DeWalt DCS331B 20V Max Jig Saw

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  • All metal lever action keyless blade
  • Battery and charger sold separately. All metal key less shoe level
  • 4 position orbital action
  • Battery & charger sold separately



The all-metal lever-action keyless blade change allows quick and easy blade changes for less downtime and the variable speed control with 0-3000 SPM range allows you to match speed to the material for superior results.

DEWALT DCS331B 20 Volt MAX Li Ion Jig Saw.

It covers 3 Year Limited Warranty.

All metal lever action keyless blade.

Battery and charger sold separately.

All metal keyless shoe bevel.


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  1. HS P.

    I’d say that this jigsaw is virtually indistinguishable from the corded version. In fact, it may work a little better. I noticed that the blade seemed to cut straighter on the 20 volt. Unfortunately, there two big flaws. One is that the blower, which keeps the sawdust away from the blade and out of your line of sight, does not seem to have any effect, AT ALL. That’s a shame, because it means that you’re constantly blowing on your cut line. It could also use an LED shining on the cut line. It seems that all the other Dewalt 20V tools have LEDs. Why not this one?Update: After another few months of using this jigsaw, I’ve had to downgrade it to two stars. The lack of effective blower is a killer. If you can’t see the line on a jigsaw, then you can’t make an accurate cut. It’s mind-boggling to me that no one caught this flaw in the design process.

    HS P.

  2. Huntsabunch

    It’s just a little heavy and the attached battery makes it hard to get in some extra tight spots but other than that it’s great. well designed tool with plenty of power and battery life. Blade change is super easy as is setting an angle on the foot. It has a blower to clear sawdust from the cut which takes that job off of me (thank god). I just finished building a glass over plywood bass boat and used this saw extensively to cut everything from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ material. It worked flawlessly.


  3. Mike

    This DeWalt 20V jigsaw does not disappoint. Most woodworkers already know the Bosch Jigsaw 1587AVS is the gold standard for jigsaws, there is a newer version out now but I really want a cordless. Im already locked into the DeWalt 20v line so after reading reviews & watching some videos I ordered this, it has the same power as my plug in and seems to be just as good (close enough) Im happy so far. The blade has not come out like other reviewers have stated. I especially like the fact its cordless. I am a finish carpenter, I install millwork & cabinets for 20 years now and really appreciate good tools, I figure being cordless could make my day a little more exciting because lets face it, theres nothing fun about waking up at 3 am to drive into the city and have to bust ass all day long, it kinda sucks so maybe this saw will make my day a little more interesting & help me to go home faster being that its cordless, the less work I have to do the quicker I can go home, YEAH… I will edit this as time goes on. I did get it on a promotion deal


  4. Ranie

    Great Jig Saw. This replaced my 22 year old corded, Craftsman. I’ve been using it for several weeks now. No power cord, long lasting battery, easy to maneuver, blade stays pretty straight, feels solid in my hand when I’m cutting anything, The only improvement I would make is an LED light. Still VERY nice though. Dewalt — come-on guys, add an LED.


  5. Homer

    Power tools are like cars. They can’t be productive if you don’t have power. And, the most common reason I find to not use a power tool or to try a workaround is the need to have extension cords and electrical outlets when I’m working in the field. I can’t be the only person who has tried to use the wrong piece of equipment to do a job because I was in a situation where obtaining power would be cumbersome and time-consuming. Rather than running a extension cord to the jobsite, I typically ended up trying to cut an item with the wrong type of saw.I have become a huge fan of the DeWalt 20 V system. I use their jigsaw, power saw, planer, hammer drills and standard drills, lights, radio, and miter saw.The batteries are expensive. You will have to get at least a five amp battery to get any reasonable time you set of these products. Annual needs several batteries and a charger and this all cost more money. However, you will use the tool more frequently and wonder how you managed to live without a lithium powered saw.This jigsaw is great. Tons of power. And nothing is easier than when you’re at your workbench and you simply need to cut a dowel or a piece of finish wood, pop and a battery and you’re done.I haven’t had any failures which would clearly change my mind. I only buy the OEM batteries.So far, so good. This one does get five stars


  6. D. Porter

    After using for some time now, I prefer this over a chorded Milwaukee. Better balance, speed control and tracking. And even the blade chuck is easier to use, in my opinion. It is also very easy on the battery. It does get warm with long cuts, but that is the nature of this type of tool.

    D. Porter

  7. HAL

    I bought this because 1) I needed a sabre saw to fit the T-shank on some specialized Plexiglas blades I bought, and 2) I’m already a member of the DeWalt “20V-MAX” ecosystem. It replaces my 30+ year old Craftsman saw which was so worn the blade could be rotated in the linear bearing +/- 15 degrees by finger pressure! The adjustable orbital blade motion is great and the external ball-bearing blade guide greatly reduces stress of the internal bearings. Plenty of power to cut through 1/2″ Plexiglas. Biggest surprise was the muted, smooth, low-pitched motor sound. Even though this model didn’t have a brushless motor, it sure sounded like one.


  8. Chasjs

    I am amazed at how much I use this. It is a great tool.Pros- Compatible with my Dewalt 20V batteries. I keep a couple of battery packs handy and switch them out between tools in a matter of seconds.- love not having to plug a cord into the wall.-Weight is light and the grip feels good in your hand. Very easy to maneuver.- Variable speed control is very good – the trigger has a firm pull so you can easily adjust the blade speed.- Really like how easy it is to change the blade.Cons- Not many. Tilting the plate is a little tricky to get it to release.I have been putting in Hardwood floors and use this constantly to make cuts around corners, heating vents, etc. Makes the job easy and quick.


  9. MalibuMonkey

    I cannot stress enough how much I love this jigsaw. I completed a project with it a couple weeks ago using a range of smooth cut and orbital cut techniques along with a clean cut blade. Powered through 1 inch thick hardwood easily with no tear out (I didn’t even have to use the tear out attachment). I like the weight of the jigsaw, some might say it’s a little on the heavy side but that just keeps the saw flat on the wood surface easier. Great deal when priced around the $150 mark with free shipping. As usual for the people complaining that a battery didn’t come with it – READ THE DESCRIPTION. That’s not a valid reason for giving the product less stars, the “B” at the end of the model number always indicates Bare Tool with the Dewalt line.


  10. Colin’s Reviews

    Very happy with this purchase, as I am with all things with the DeWalt brand stamped on it. This is an extremely well-constructed tool which should provide many years of service, as I’ve come to expect from DeWalt tools.This model jigsaw comes with the tool only. No batteries, no charger, and no case. I already had multiple 20V batteries and chargers, so didn’t really need anymore when it came time to buy a new 20V tool. It does, however come with two blades, both for wood application: a flush mount and a precision mount. Along with the jigsaw, I also purchased on Amazon the DW3742C T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set, something prospective buyers may wish to consider.Handling of the tool is very basic. The adjustable speed trigger is pretty straight forward, squeeze tighter for faster, loosen up for slower. The seating and unseating of blades is ridiculously quick and painless…no tool required and done literally in seconds. Adjusting for a bevel cut is equally as simple. Adjusting for varying degrees of orbital action is a simple flick of a lever offering three degrees of orbital cutting. There is also a dust control feature, easily switched on or off.The only potential downside of this tool is its weight. It’s pretty heavy so jobs requiring you to lift the jigsaw for extended periods of time may become tiresome. I knew this going in, so I don’t deduct any stars for this aspect of the product. I was looking for a solid DeWalt tool and this thing delivers.Highly recommended.

    Colin’s Reviews

  11. Carlos Gorrzegz

    La potencia que tiene es increíble, y la versatilidad al no utilizar cables no lo cambiaría por nada.El hecho de no tener que utilizar herramienta para cambiar las cuchillas es muy bueno, aunque tienes que agarrarle la maña porque las primeras veces al parecer no lo estaba metiendo bien y la cuchilla se salía, ya después aprendí como debía de hacerse correctamente y ya no tuve ningún problema.No puedes equivocarte con la marca DeWalt, sus productos son de capacidad industrial así que si eres un profesional o un amante de las buenas herramientas te recomiendo estos productos.

    Carlos Gorrzegz

  12. Dave Clifton

    All I can say is WOW! I’ve spent the last several years struggling with a 45 year old corded jigsaw with a slightly bent shaft. This is like a cross between a fine sewing machine and a Cadillac. I should have bought one of these years ago. If you need a new saw or if you are thinking of buying your first saw this is the way to go. I’m a happy camper.D Clifton

    Dave Clifton

  13. Jeff B.

    As a weekend warrior and handyman, I have used many jig saws over the years but this one is truly the best. It is simply great. Robust build, lots of power, ergonomic, adjustable orbital motion, adjustable air flow to blow wood dust off of the cut line. It goes a long way with any battery. Just be sure to use good quality T-shank blades. It is one of the most fun power tool I own. Buy it, you’ll surely love it !

    Jeff B.

  14. VoteForPedro

    Everything about this is good. It’s very easy to use and makes cutting a pleasure.Edit: I purchased this middle 2019. Upon further review, this machine doesn’t move shavings out of the way, therefore obstructing my view of the cut line. It could also use a couple of LED lights.I’ve downgraded to four stars from five.


  15. pat

    shipping very fast,but also very risky, glad it wasnt stolen,,,arrived in the bare dewalt box on doorstep and according to tracking it sat for 4 hrs on steps,, the dewalt box stands out light a sore thumb to passer bys,,the saw is very powerful but the anti splinter attachment needs a redesign as it doesn’t stay in place. but i would still buy it.