite a few hours on several projects and like the fact that it can turn 6″ cut off wheels for longer life. Still use a couple of Ryobi 7.5 amp / 4.5″ grinders and the differences is night and day. Even when turning the larger grinding disks, theres no lugging. The sound, the feel and the performance is well worth it. Just wish I would’ve made the investment sooner.

    J. Riley

  6. Chris

    This angle grinder means business! I have only used it to sharpen mower blades so far but good lord is it a beast. Very powerful and easy to use. It’s big, but easy to hold. The trigger and safety are easy to use and the disc removal screw is easy to remove and tighten. DeWalt really makes the best tools! Just wish it came with a carrying bag or case.


  7. Wayne Weaver

    Excellent length and thin body make using this grinder comfortable. The power is more than sufficient for medium grinding, cutting, and brushing or buffing with appropriate consumables.

    Wayne Weaver

  8. A. Franklin

    I bought this to cut tile and it works nicely. I also used it to cut the Hardibacker. Of course it’s best to do it outside with a mask on, but it worked great. It is very ergonomic and comfortable in my hand. Some of the other brands and models seemed to be too big

    A. Franklin

  9. Collin

    These are sweet grinders. We call them rat tail grinders. I’ve had about three of these. I’m a welder and I’ve used a lot of different grinders. These are the tits. They stand quite a bit of abuse and are heavy duty. The 6” guard is awesome to have. You can get these grinders into some tight spaces other grinders can’t reach because of the narrow handle and body, which is why we call them rat tails. They are easy to use one handed as well. They are relatively light in the hands and you can run them for a long time without your hands getting numb from vibration. With daily use in a heavy duty welding shop…..and I mean a lot of use you should get a couple years out of one if not more if taken care of. And no I’m not grinding my welds cause they’re ugly. A grinder is probably the most important tool to a welder other than the welder itself. I will continue to buy these until they don’t make them anymore. And out of the 14 welders in my shop I’d say 12 use these. The other 2 don’t know any better yet.


  10. JR

    Really nice grinder