DeWALT DC012 Battery Charger

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  • Due to CEC regulations, item cannot be shipped to California,1-hour charger for 7.2V to 18V DEWALT battery packs (Except Univolt),Runs off of 12V to 18V DEWALT batteries making it a cordless radio
  • Power outlets offer more versatility for jobsite power,The DEWALT 3 – stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery,AM/FM Digital Tuner with LCD display, built-in clock, and 15-station memory presets
  • High efficiency weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports for maximum bass and range,Auxiliary port allows connection to CD Players, MP3 Players, and portable satellite receivers with an audio cable (cable not included)
  • Dual pivoting 11-Inch flexible antenna provides more durability and better reception,This product is a charger itself – it does not come with a charger
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18
  • Due to CEC regulations, item cannot be shipped to California
  • 1 hour charger for 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT battery packs (except Univolt)
  • Runs off of 7.2-volt to 18-volt DEWALT batteries making it a cordless radio
  • Power outlets offer more versatility for jobsite power
  • AM/FM digital tuner with LCD display, built-in clock, and high efficiency weather resistant speakers


Amfm Digital Tuner with LCD (liquid crystal display) display, built-in clock, and 15 station memory presets.

Auxiliary port allows connection to CD (compact disc) players, and portable satellite receivers with an audio cable (cable not included).

Dual pivoting 11 IN flexible antenna provides more durability and better reception. High efficiency weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports for maximum bass and range.

Runs off 12V (volt) to 18V De Walt batteries. 1-hour charger for 7.2V to 18V De Walt battery packs (except Univolt).

The De Walt 3-stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery.

Power outlets offer more versatility for job site power. California Compliant.

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  1. Hubba Bubba

    So far I do like the radio. I have has this a little over a month.I have used this at home and off site on battery power only during a camping trip. The sound is good & clear, not audiophile but good.Being that these take the older style batteries I think these are old new stock & that is why many receive the radio & the CR2032 battery is dead so it won’t hold memory until you replace the battery. You can also use a CR2025 that is slightly thinner battery in a pinch. These batteries are pretty cheap & easy to replace. Too bad DeWalt did not use the plastic pull tab you remove so the battery would not be dead when you get your radio.As all my my other cordless DeWalt tools are 18V, that is why I got this radio instead of the newer version for the smaller 20V.It is convent that if you plug this in you have 3 available outlets. I have run my table & miter saw this way off the radio.This does not have a USB connector, so to charge your phone you need this to be plugged in & then you plug in your charger into one of the outlets.(the outlets are not powered by the battery, this has to be plugged in to use the outlets)I have also used this with an external MP3 player plugged into the AUX & this worked just fine. (sorry no Bluetooth here)

    Hubba Bubba

  2. Kevin Darm

    I bought all my DeWalt tools back when 18v was the best on the market, and have no plans on going back, so this radio works perfect for me. It has a lot of great features – 3 120v plugs on the side so you can use it as a power strip. It charges 18v batteries, and also runs off 18v batteries if you don’t have a nearby plug. It gets plenty loud for big parties or noisy work sites. It has an aux in so you can play music off your phone or other source. It has a bass boost button which really does pump up the low end. It has an easy to read display and is very easy to tune to the station you want.The only con – I wish it had BlueTooth connectivity and a USB power port. Oh well, can’t have everything in life.

    Kevin Darm

  3. W. Maes

    Initial impression is Good.1. Good enough sound.2. Simple design, good tuner, digital, good reception.3. 3 outlets to plug things into, good idea.4. Like the big turn knobs for the on/volume and radio station tuning.But:1. Antenna seems too short, based on length of radio, antenna could have been at least 4″ longer.2. The coin battery that operates the clock and station memory functions was dead. So had to go out and spend $5 on a battery. My radio shows a “2016” stamp, so no wonder why battery was dead.3. The radio supposedly can take a slight fall and still work, but I doubt it. It is made of fairly “hard” plastic versus a more flexible, rubber-like material that would be more pliable, shock-absorbing.4. Will need to be careful if near water, rain expected, etc. as the AUX hole does have a rubber tab/cover, but it does not stay plugged/pushed into its hole. And it located top front, which if rains, water will get in.

    W. Maes

  4. Brian S.

    I absolutely love having this new radio with all the bells and whistles. Constantly by my side during work and play. The ac/dc plug outlets make for convenience when needed to add must have electrical lighting and power tools plugged in. Before owning this equipment I had extension cords running all over the place…something I like to put a limitation on due to creating a trip hazard or electrical nightmare. Another plus…made by Dewalt. Every cordless tool in my arsenal is from Dewalt greatly because I have had nothing but top notch performance and durability from their product line. A duplicate set of 18 volt cordless power tools sits inside my garage without ever having to use. Even the customer service hot line took the time to handle a concern I had and without a big too do arrangement, I received a replaced item within 48 hours for my request. And by the way, this was not a posting expecting any kick backs.

    Brian S.

  5. goldencrazy

    I bought this to use in my garage workshop and as a portable unit around the farm when doing remote chores (using it with an 18 volt battery.) I also wanted to use it as another charger as I had three batteries and only two chargers. I read the other reviews regarding a weak tuner and disappointing sound volume, but went ahead and ordered it because almost my cordless (and corded) tools are DeWalt and I thought that maybe people were just being too picky. Well, they weren’t….the tuner is pretty weak. I actually had to wrap a bare copper wire around the antenna and run it up the wall to be able to get a signal that didn’t drop completely or fade in and out (with the door wide open!). The sound quality is just kinda okay, I expected better at this price point, for sure.Worse than the weak tuner is when I put a battery in it for charging or off-plug use, it wipes all the pre-programmed channels in memory and takes the clock back to 12:00AM! I have a Milwaukee work radio in my horse barn, purchased in 2005, that strongly picks up stations inside steel enclosed walls, has much better bass, and can be turned up twice as loud. I regret buying this Dewalt unit in comparision! it is way overpriced for being such a weak, defective (in my case) product. I would have sent it back when I discovered the battery/memory wiping problem but I had already (stupidly) recycled the box by then and it would have cost too much in shipping costs to send it back, anyway (the downside to internet purchasing).This model is in serious need of re-engineering. Note to Dewalt: Stop charging premium money for low end devices to maximize profit and, instead put some pride and quality in everything with the Dewalt name on it…the way fans of the brand expect it to be!


  6. Cupcake Lady

    My husband owns a construction company and while he takes great care of his tools and belongings he sometimes has employees that fail to do the same. He has had this stereo for almost 6 years now- and plays like a newer quality stereo that you would go out and purchase today. The ability to use it to charge items and plug other items in was certainly a plus. The accessibility of a docking station when your in the middle of nowhere or the radio is merely talk shows at too early am was a selling point and is used frequently. Dewalt never disappoints.

    Cupcake Lady

  7. R. T.

    Bought this for my shop, since I like to have my music close I thought the plugs on the side would be a great addition.The sounds is decent, but I wouldn’t try to ramp up a dance party with it. It has solid reception, and with an aux cord you can plug in your phone or other media player and listen to your music from it which is nice. The plugs on the side easily power most tools I’ve tried, but I wouldn’t plug in a welder since it may not handle the amperage needed. The plug for the stereo feels very thick and durable as well which surprised me.To the meat of it, this stereo is great as a shop stereo, or for camping. If you buy the separate battery it’s a solid choice for dragging out to the campfire or the beach, You can sit on it, or stack stuff on it without fear of it breaking. I’ve actually used it as a stool in a pinch one day and I’m 240 pounds.If i were to buy a durable radio again, I’d go with the next model up when on sale.Pros : Decent sound, aux hook ups for media players, very durable and water resistant, and the plugs are fantastic.Cons : Could sound better for the price, could have been a bit more modern with it’s ports for audio connections, and the optional battery should have been included.

    R. T.

  8. Sean Dees

    I received this today in the mail today. AWESOME sound. Very loud and clear. At max volume it’s too loud for one room! I’m going to be using it outside and it sounds great. No distortion at all unless you are on max volume with the bass button in use, and then it is only just a very slight distortion. (Turn it down one notch and it is very clear and still very loud.)Would definitely recommend this radio. I’ve been reading reviews of Worksite radios for the last 6 months trying to find one that would meet my needs: Loud, clear & reliable. I’ve been happy with my other Dewalt tools and I am happy with this one too.The only small problem I had was that it wouldn’t hold the time and presets in memory, but I changed to a new CR2032 battery and it worked like a charm. The battery wasn’t just low, it was defective – it wouldn’t hold a charge for 2 seconds while you turn the radio off and on. I can’t hold that against Dewalt – it’s a one in a million failure on a fifty cent battery.

    Sean Dees

  9. Randy Richardson

    In spite of what other people have written about the radio in regards to the sound, I found it to be exactly what I expected. It’s a workshop radio or a patio radio or whatever you use it for. If you’re looking for something that sounds like an orchestra…..hire a 100 piece orchestra. I kinda think that you might pay a lot more to have that sound plus this radio doesn’t take washroom breaks and it doesn’t need tuning. Very happy.

    Randy Richardson

  10. Lenco Renovations

    Awesome sound from this radio. I have the 20v DCR015 radio for my 20v batteries, but the girlfriend like the sound so much she decided to keep the radio. So I bought this one for my 18v tools for charging and music on the job site. I was surprise the excellent quality and sound from this radio.

    Lenco Renovations

  11. Amazon Customer

    They took out a feature from the previous version which was a case you could put a phone or MP3 player in. Would also have been nice to have built in USB charging. Kinda stuck though as this is the last version that will charge the old style batteries.

    Amazon Customer

  12. Peter45

    The radio has great sound, sturdy construction great charger. I would have liked a more powerful antenna. Other than that a great buy.


  13. Marguerite Alderton

    Best worksite radio. Goes with us everywhere. Strong signal in lots of environments. Even florescent.

    Marguerite Alderton

  14. Cluny Nichols

    I got this radio on a whim to charge batteries and have a few tunes. The ipad ‘aux in’ is fantastic and the phonics are quite good. The battery charge time is noteworthy as well. All in all a good purchase.

    Cluny Nichols

  15. Stephanie

    Sounded great when tested, unfortunately had to return and re order a different model as this one wasn’t compatible with my husbands batteries.