DeWalt DCD791B 20V Max XR Li-ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver, Tool

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  • Dewalt Brushless Motor which delivers up to 57 percent more run time
  • Compact, Lightweight Design for tight spaces
  • High speed transmission with 2 speed settings
  • 3 Mode LED lights with a spotlight mode
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts; Nominal voltage is 18
  • MAX Power: 460 UWO



The DEWALT DCD791B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 1/2″ Brushless Compact Drill/Driver (Tool Only) features a DEWALT brushless motor which delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed.

This unit is compact (6.9″ front to back), and lightweight (3.4 lb.), designed to fit into tight areas.

A high speed transmission with 2-speed settings (0-550/0-2,000 RPM) delivers up to 30% faster application speeds, with an ergonomic comfort grip handle that provides ideal balance & tool control.

The metal 1/2″ ratcheting chuck allows for superior bit gripping strength.

This drill also offers a 3-Mode LED that provides lighting in dark or confined spaces (up to 20X brighter than previous model), with a LED Spotlight mode that features 20 minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces. Includes belt hook.

This is a bare tool item – battery sold separately.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I know this is a tool and not a sports car, but I was pretty disappointed with the fit and finish of this drill. The two plastic halves were not joined together evenly and so there is a rough gap running all the way around the middle of the tool. It is especially bad on the front base of the drill where the built in flashlight is. The sharp plastic edge of the right half is sticking out above the edge of the left and catches on a thing that brushes against it. I compared it to the grinder and impact driver I received in the same order and neither of those had a single defect in them. I expected more from a DeWalt model that brags it was made in the USA.

    Amazon Customer

  2. John Marien

    This is a high torque drill driver. Hold onto it tightly and when driving screws but very careful to start it slowly otherwise it will spin the driver bit (Phillips or pan-head) in the head of the screw stripping it. It takes practice and effort to start this drill slowly when driving screws. And yes, this is on the slower of the two speed settings. For drilling, the torque is great, just make certain you have tightened the drill bit into the chuck tightly otherwise the high torque might cause you to spin around the drill bit.

    John Marien

  3. faithless

    I tried 4 of these drills. They are light weight and very powerful. However the chuck on all 4 were garbage. The run out is excessive. On top of that they are riveted and cannot be replaced without significant risk of damaging the drill. If you put the drill on 2 setting and give it full throttle the whole drill vibrates in your hand. You can physically see the chuck wobble. If they only used the chuck from the DCD991 they would have the perfect drill. The runout on spade bits is about 1/8+ inches depending on length of bit. This is not a defect, all 4 drills (2 amazon and 2 HD) did this. In comparison the DCD991 type chucks are perfect on my bigger drill. I want to love this thing but every time I use it I am reminded of how much I don’t like the chuck. I expect power drills to run true in 2019. My cheapo $30 HF throw away drills have less run out then this model (sad but true). So I am sticking with my DCD991. It’s heavy and overkill for most jobs but at least I don’t get annoyed.


  4. duckjockey

    An excellent drill and driver. It’s lightweight, compact and powerful. I also bought a 4Mh battery, which I can use on other Dewalt tools, and a charger which does a fine job. The drill has a lot of torque settings, and the light is directed onto the subject perfectly. It also stays on a few seconds after pressing the trigger, which is handy.


  5. R Granada

    What’s not to like about this power drill? It has a hammer function, 3 speeds, LED Light, metal bit holder (can’t think of the actual name of it right now), ergonomic and light weight. This unit was the tool only and didn’t come with a battery.This drill performs flawlessly and the bit is straight with no wobbles. The trigger is pressure sensitive and it includes a little clip to hold onto your belt if you want.

    R Granada

  6. Fizzle

    I’m glad DeWalt moved the LED to the base to broadcast light where the drill bit tip is being used.It’s about time.This drill is fantastic compared to what we have used throughout our career.


  7. C. M.

    Upgraded my 12 year old NiCad 18v to this and am very impressed. FAR more torque and probably 4x the RPM’s and even more ergonomic than the older version. All steel chuck is really nice until you accidentally hit it at full speed and burn your hand so be careful there. The light is more handy than I first gave it credit for. Only downside is the batteries are WAY overpriced so save a bunch and get a generic.

    C. M.

  8. Sistah

    The first one was delivered and stolen off my front porch but Amazon stepped right up and replaced it. VER impressive. My old 12V DeWalt lasted 12 years, was always a workhorse and still functions – but it was time to upgrade. I LOVE this tool, so many uses, powerful, looks cooler than my running shoes. Wish the batteries weren’t so dang expensive.


  9. Steve Donaldson

    I have had a set of Dewalt cordless drill and driver now for years and they have worked well. My drill is starting to die so I purchased this. I am undecided as of yet on this. I have used it a couple of times now and the first time I used it I was putting a drill bit in it and tightening up the chuck and burnt my hand on the chuck. This chuck does not have big enough ribs on it for you to grab a hold of (compared to my old one) so it just spun in my hand. Also the first hole I drilled on high speed the drill started to smoke and would cut out. On low speed it worked well.

    Steve Donaldson

  10. DCFR

    I’m a general contractor and use a lot of tools for a living. I purchased this tool on sale from amazon and am definitely impressed with it. Has all the functions of most drills on the market, so i won’t bother reviewing any of that. What makes this drill stand out from the rest is the light feature on it. Most drills have an led that stays on for a 20 second delay before turning off. Then you must press the trigger to activate it again. This can be irritating when you’re working in a crawl space and don’t have/forgot your flashlight. Instead this drill has a 3 position switch which allows for extended use/brightness functions. First position is dim, like most drills with the 20 second delay, the next is a 5 minute delay, with a stronger led light, and the last is a 20 minute delay, with a super bright led. Most led’s on drills are somewhat dim, and when compared to today’s smartphone flashlights, aren’t even useful much beyond 2 ft distance. This drill on the other hand is somewhat of a flashlight in and of itself. I understand it can use more power, but its an LED with low power draw, in a drill, chances are you’ll kill the battery by drilling before the led kills it. The placement of the LED provides excellent coverage of the target area as well, though if you’re from Canada, and you find yourself working outside for any particular reason, gloves could presumably be a concern with blocking the light. But then again, if you’re from Canada, you’re likely accustomed to such temperatures, and don’t need gloves either.So far my only gripe on the drill is that it isn’t a hammer drill, while it looks identical to the hammer drill which Dewalt also sells. To me though its not a deal breaker. I’ve experienced the power tools built in hammer mechanisms on my other tools and to put it bluntly, they suck. if you’re just dropping a couple tiny anchors in concrete, it’d do the job, but a real hammer drill is a life saver, so save yourself some money and buy one.Not much to say beyond that, but i would definitely recommend buying this drill if you’re looking for a high quality drill with an awesome built in LED Flashlight.


  11. Brian K Smith

    I would have no problem recommending the Dewalt DCD791 20V drill to anyone. I have owned and used several different brands and models of cordless drills over the years and I have to say this model by Dewalt is by far superior to any I’ve owned or used in the past. This is a very powerful drill with an all metal chuck that is still very lightweight and well balanced in your hand and the LED light is very powerful.

    Brian K Smith

  12. moypassi

    I am really disappointed this Drill came without a battery, however upon review, I see it in the product description. Adding the costs of the Batteries and the charger, this unit costs $389 bucks! (and I don’t​ even get a case) I would never have paid that much for a cordless drill! It looks like a very solid little unit and well made.


  13. Andrew Graham

    My older 20v dewalt broke. By my own stupidity, nothing with the drill. I upgraded to the brushless drill and it’s been great. The light on this drill is great. The ability to have it stay on for 20min is great if your doing work under cabinets or somewhere where you don’t have a flashlight. I do find that bits and drivers come lose sometimes and that the chuck needs to be tightened a lot more than my old one. Not sure if that’s because it’s all metal chuck or not but it’s nothig that takes away from the drill.

    Andrew Graham

  14. Bhole

    I managed to screw in around 700 3/8s wood grip screws and drill through a stack of sheets with a slightly used 5 amp battery. The normal brushed guns will kill a battery like that in a couple moves.I’ve been using Dewalt for a long time and this is the first time I’ve used a brushless gun. I thought maybe some hype was happening but this gun blew past my expectations.The only two issues I have with it is that for 3 different modes of light, you’d think they’d have made a mode where you could not use the light at all. It’d save even more power. The other issue is that it’s a very nice gun and it almost breaks my heart to use it at work when there’s so many other guns around. But it’s a lot better than all the normal Dewalt lithiums and it does save a lot of battery.I highly recommend this gun.


  15. Charlie Sloan

    I received this drill after waiting ages to replace my old 18v Dewalt hammerdrill. It went on sale and I ordered it immediately. This drill is a real powerhouse and the brushless motor makes it last forever. I have been unable to drain one of my 4 AH batteries using it so far.Mine seems to be slightly louder than my previous brushed drill, but overall I consider that not really an issue and the added power and battery life is worth it.This is the portable drill you want.

    Charlie Sloan