DeWalt DCG413B 4-1/2″ 20V Angle Grinder

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  • Dewalt Brushless Motor: Delivers Up to 57 Percent More Run Time over Brushed
  • No Load Speed: Max 9, 000 RPMs
  • Blade brake: brake engaged when paddle switch is released, bringing the wheel quickly to a stop
  • Warranty: backed by DEWALT 3 year limited warranty
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately
  • Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18



DEWALT DCG413B 20V XR Brushless 4.5-Inch angle Grinder features a DEWALT Brushless motor which delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed.

This single speed motor offers a No load speed of 9, 000 max RPM’s.

It has a Paddle swith to operate; the brake is engaged as soon as the Paddle switch is released, bringing the wheel quickly to a stop.

This tool also offers a 2-Position side handle for user comfort and convenience.

Specifications: wheel diameter 4.5 inches, Arbor size 0.625 inches, metal motor bearings, Paddle switch, single speed.

This is a baretool item, battery sold separately. Includes: 1) angle Grinder.

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  1. Bryce Seats

    @dewalttough are tried and proven to be the best in my toolbox. I will never buy anything else. This grinder has since February of this year already had a hard life. Then last Friday it got ran through my entire rock quarry plant. Which consisted of getting hit with rock and submersed under water and pushed out by a large auger and found in a rock pile before it was shipped out to be used in concrete. Let it sit for a few days and it still works. And that’s the battery that was on it when it happened. All still work. Impressive. The trigger is a little sticky for turning it on but still works. Thanks @dewalttough for making a great product. #dewaltgrinder #dewaltbrushless #dewalt20v #toughtools #plantmechanic

    Bryce Seats

  2. Me

    I used this with an arbortech turboplane to grind down a 16-18″ diameter maple stump ~2-3 inches so it sits below ground. According to the tool box, the tool uses up 800W (their website says 850W) so the DEWALT 4A battery should last around six minutes, plus or minus a minute or so. This is almost exactly what I got out of those batteries. The higher capacity batteries ran a bit longer but not much more. The batteries get quite hot right after use and the charger will go into thermal delay to protect the packs.For a battery operated tool, it had plenty of power comparable to a corded model. I like the two safety features, the anti-kickback and the brakes but I wish they kick in faster instead of taking 1.5 seconds to full stop.


  3. Marksman

    DEWALT DCG413B 20V Angle grinderI have several angle grinders, all electric. Hesitated to purchase a battery powered but my other DeWalt tools do so well and the reviews were so good I thought I would go for it.GLAD I DID! This angle grinder is the boss. No more do I need to find an extension cord to grind, cut off or sand some simple project!It’s so easy to operate and has all the power I need for 70% of my projects.


  4. Rollogic

    While buying other DeWalt power tools I didn’t think to get this one. Then when it came time to cut some cement backerboard I forgot I needed this. It has been great for doing just that. It has also been excellent for cutting metal and masonry. It is easy to switch out the blades. There is a brake to hold it in place to switch out from a metal, diamond, or masonry wheel. The guard is an easy spring loaded adjustment too. High RPMs to cut anything and I have not experienced any bogging down while cutting. Very powerful. My favorite part – no cord! The battery in the picture was bought separately, but I use the 6.0AH to keep up with the demand of this beast.Overall a much needed tool in your arsenal. I recommend and would buy it again.


  5. norty661

    This grinder will either overheat or drain one of the big batteries in just a few minutes which completely negates it being cordless. I use my Harbor Freight grinder more than I use this piece of junk. Same exact story with the Dewalt cordless hammer drill.


  6. Michael Clack

    An incredible angle grinder and it’s cordless! Very pleased with this grinder. I upgraded to a 6.0 battery and it will grind for a good while before needing to be recharged. More power than I imagined and much more quiet than other corded angle grinders. It’s worth every penny.

    Michael Clack

  7. Nick James

    This angle grinder made a great addition to my 20v tools from DeWalt. There isn’t much to put in this review that is different from what you can find on YouTube etc…One this I will say is that the 2AH batteries will give you low run times. While using this with the 2AH battery and a cutoff disk, the grinder would continually stop from binding on the aluminum sheetmetal I was cutting (almost like a lack of power). The 2AH batteries (I tried 2 different ones which both had a full charge) had the same issue. When I switched to the 5AH battery, the tool had much more power and had zero issues. I guess this is a drawback with the battery powered grinders… Not really a big deal for me because the advantage of using a cordless angle grinder has a ton of advantages which heavily outweighs the small issue with the 2AH battery.This tool is a must have. Also grab a 5AH battery or higher.

    Nick James

  8. Layton

    Coming from using a corded Ryobi angle grinder, I was looking for something a little more portable. It’s a great little grinder. I keep flap disc on this and a cut off wheel on the corded grinder. I highly recommend this combination. I prefer the trigger of the corded to the paddle switch and safety of the dewalt. I’d recommend 5ah batteries as well. The guards click adjustment works very well.


  9. Gabriel2121

    Super, tres maniable et fort. Plusieur petit detaille interessant comme la vis avec de la grip pour deviser a la main et le garde qui se retire sans outil. En plis il est economique sur les batterie.


  10. ctjuggler

    I have done a bunch of grinding concrete with a diamond grinding wheel as well as cutting steel beams with a cutoff wheel.So far I am happy with the power and battery life. I can apply as much pressure as I normally would with a corded grinder and it doesn’t slow down. The battery life will depend on how hard you work the tool (how hard you are pushing while grinding or cutting). I didn’t actually time it but I think my 5.0 Ah battery was lasting for about 10 to 15 minutes of strait grinding or cutting.I also find the tool feels comfortable to hold. The only thing negative I could say is the safety on the trigger is a bit fiddly to flip until you get used of it. This is typical of most grinders though.


  11. Cori Elliot

    Bought this for my father in law and he loved it. He was impressed by the brushless design as well as the quality. Was a great price and can’t beat the battery design. Even with a nearly dead battery it had tons of power.

    Cori Elliot

  12. Shurup

    Nice addition to my 20v line of DEWALT tools. I love the fact that you can buy bare tools, if you have any other DEWALT tools, the chances are you have already got plenty of batteries and chargers, so why not save $$$ buying bare tools.The grinder itself isn’t as fast and as powerful as the other corded grinder that I have, but it’s fast enough to do the job and it’s cordless!


  13. [email protected]

    If you are a Dewalt person and looking for a grinder, just buy it already. Don’t spend you day reading reviews.Its got all you could want in a cordless grinder.It will shut it self down if you over torque it, likely preventing damaging yourself. Thus, it won’t get itself out of a bind if that happens.

    [email protected]

  14. Mike Nolting

    Its ok but i expected better from Dewalt. Once the battery gets about 1/2 full the grinder keeps cutting out. You have to get of the throttle and then start again and it works for about 30 seconds then stops again. Took it to a Dewalt shop in my town and was told go back to where I purchased it. All my other cordless tools are Dewalt, this is the only one that is giving me grief.

    Mike Nolting

  15. Toolmanazon

    This is a great tool! I’ve been using it extensively for three days and find the battery life to be better than expected. Certainly a lot better than my compact xr drill. It runs smooth and for me the real plus is I can one hand pick it up, and grind away safely and easily. This is my first cordless angle grinder and it won’t be my last this is a handy tool! Highly Recommended