DeWalt DCK483D2 20V MAX* XR Compact 4-Tool Combo Kit

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  • DCD791 drill/driver has a DEWALT built brushless motor which delivers up to 57% more run time
  • DCD791 drill/driver has 3-Mode LED lights with a spotlight mode
  • DCF887 impact driver has a DEWALT built brushless motor for longer run time
  • DCF887 impact driver has 3-speed settings for versatility with Precision Drive for added control
  • DCS570 uses a 7-1/4″ Blade to provide 2-9/16″ Cutting Capacity at 90 degrees
  • DCS570 has runtime to complete 330 crosscuts in 2×4 (pine)
  • DCL040 is a bright flashlight to illuminate your work area with LED output of 110 lumens.



The DEWALT DCK483D2 20V max* XR 4-Tool compact cordless circular saw kit features 4 essential power tools, along with (2) 20V max* XR 2.0Ah battery packs to keep you powered up with no down-time.

DEWALT Brushless motors deliver up to 75% more run time over brushed, and XR li-ion batteries with fuel gauge provide 33% more capacity over standard packs.

The DCD791- 20V max* XR Brushless compact 1/2 in. Drill/driver has a 3-mode LED that provides lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20 times brighter than previous model, and has a compact (6.9 in. Front to back), lightweight (3.4 lb) design that fits into tight areas. The DCF887 – 20V max* XR Brushless compact 1/4 in.

Impact driver has 3-speed settings for optimized application versatility, with a one-handed loading 1/4 in.

Hex chuck with easy grip sleeve, accepts 1 in. Bit tips. The DCS570 – 20V max* XR Brushless 7-1/4 in. Circular saw features a 7-1/4” Blade capacity for versatility.

The DCL040 – 20V max* LED work light bright offers a LED output of 110 lumens, and a head that rotates 120°. includes: 1) DCD791 – 20V max* XR Brushless compact 1/2 in. Drill/driver, 1) DCF887 – 20V max* XR Brushless compact 1/4 in. Impact driver, 1) DCS570 – 20V max* XR Brushless 7-1/4 in. Circular saw, 1) DCL040 – 20V max* LED work light (2) DCB203 – 20V max* XR 2.0Ah battery packs, 1) charger, 1) carrying case, 1) 7-1/4 in. Circular saw blade

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  1. JD

    I just received my tools this evening (May 29, 2019) and my tools were absolutely used. The bottom plate of the circular saw was significantly scratched (picture attached), the other hand tools showed signs of wear (difficult to capture on photo though), and nothing arrived sealed. Didn’t even crack open the bag with the batteries and try them. Boxed it back up and initiated the return. For an Amazon-shipped product this is concerning.


  2. Evan

    Received my order and both the Amazon and Dewalt boxes were fine. Opened the Dewalt box and found that the carrying bag hand a broken/torn zipper; I am not sure how this could have happened since the box was not damaged and all the tools seemed to still be in the correct place. The zipper hand both broken teeth and was torn at the seam, it looked like it was rubbed on something during the manufacturing process.After getting all the tools unwrapped I charged the batteries while I worked on things in the garage. Once the batteries were fully charge (about 15 mins after plugging them in) I installed one of the batteries into a XR Jigsaw. The battery only lasted my 10 min of cutting time and all i was cutting was 1/4″ plywood. So I installed the second battery and it lasted me about 2 hours of on/off cutting time. I recharged the first battery and tried it in my drill where it gave me about 20 mins of on/off drilling time (again in plywood).Lastly, when I installed the battery into the XR drill, I noticed that the forward/reverse switch was not operating properly. Sometimes the switch was stick and not move, and other times the switch was slip into the neutral (locking) position on its own. I clean the switch out with compressed air and it stopped the switch from sliding on its own, but it still sticks sometimes.I love Dewalt tools and would usually recommend them, but I think they need to pick up on their quality control program. I am also not a big fan of how the XR tool kit comes with the regular 20V (2 AH) batter instead of the 20V XR batter.


  3. Shops for quality!

    A fussy female contractor and finicky finish carpenter, I’ve used Panasonic cordless for 17+ years. I loved Panasonic’s drills because my small hands couldn’t remove the Dewalt batteries back then. And even if I could have gotten the batteries removed, the old Dewalt’s were NEVER as balanced in your hand as the Panny’s.Now that I have used these tools for a few weeks, I can’t hardly believe the technology from my old HEAVY 18v tools.. to these sleek light highly controllable tools. Never had an impact drill for screws before either, and I’m SOLD! Wow… that’s amazing.I DO miss my Panasonic Smaller 5 1/4″ cordless circular saw though, just because it could get in to tighter spaces than the new full sized one in this kit. But I am thrilled with each tools performance in this kit and wished I’d have purchased it sooner. Buying the kit is the ONLY way to purchase them $$$$ savings. My Panasonic’s can still be used until they die in conjunction with these new Dewalt babies… but will be getting recycled once those heavy batteries totally konk out.. which they are doing fast !Buy these.

    Shops for quality!

  4. Dreday

    Avid do it your selfer here. Very good products. Battery dies fairly quick with the battery it comes with I would upgrade at least 1 battery so as not to keep having to charge. It does come with 2 which is great but when I’m doing projects I have one battery in a drill and the other in the saw. After a short while I have to stop and charge the saw battery. The saw has the blade in the right side which I did not pay attention to when I purchased it. It should be posted a lot more obviously. It’s not a deal breaker it just takes a little getting used to. It’s so the saw sits on the actual piece your using and doesn’t rest on the piece your cutting off. Like I said just takes a little getting used to not being able to easily eye the blade cutting my line. The impact driver has some juice for a little thing. I like it. Overall I am happy with my purchase.


  5. V Dubs

    I’ve used DeWalt 14.4 for 20 years, and when my latest set of batteries started to go, I upgraded. The kit is a good value. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the circ saw- nice and large- I was expecting a smaller blade size like the 14.4I do have issue with the drill however. First (and most annoying) issue is there is no place to store bits on the drill. Every drill should have at least one, if not two bit holders. You don’t know how annoying this is until you don’t have them. Second is the knurling on the chuck is insufficient. It is difficult to hold and tighten with sufficient force as the chuck spins too easily without good knurling. You have to hold with a super-tight grip, and too often when you ramp up the trigger to tighten, you get too much speed, and the chuck spins in your palm, and can hurt/burn. I am considering trying to coat the chuck with a ‘skid-proof’ paint, like a bed liner type spray. It’s that bad. Not sure if DeWalt makes a rubber/plastic replacement chuck for this model. May try that route as well.I’ve always been a big DeWalt fan, so for me to pan a DeWalt product means it’s a problem. The only other time they let me down was with an early model quick-release reciprocating saw that burned out blade bearings far too easily.

    V Dubs

  6. J. P. Wood

    For the record, I’m just a DIY’er, not professional by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I love this combo kit as a great starting point. I was always too cheap to buy Dewalt tools for myself, but I got a chance to work with them on a job I had for a bit. Now, I wouldn’t go back to the cheaper tools. The circular saw is in particular is my favorite piece (although I bought a different blade for finer cuts). Having 2 batteries really sealed the deal for me, though. The batteries last a good amount of time and the charger works remarkably fast so I’m not waiting for a fresh battery. Hands down, one of the best purchases I’ve made lately.

    J. P. Wood

  7. Jane

    Awesome tools. Very powerful and good battery life. Like the idea of being able to use larger batteries for longer run time if needed.Update: after some time using these tools, I noticed the battery overheating and stopping while using the circular saw. This can be a bit annoying. Workaround would be to have a fresh battery on the side to avoid the cool off downtime, and keep swapping back and forth. Also, the way the battery mounts to this saw, its difficult to check the remaining power, as the power meter is facing downwards.The flashlight that came in the kit could use some improvements, swivel, beam focus, and intensity adjustments would be nice.All straight tools are very ‘tippy’ if you try to stand them on the battery, so its best to lie them flat.


  8. The Prof

    I’ve decided to buy into the Dewalt tool family. Namely the the brushless 20v XR end of things.I haven’t really used the tools much but they all seem really well built and solid. I like solid.This tool line is fairly expensive so I just wait for sales to appear. Originally was $490 for kit, a week later was $358. Ended up buying that one. Wait if you have the time.

    The Prof

  9. Sebastien

    Ok, The circular saw and impact driver are working great, circular saw are awesome in fact. BUT, the drill have a small wobble in the drill head and sometime for precise drilling it’s frustrating because of the lack of precision. Look like a know problem when you look on forum, otherwise, the drill work and it’s powerfull. Last comment, the flash light coming with it is more a toys than anything and today when I turned it on, a white smoke come out of it and I removed the battery and the it continued to smoke during one minute… Not sure what could happen if I was not removed the battery…fire ? I have the product since end of september 2019, so 5 month. I have mixed feeling now with dewalt product. Hope this can help someone to evaluate is next purchase.


  10. Jason Christensen

    Great set of tools. The batteries are just large enough to complete small projects with the circular saw and more than ample enough for the drill and impact driver. The impact driver is my new favourite tool.

    Jason Christensen

  11. James Hansen

    Handyman contractor that needed to replace key 18 volt tools. The battery life isn’t as good as the 18 volts where when they were new. Upgraded battery for skill saw which helped

    James Hansen

  12. bruce erskine

    Excellent tools, arrived on time and as advertised

    bruce erskine

  13. Graham Beardsley

    Great price for value, use them everyday

    Graham Beardsley

  14. Cliente de Amazon

    Excelente Kit a muy buen precio, lo mejor en herramientas

    Cliente de Amazon

  15. Luis Fernando Estefes Torres

    Excelente calidad relación precio calidad

    Luis Fernando Estefes Torres