DeWalt DCK1020D2 20V MAX* 10-Tool Combo Kit

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  • Dcd771 20 Volt max Lithium Ion 1/2 In compact drill driver delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power to complete a wide range of applications
  • Dcs381 20 Volt max Lithium Ion reciprocating saw with keyless blade Clamp allows for quick blade changes without touching blade or reciprocating shaft
  • Dcs393 20 Volt max Lithium Ion circular saw with 6 1/2 In Carbide blade can cut 2 feet x 4 feet at a 45 degree angle in a single pass
  • Dcs355 20 Volt max Lithium Ion Oscillating tool quick change accessory system allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
  • DCG412 20 Volt max Lithium Ion 4 1/2 In grinder with 7000 RPM motor provides high power for cutting and grinding applications



The DEWALT DCK1020D2 Combo Kit is ideal for almost any cutting, drilling or fastening applications.

This kit includes a DCD771 drill/driver, DCF885 impact driver, DCE100B blower, DCL040 light, DCR006 Bluetooth speaker, DCS355B oscillating tool, DCG412B grinder, DCS393B circ saw, DCS381B recip saw and DCV517B wet/dry vac.

This kit also includes 2 batteries, a charger and (2) contractor bags for portability.

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  1. Balushi

    To whom it may concern ; I started contracting in 1997 when I got back from active duty service. One of the first tools I bought was a DeWalt electric drill and a 9.6 V cordless drill. Throughout the years I had a hodgepodge of different tools so I had a wide experience of how different brands held up to my hard-working environment. Some years later I had a day Dewalt 12 inch compound miter saw which I really liked. I also had a porter cable tiger saw, Palm sander orbital palm sander that I purchased and 97 these tools have held up through some brutal working conditions And I still use them to this day. Recently I decided it was time to replace and upgrade all my cordless tools, and I learned that porter cable, Dewalt, Black & Decker were all under the same ownership now. Two of my favorite brands. So couple months ago I ordered another orbital sander and palm sander to complement my woodworking tools and just last month I decided to pick up a 11 piece cordless tool kit which what’s this is the substantial purchase. Dewalt had a great name and I had a history with them that was positive. Which brings me to this point where I’m writing this letter to express my extreme disappointment in the tools that I received. The fit and finish is just quite poor, The feel in the hand is cheap and specifically the triggers on almost all the tools are loose and feel like they could break at any minute. What really shocked me was all the batteries fit so loosely in the tools and rattle nonstop it’s to the point where I don’t even want to walk with one of my impact drills or anything attached to my hip because I just hear it click click click click click all day long. How is it that Dewalt let this past their quality control? these are not cheap tools these are supposed to be professional tools and I paid Top dollar. I was fine with paying top dollar but I expected something more than a homeowner quality tool. Soon as I think back upon my decision I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t just spent $300 for a 12 tools a porter cable which review said they were at best homeowner quality level. instead of the almost thousand dollars I spent for the Dewalt. I’m hoping that maybe this i was unfortunate quality control slip up and not what we should be expecting from Dewalt in the future.In regards to those porter cable Sanders I purchase this year are use those along side the two older ones I had on this big paint job and both the new units failed where is the 15-year-old sanders are still holding strong. The orbital sander I had to replace a Band and the palm sander the switch failed. I like to hear what you think because right now I’m feeling pretty frustrated On a sidenote when I purchased the primary package DCK1020D2 the advertising was a bit misleading with the prominent picture of the oscillating multi tool with the word brushless in bold print and then the group picture alongside of it but with no other commentary. now when I went back and read all the fine print I realized the other tools were brushed and that Only the oscillating tool was brushless but that’s not the way your advertisement came across and the part that had all the rest of the tools listed separately and said brushed was in tiny print at the very bottom of the advert. And as I look around now I see the breast tools are only like $100 more for the same kit I don’t know if that would make any difference in the fit and finish and less than stellar performance that I’ve experienced with these but yeah there it is Product model numbers ( DCK1020D2, DCF620B, DCS887D2 )To add a little insult to injury this combo was selling along with the drywall Gun add-ons for a promotional price which I wasn’t able to get in the checkout when I contacted Amazon customer service they told me send him a screenshot which I did the lady didn’t said go ahead and purchase the kit will change the pricing later just send us new mail I did this add a second customer rep responded that she would not honor the agreement and that the manufacturer sets these prices not Amazon as her excuse and of course when I tried to cancel their computer system says it’s too late . Thank you David BD & B Construction


  2. Roy Y.

    The pictures make this kit look huge and at an incredible price, the tools are more rinky dink then i expect from Dewalt. The fact is that the tools in the kit are pretty wimpy in comparison to the a similar dewalt battery operated tool kit that i purchased 10 years ago. My prior tools were more heavy duty and longer battery life. The blower is a joke, battery with the blower literally lasts five minutes and you are going to be disappointed with the performance of the blower. The blue tooth speaker might as well be a happy meal toy. The vacuum > dont expect a shop vac this is the size of a small tackle box. Drill, recip saw, and some of the other tools are as expected from Dewalt but again the blower, speaker, and vacuum belong in a happy meal.

    Roy Y.

  3. Darren Mullins

    So I like all dewalt tools and am a dewalt tool guy, having there air tools, hand tools and of course power tools. Just wanted everyone to be aware that these tools are NOT brushless and for someone who uses there tools regularly, I really wish I noticed as I should have.In the pictures they show you the one brushless tool in the kit as there is only one. Having said that, brushless is worth the money so I would not recommend this kit and would say to buy what you need as you need them and get the XR.Thanks for reading and hope this helps you not be disappointed like I was if you thought these were something they were not.

    Darren Mullins

  4. Larry Roamer

    When I first received this I was surprised. I thought I ordered a different set. Looking over the tools I first thought who would use the little blower and vacuum. Then I charged batteries and tried out the blower first, not expecting much. To my surprise it’s very powerful and has 3 settings. Works great! Then the vacuum. It has a lot of suction and a hose for tight spots. It’s now my favorite for my vehicles. Very convenient, no cords or large vacuum to drag out. The drill and impact driver standard dewalt quality. The saw I had doubts about, from other cordless devices. I was really surprised that it cuts very well and doesn’t bind. Only complaint is the batteries. Only came with 2 small ones. I have purchased the largest capacity available and they should be sold standard with this set. I use the blower daily and the vacuum cleaner for my vehicles and quick cleaning around the house. I would definitely recommend and purchase again, if it came with the larger batteries.

    Larry Roamer

  5. Melinda Geiger

    My husband is a Dewalt whore and upgraded to the 20V which he loves. I love the 20V as well…being a women sometimes it was hard to get the batteries off because my hands are smaller and squeezing the batteries isn’t always easy. Men if you want you women to be able to use the tools then this is the one to buy!

    Melinda Geiger

  6. Derrick James Hassett

    Piece of shi*. Shame on dewalt for selling a kit that looks like a good deal in the picture. Guarantee these tools are made in a totally different factory than any other Dewalt tools I have bought previously. If I wouldn’t have ordered them online and had such a hassle to return they would be going back. I have held kids toys that felt more quality than these.

    Derrick James Hassett

  7. George Starr

    Tools are dewalt, so they are great tools. The only gripe I have it that the vac that comes with thy kit is just a small vac like for car’s and not the one in the picture with the 2 gal. tank. Amazon gave me a choice to return the kit or a partial refund to keep it so of course, I kept it.The tools are smaller is size, but seem more powerful than my current 12v DeWalt tools. Looking at the little speaker was a bit of a let down, but it is plenty loud. The work light is bright. They should include a few Bits for the drills/drivers but thats okay, I have them. I haven’t ran and ran them, but they seem comfortable in the hand. Perfect for small at home projects. The Circular saw could be a little bigger for some, but I’m good with it, Great for cutting 2×4’s or plywood, and not too heavy. I haven’t used the blower or the baby vac yet, but knowing dewalt they are going to be prety good.

    George Starr

  8. Amazon Customer

    The batteries that come with this set are completely useless. They last less than 2 minute in the blower or vacuum. Plan on buying biggers immediately.

    Amazon Customer

  9. Jared

    Got this combo set for about $825 (CAD) and it was cheaper by at least $300 from any other retailer before shipping! Has everything I needed, with a little bonus of a Bluetooth speaker. If you are going to use the blower or vacuum for longer than 20-30 mins I’d recommended getting a larger battery.


  10. Sherri Kidd

    Has every tool I need. Great brand and exceptional price.

    Sherri Kidd

  11. Loucas

    super de beau kit pour le prix


  12. Yomera

    Muy buen precio , entregado muy rápido.


  13. Filiberto Reyes

    Todo está en buenas condiciones y listo para usar, la marca es de respeto y se nota la calidad, solo que el precio siguió bajando me hubiera esperado.

    Filiberto Reyes

  14. jorge

    el producto coicide totalmente con la descripción , tardó menos de la mitad del tiempo estimado en llegar, cincoestrellasexcelenteservicio


  15. Sergio Gallardo


    Sergio Gallardo