DeWalt 20V Cordless Max Hammer Drill Tool Only

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  • High efficiency motor delivers 450 unit watts out of max power for superior performance
  • Also has a LED light with 20 second delay after trigger release Batteries not included
  • Uses DEWALT 20Volt Max lithium ion batteries which offer longer run time and enhanced durability
  • Heavy duty 1/2 Inch metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts
  • Kit includes drill and 360 degree side handle 3 speed all metal transmission
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately
  • Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18



The DEWALT DCD985 20V Max lithium ion premium 3-speed hammer drill/driver has a patented 3-speed all-metal transmission that matches the tool to task for the fastest application speed and improved run time.

The heavy-duty 1/2-inch metal ratcheting chuck provides superior bit gripping strength. It has a high power.

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  1. Tom

    I work as an elevator constructor and this drill really holds up for the heavier duty jobs. I do a lot of drilling through steal beams and hammer drilling through concrete on a daily basis and I had one that lasted almost 4 years. I find the fact that since it’s not brushless you can push it a little harder as opposed to the newer brushless models other guys I know on the job have problems with, whether it’s dewalt or Milwaukee. It seems that on the brushless models there’s a built in senser that when it gets too hot or getting pushed too much it kills the power making you wait while it cools down. The complaint with the older models is that the brushes will wear out, but for a $120 bux it’s well worth it to beat the hell out of this thing for a couple years and then get a new one. If you’re just a handyman/ around the house type you’ll have this tool for a lifetime. In the end it’s money well spent and a nice heavy duty drill.


  2. Kirk Roberts

    I do a lot of hammer drilling at work using HILTI TE30 battery powered hammer drills, which are the Porsche of hammer drills. When I first used this Dewalt hammer drill and was comparing it to a TE30, I thought “this is weak AF.” However, it does just fine on the block & plaster walls in my house for run of the mill handyman scale tasks like installing tap cons to strap conduit to a block wall. Would I use it at work for production drilling? Hell no. However, it didn’t cost a ton, and it’s much better than using my Dewalt impact and/or standard drill.

    Kirk Roberts

  3. PW

    I have one of those wives that gives me the eye every time an Amazon box arrives on the front doorstep. I am a DeWalt tool guy but I put off ordering this battery hammer drill for years. Wish I had a dime for all the times I stood waiting for the drill bit in my regular drill to penetrate the concrete far enough that I could seat the concrete anchor and another dime for the times climbing down the ladder to plug my cord powered electric hammer drill back in. Just used this product for first time on concrete block with the Libatter 1 pack 20v 5.0ah replacement battery I purchased at about the same time. It’s a beautiful thing.


  4. db2471

    I bought this as a gift as I already own 2 and was tired of lending mine out, these things are a beast and can do pretty much what any corded drill can do and then some. I did allot of the construction on my house with the 18v version 10 years ago and when it finally died a couple years back I bought the 20v version and I have not been disappointed with them yet. Its not a big deal to change bits but having two certainly makes it quicker to get jobs done since I don’t have to change the bits all the time. Do I and would I recommend this drill to people? Yes! Great Power and torque which are all adjustable.


  5. Bayon1674

    I purchased this as a gift for my son who is an electrician. I have already been informed that it has broken. The clutch isn’t engaged any longer. It is currently at a repair facility and I am waiting to hear from Dewalt. Second time he has used it.Update. Dewalt repaired the drill and my son says that it’s working fine. The replacement one has had zero issues. With the customer service and the lack of issues with the second one, I am going from two stars to four.


  6. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this thinking it would be suitable for drilling 20 1/2″ holes in 3 weeks old concrete for my new shed walls. I could NOT get through the first hole in 10 minutes. “SOMETHING is wrong here,” I thought. I used one of my employees electric hammer drills and had all 20 holes done in under 30 minutes.I WOULD NOT buy this unit for the Hammer. I am sorry I purchased it.

    Amazon Customer

  7. R. Blodgett

    Previously using a traditional drill and masonry bit to make holes in cinder block was very time consuming and resulted in sore arms / wrists. That was the main reason for this purchase. WOW, what a difference! The other reason is that I also own other DeWalt power tools that I have been very satisfied with.

    R. Blodgett

  8. just another brick in the wall

    I bought a 20 volt blower than trimmer so I thought why not fill out my tool kit with other 20 volt tools. I like Dewalt because the tools feel substantial which I hope translates to long life. I have too lighter battery drills but I wanted something with a little more power and this delivers. I don’t have to pull out the corded drill now when my smaller drills can’t do the job.

    just another brick in the wall

  9. Jessica E.

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Have drilled through brick and concrete, just make sure you have the right bit, the drill is only responsible for so much. Good battery life, keep it out of extreme hot/cold, just like any drill.

    Jessica E.

  10. Mike

    got this drill for one job only and that’s to drill holes in the ice for ice fishing . it will drill a six inch hole with no problem lots of torque .dewalt the name says it all


  11. myrevu

    Solid well built drill. If the speed control trigger is released quickly when the chuck is spinning at medium to high speed, the chuck brake will loosen the chuck and the drill bit will fall out. This is a problem with many Dewalt drills that stop the chuck too quickly.


  12. Duke.Colin

    Liked my original one so much that when it eventually died, I purchased an identical one. These last forever.


  13. Tadas

    Using for ice auger. Very satisfied… Have Milwaukee also but u can tell a difference when I got DeWalt. Thank you


  14. Dissatisfied Customer

    Burnt it out after a little more then a year of heavy use. Before it broke it worked great. I’d recommend a brushless version if you are using it for everyday work.

    Dissatisfied Customer

  15. Kimlee Beaudriault

    Excellent tool, plenty of power for the drilling I do. The 3 speed gear box lets me select the speed required for the best drilling performance and maximum run time.

    Kimlee Beaudriault