DeWalt DCS551B 20V MAX Drywall Cut-Out Tool

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  • 26,000 RPM motor delivers fast cutting in drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, plywood, etc.
  • Tool-free for fast and easy bit changing without a wrench
  • Dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingestion for longer tool life
  • Bright LED light illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting
  • Slim, lightweight design. Collet Diameter ¼ IN, 1/8 IN IN
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately



The DEWALT DCS551B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool (Baretool) features a 26,000 RPM motor that delivers fast cutting in drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, plywood, etc.

A tool-free bit change allows for fast & easy bit changing – without a wrench, and the dust-sealed switch protects against dust ingestion for longer tool life.

This cut-out tool also offers a bright LED light that illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting.

Common uses: Cutting holes in drywall for recessed lighting, electrical boxes or outlets.

This is a baretool item – battery not included.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I have been a drywall hanger for 26 years. I thought I would try the cordless tools. I have had 2 of these routers all of sudden make a horrible noise like something is broken inside and starts to smell like it’s on fire. I thought it was a fluke with my first one which lasted about 7 weeks. The second one purchased only lasted 3 weeks. I think this tool must be for very occasional use. I do not recommend any professional sheetrocker purchase this.

    Amazon Customer

  2. cummins

    I’m a diehard DEWALT fan. I was super excited about adding this to my arsenal. Overall I was unimpressed. I am finishing my basement and was trying it to use it for cutting out around outlets and such. It was slow, hard to keep straight, and it makes a huge mess. Don’t get me wrong drywall is a mess no matter how ya slice it. But atleast with the jab saw it’s a courser debris. The DEWALT makes super fine dust. I ended up shelving the tool and grabbing the jab saw. I’ve always had a hard time letting go of tools and guns once they’re part of the family. This is one tool that I may have to make an exception for.I even tried running it through some 1/4” OSB and it failed miserably. I broke two bits in some 1/2” drywall.I’ll fully admit that it may possibly be user error. But just based on speed alone, it’s not worth it to me vs a jab saw.


  3. doug

    I work with a router on a daily basis, I have seen several of these die after about a year, we consider them disposable tools,I currently use a hilti router which the jury is still out on, I have had two of these the past 3 years and both died after about a year,mostly due to dust getting into them,and heavy use.


  4. MFord85

    As a drywall contractor, I was impressed with this router. I’m not a big fan of lugging cords around everywhere I go and this is a great solution. The rpm difference from a corded default router is not easily noticeable. The only time I noticed a big rpm drop that affected performance is when I needed a new battery. I would recommend this to anyone that currently uses a corded router setup.


  5. Josh Welker

    I purchased this tool as I am moving toward as many cordless tools as possibly, with as many of those being Dewalt 20V as possible. I prefer one battery platform, even if the odd tool is slightly sub-par to another platform.In this case, I do not believe this tool is sub-par to any other tool. I used it on one remodel job so far, and it worked perfectly. As far as actual performance as a cut off tool, I give it 5 start. I dropped it overall to 4 stars for two reasons:1. Lack of any dust control options. I understand its cordless, and attaching a hose to it clearly cuts into the cordless aspect. However, giving the user the option of dust extraction would be great. my old rotozip had a removable dust extraction shroud, that would have been perfect for this2. Lack of a collet that accepts the larger rotozip x-bits. It came with the small 1/8″ (i believe) for standard bit, and a larger i believe 1/4″ collet. However, lacking a collet for the very common x-bit is a bit of a let down for meAll in all a quality offering from Dewalt in my early use. Had plenty of power to go through 1/2″ drywall at a very reasonable speed. When paired with the Dewalt 20V collated screwgun, they are a dream come true. Would not hesitate to purchase this if its something you will use

    Josh Welker

  6. okeygoat

    Great tool, powerful and well made – true DeWalt quality. Would of had 5 stars but the adjustable guide is a bit flimsy and will drift if you don’t really crank it down. Only fear is that you have to snug the guide up to the point that you may damage the lock screw. TBD…. Note that it is very easy to break bits the first few time out on all these types of tools, so buy a pack when you buy this (they’re cheap). Depending on which direction you run it, it will make really clean cuts or not so clean (drywall for example) depending on if the bit is cutting upwards or pushing down. Be careful though, if you “climb” cut with it, it may jump on you like a router, so hold firm and steady to the work piece – calm and controlled. It can get away from you quick. Nailing a guide in place also helps for longer cuts. Excellent tool for cutting dry wall or plywood. Wear ear and eye protection.


  7. nicholas

    It works well and has an LED light which basically every tool should always have nowadays. It’s light and easy on the hands, and seems to have plenty of power for drywall cutouts, which is all I’ve used it for as of now. It’s downsides are that activating the on/off switch is a little finicky. I’m often pushing both sides of it to figure out which way is on, because you can’t tell from just looking at it. Also we’ll see just how long the depth guide works. I suspect that the friction/fasten turn knob apparatus will loose its bite after some time, but we’ll see. Overall it’s a great tool for a fair price, and indispensable if you’re hanging a lot of drywall. Haven’t put it up against any others, but have no need to, especially since dewalt’s 3 AH batteries are so sooo light (vs. say, Makita), it’s easy to hold all day long…


  8. Eric

    I love this tool!!!! It is great for what I bought it for drywall. But I put this tool to the test. I bought router bits for this tool.And here are the results.Drywall works perfect!!!! 5 stars.3/8 thick wood……. Cut through but burned up bit quick 3 stars.1/8 thick aluminum sheeting……… same results as wood 3 stars.


  9. Joseph A

    No idea what so these people are talking about the tool less bit change. I’m a pro, and my team are pros, we all thought that this was genius and EASY to use. Two hands and WAY faster than getting the wrench to do it. You can do it on the spot.Compared to the makita router this one has way more control. Doesn’t spin as fast as the makita, but with the window and door but for drywall, it’s as if you are cutting through air. Light and small diameter to fit your hand. Excellent.Unsure about the longevity of the tool yet, seems like the motor is pretty exposed to dust, will probably need more maintenance than your standard router.

    Joseph A

  10. Gordon

    Gone through about 5 of these, I typically have 2 going at a time.They have lasted about a year each, with warranty maybe another year.Every single one broke before the 1 year warranty was up.I wouldn’t expect more than 2 years out of these, unless you don’t plan to use it very often.If you’re professional you’ll probably spend more on the bits anyways, at 100$ this isn’t a bad tool.They have less power than the corded ones, but yeah cords are a pain.I’d suggest 4AH+ batteries, the 1.5 and 2AH batteries work just fine, but 4 ah seem to give the tool more power, and of course last longer.


  11. Randy Miller

    If you are cutting holes in drywall, this is the tool you need. Just purchased the tool separate as I used my other Dewalt batteries and charger. Never used a tool like this before and I can only ask …. why. No more hand sawing for me. Quick, clean and cuts very accurately with guide. Highly recommended and very good value for what this tool does. Not as must dust as you would think either.

    Randy Miller

  12. Mel S

    Mine broke after a day of use. It’s hard to adjust. I recommend to watch videos on YouTube before buying it on how to use it.Unfortunately I bought it several months before using it. I have to contact the walt directly if I want a refund. I can’t even find the box anymore…So far it’s the only the walt tool I own who turned to be the worst investment in my tool box!

    Mel S

  13. Joe Grass

    I’ve only used it once, but it seems to work great! I also purchased a box of the wood/drywall bit’s for cutting, plus a grinding stone for places I can’t get to with my angle grinder. For the money it’s well worth it!**UPDATE** Finally got to try out the grinding bit. It worked great! It’s nice to be able to get into tight spaces that you normally cannot with a regular grinder!

    Joe Grass

  14. JASON

    Great tool for making cut outs in drywall and wood. Used it extensively on my basement renovation and would definitely recommend. Easy to grip and maintain control.


  15. dr.constructo

    Normally I’m a fan of wired specialty tools as I don’t need to worry about batteries, but this is an exception. Super easy to cut openings in drywall, remember the safety goggles though, this thing spins at ludicrous speed and makes a lot of dust when cutting the drywall.