DeWalt 20V MAX* Compact Cordless Chainsaw (Bare Tool) DCCS620B

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  • Low kick back 12″ Oregon Bar and chain: for construction and outdoor cutting applications
  • High efficiency Brushless motor: maximizes run time and motor life and chain gauge 0. 043, chain speed 25. 2 ft./s
  • Tool free chain tensioning and Bar tightening knob: for proper Bar clamping force
  • Compact and lightweight design: Only 8. 8 lbs. For maximum user control and comfort. This is a bare tool Item, Battery sold separately
  • Chain speed: 25. 2 ft./s



DEWALT 20V MAX COMPACT CHAINSAW BA, Made in: China, Dimensions: 28. 5 X 9. 75 X 9. 5. Weight: 10. 274

Low kick back 12″ Oregon bar and chain for construction and outdoor cutting applications.

High efficiency brushless motor maximizes run time and motor life.

Tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force.

Compact and lightweight design for maximum user control.

Up to 90 cuts per charge on 4 x 4 pressure treated wood. 3/8″ chain pitch.

Includes Chainsaw and hard bar cover. Battery And Charger Not Included.


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  1. Dave Rentz

    For reference, I’m a professional Arborist, currently working for a municipality, with over a decade’s experience in Line-Clearance Arborism. So, you might say that I know a thing or three about working a chainsaw..I’m honestly amazed.. This saw is awesome! With a thirty-five(ish) dollar upgrade (bar & chain), it’ll hold its own against either the Stihl or Husqvarna battery-powered top-handles. And, it’ll do so, for half the price!On one of the large 60v flex batteries, it did hard work all day. You can actually, easily forget to add bar oil, because you’re never stopping to refuel. It’s THAT efficient! This is now my go-to climb-saw…hands down!One of this saws best features is how quiet it is. Imagine this:…you’re up a tree, about to make a decent size cut with a conventional chainsaw. Before you begin your back-cut, you check on the “all-clear”; all systems Go! Shortly after you start on your back-cut, throttle open, your ground person sees “something” (let’s pretend it’s an out-of-control baby buggy, for dramatic effect!) that, for some reason, you can’t see. The grounds person is yelling at the top of their lungs, trying to get your attention, before it’s too late! Meanwhile; all you can hear is that ported & polished 201 or 338, screaming like a banshee…It’s a scary thought. And not only COULD it happen; it HAS happened! But, with an electric chainsaw, volume levels are a negligible factor.Oh, and, as an added bonus, it doesn’t reek of gas! Try driving around on a hot day with a conventional chainsaw in the car.. (sarcasm!) A headache and nausea are the BEST you can hope for! Not a problem with an electric saw.So, why no fifth star..? Two reasons. No guns (sight lines), on either side. And no real felling dogs…or even the option to add felling dogs. Come on DeWALT, get your $#!+ together!.. But, I guess we can forgive them a few oversights, as they are relatively new to the chainsaw game.I hope you found this review helpful. And, while I might sing it’s praises, rest assured that I paid the same price you will. This is my unsolicited opinion.Good Luck & Be Safe!

    Dave Rentz

  2. Benton L

    I have rewrote to reflect my total experience with this pos.I guess you can’t trust reviews anymore. If you really plan to use this saw, you will regret buying this. I wish I had used this when i bought it instead of letting it sit for nearly a year before using it.The mechanism for tightening flexes easily. The ratcheting part has stripped out right away. The chain constantly jumps off. I have to be extremely careful when cutting small branches. If I tweak even a tiny bit either way and the bar pops off. This very dangerous to use. I knew this was a light duty saw, and I have only used this once and it broke when I needed it most. I ended going back to the sawsall to do the job I got this chainsaw for. Its pretty pathetic it cant handle 4 to 6 inch branches. I fixed it after knowing what’s up now. 6 months after posting this review I went to use it again to cut up some pallets for garbage. Now the internal gearing has failed.Every power tool I own is dewalt, and I have a lot of em. I hope they redesign this and their weed eater. I rarely have a use for a chainsaw, but when I do the gas ones sit so long the carbs are shot. I was hoping this would be my way out of the gas world. I was wrong.I don’t see how this has so many good reviews. I guess at first it seems great, but any real use will show its true colors.

    Benton L

  3. randy

    Ok first of all this saw IS NOT FOR CLEARING TIMBER*Secondly this saw is shipped with the bar lock on. If you have never operated a chain saw BEFORE please read instructions*Third the oil fill cap was a bit snug but with gentle constant pressure it came lose. If you will put a bit of bar oil on the o ring on the cap this wont be an issue anymore*I also learned by reading the reviews if you store the saw on its left side it wont leak bar oil every where YES IT WORKEDThat being said it is however excellent for maintaining an acreage. No gas to fool with just grab and go. With a 5 amp batt it quickly cut up an 11 inch post oak tree with 1/2 the batt still left. Really impressed with the ability of this saw. No more gas and winter storage or wandering it it will start in the spring for spring cleaning. Light weight and maneuverable, easy to haul in my yard cart during clean up. Love the no tool bar tensioner. I’m not sure about upgrading to the 14 inch bar, not sure that it needs it but I have been giving it a thought


  4. Karl P. Madinski

    Saw failed on 7/7/2018 return window closed 6/2/2018 What dewalt really you are better than this

    Karl P. Madinski

  5. Marconi guy

    I could not remove the oil filler cap without damaging it. I then went back and read several other reviews that said the same thing. It is ridiculous to supply such a flimsy plastic cap that is screwed on so tightly that it cannot be removed without tearing it up. Returned the saw and lost money on the deal because they charged me for returning the batteries, which I had purchased separately. Shame on Dewalt for putting out such a shoddy product.

    Marconi guy

  6. Henry357

    Very happy with saw. Good cutting time with 5.0Ah battery and handy to have on the quad. I only gave it 4 stars because chain oil leaks all over when not in use, fix that problem Dewalt and it’s a 5 star.


  7. Shane

    This little saw is awesome and extremely powerful for its size. I bought this for clearing trail while off road in the bush and it serves the purpose perfectly. I used to carry a gas chainsaw with me which stunk up the truck and got oil everywhere. Now I just keep this thing in my back seat. Also I run the charger in the truck too so it’s charging while I drive. Pretty great runtime off even a single 5A battery but I bought a second too for backup. Even though this saw is probably more suited to smaller stuff like trail clearing I’ve also bucked up proper trees with the thing. Overall great buy.


  8. Pete S.

    I’ve had a few gas chainsaws, and I’ve burned through a few cheap plastic ones (Black and Decker and Sunjoe), so I have a fair bit of chainsaw experience as a property manager. I really like this 20v Dewalt! It cuts fast, and the battery lasts a surprisingly long time! Mine doesn’t leak – not sure why other reviewers’ are. Highly recommended. Mind blowing how well this works!

    Pete S.

  9. Troy Messenger

    It is really hard to find a replacement bar and chain.

    Troy Messenger


    Tried find tel# for rep. to find out if they had a fix for oil leak so I would not have to return the saw no luck with that I also had 2 20v 5ah batteries but they were delivered weeks before the saw over 30 days so could not return.I would have no problem buying saw again if oil problem was fixed…..4 stars because of oil leak!!


  11. Guy Olivier

    je la traîne sur ma motoneige au cas ou un arbre bloquerait le sentier. Ce n’est pas fait pour faire du bois de chauffage mais bien comme outils dépanneur. Ce qui est bien c’est qu’il n’y a aucune raté. Moins trente, la scie deux semaines sur le skidoo. Si la batterie est bonne tu pèses tu le bouton et ça marche.

    Guy Olivier

  12. Richard Kloc

    Even with a standard 20V battery it handles well but when you add a 60V FLEXVOLT (witch works for this tool) runtimes are longer.It’s very simple to get up and running when you need it, we had a storm come through and it took out half of our 80foot willow tree with 2 gas units and this little beast we cleaned up the destroyed tree in a day

    Richard Kloc

  13. Daniel m.

    La scie fonctionne très bien et ne semble pas être trop énergivore. Même pas temps froid la batterie a durée. J’adore travailler avec cette petite scie pour ébrancher que je fais tomber en forêt. Je recommande.

    Daniel m.

  14. Marcin Golos

    satisfait et surpris de la puissance du moteur électrique c est vraiment fort comme outil .

    Marcin Golos

  15. J.E Theriault

    Facile à manipuler

    J.E Theriault