DeWalt DCE570B 20V Max 29 oz. Adhesive Gun

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  • Variable Speed Trigger allows for increased control over the flow of your adhesive
  • Variable Speed Dial allow for setting maximum and minimum flow rates
  • Anti – Drip Feature automatically retracts the plunging rod preventing excess adhesive from dripping out
  • Quick Connect Inter-changeable canister trays allows user to quickly change between canister sizes
  • Cordless, maximum speed 21 inches per minute, weight 4.66 pounds, battery and Charger sold separately
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately



The DEWALT DCE570B 20v MAX* 29oz Adhesive Gun, Baretool offers the user a variable speed trigger which allows for increased control over the flow of your adhesive.

It also has a variable speed dial that allow for setting maximum and minimum flow rates.

This gun has an anti – drip feature that automatically retracts the plunging rod once trigger is released preventing excess adhesive from dripping out and making a mess on your project.

A Quick Connect inter-changeable canister trays allows user to quickly change between canister sizes.

Capacity 29oz, Speed 21 in/min. This is a bare tool item – battery sold separately. Includes: 1) DCE560 Adhesive Gun.

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  1. Garden Man

    I bought the caulk gun first, then tried to get the parts for using 29 oz adhesive tubes as well. I tried the Dewalt website (good luck) and was directed to the Denver Dewalt service center. I called them at 303-922-8325. I was told that they can only sell parts to switch the caulk gun to shooting sausage. I’m in construction and we don’t use raw sausage. I tried calling again just to see if they could sell the parts to change over the larger gun to use the 10 oz tubes. Once again, I was told I could only parts to shoot sausage.I went ahead and ordered the gun to shoot 29 oz tubes only to find that it is identical to the caulk gun except for the plunger and tube holder.The manuals are the same for “both” guns and even include a reference to switching to other size tubes.Does this mean that if a worker drives over the plastic front end of either size gun that it can’t be fixed by ordering a few parts?I have a lot of Dewalt tools, but this hacks me off! I paid about $225 for the larger adhesive gun and all I got that I didn’t have was a few bucks worth of parts and a run-around from Dewalt.If they care they can explain where parts CAN be had. If they don’t care I’ll be heading back to Makita and Bosch in the future.

    Garden Man

  2. Checkmate

    I give this four stars, because it’s hard to slow it down enough. Even if you cut the tip opening pretty small, it shoots the goo out really fast. You have to be in a position where you can move the gun fast, or you’ll end up using way too much goo. Still, it’s worth having, because I quickly found out that manually squeezing large tubes of construction adhesive out is quite a workout. Also, I thought that it would come with a separate carriage to hold smaller tubes, but it doesn’t.


  3. Scott Eberl

    This tool is like your first born child … the price tag scares the crap out of you … you think you want it but your not sure … but let me tell you, you cant fathom how much you’ll actually love it until its in your arms. Yes, its super expensive. Yes it can be done with a manual gun that costs $15. But, if you do a lot of caulk or adhesive work… once you have this gun your life will change.

    Scott Eberl

  4. Todd

    Anyone who uses large 29 oz cualk tubes knows how tough it is to squeeze manual caulk guns! This 20v Dewalt caulk dispenser makes for quick and easy work! The only complaint I have is the big plastic nut that holds the tube holder to the gun comes loose often and the unit jams because the tube gets cockeyed. I like how it automatically retracts the plunger a little bit to help prevent caulk from oozing out after each application.


  5. Amazon Customer

    Works awesome, it even backs the plunger off 1/2″ when you let your finger off the trigger so glue doesn’t keep puking out.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Miccol

    I own a log home, and maintenance was overdue to seal it up right. We are talking miles of seams. I used Log Builder caulk in large tubes through this tool and it beats cramming an old fashioned caulk gun! Saved my poor arms first weekend I used it. Practice with it a bit before you jump on a project. Took a bit of finesse to get the setting right, and time the letoff. The trigger has one position for forward and another to let up. If you have stiff caulk, don’t keep the trigger pressed or you will blow a tube. Been there. Done that. Got the caulk all over to prove it. Little bit at a time does the trick. I bought two batteries and a charger kit to go with it, and I used this gun to do, by my estimates, 1500 FEET of 1/4 inch beads on ONE BATTERY, and it still showed over half charge. So do yourself a favor and buy this.


  7. INNPOGo

    It takes less than 2 minutes to glue a side of sheathing or sub-flooring. Sure beats the hand gun. You can dial up or down the plunger speed. If you are using the old hand caulker for to or three tubes stay with the old style. Yesterday we put down 120 tubes of 29oz caulk. You’d need five people or more with the hand guns. Great money saver!!!


  8. John Ton

    Give your wrist a break!! I forget the exact price ($200??) but it is worth every penny – not scientifically proven, but I also think the way it “backs off” after a dose of caulk / adhesive / whatever, is better than the manual type of gun – avoids that pesky drip after each use. It’s pretty good at that. Beware: set this sucker on its LOWEST setting to start with! I’m terrified to see what it would do at higher settings; the entire contents of the tube would probably come out in three seconds!

    John Ton


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