Daiwa Seagate Conventional Reel 3crbb+1 6.1:1 SGT30H

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  • 4 bearing System
  • Anodized aluminum spool
  • Corrosion-proof composite frame
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Aluminum frame and sideplate
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Aluminum frame and sideplate
  • Power handle



Daiwa Seagate Conventional Reels make use of a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates to house a rugged, work horse gear train.

The aluminum spool starts fast but is kept in control by the centrifugal brake system.

Seagate is a great, all-around reel at a very reasonable price.

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  1. digiDoc

    Wow, this thing can cast. I’m surprised that another user had a problem with braid. I spooled it with 40 lb braid intending to use it on the surf, pier, and occasionally, on boats. I am using the red centrifugal brakes with flat side out (apparently that’s the maximum centrifugal brake you can apply). I am not comfortable casting it with full force yet because I am still learning to cast with this reel.I have a Penn Squall 15 which has mag settings. I use it for the same applications – pier, surf, and boats. I rarely get birds nests with the Squall, but the casting distance doesn’t come close to the Seagate.I love the sound and the feel when the Seagate is in free spool mode letting the line out.


  2. Terry Rascoe

    I’ve mostly fished the coastal surf and bays with Ambassadeur reels but wanted to try other brands. I purchased this a few days prior to a trip using Amazon Prime and received it in 2 days as expected. It immediately was put to use as a bait casting reel using 20 lb test. It handled dozens of fish in the 3-8 lb range without any trouble. The clicker in free spool is great and is exciting to have it “sing” when a fish takes the bait. I’ve only used level wind reels in the past and this does not have that feature. It did not present any problems though for casting long distances or reeling in line.Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and look forward to testing the heavier weight range for fish, hopefully, on my next trip.

    Terry Rascoe

  3. Steveleecollins

    Great reel for Catfishing. Loud bait clicker. Casts like a dream. I use it for bank fishing so I can hit the deep water when I need to. Paired with a 12’ rod. I also have a Sealine 40 and I like this Seagate 35 better.


  4. cyber shopper

    Excellent product, max drag 19.x pair with cheap ugly stik big water went tuna fishing, caught 25 -30lb tuna with 50lb braid 20lb leader, retrieving fishes so sound, smooth and easy, wondering why people buying other expensive reels

    cyber shopper

  5. Brian Glassock

    Best reel I own. Better than my Avets. Smooth as silk, long casts, quick retrieval, but still cheap enough I can leave out it on the boat 24/7.

    Brian Glassock

  6. John philip morgan jr

    Really great value,strong! This is a Daiwa Saltist with lighter weight and $120.00 less!! What’s not to like??

    John philip morgan jr

  7. Avid Fisherman

    It worked well on my last fishing trip. It took a few minutes to learn to operate. Nicely made, but its not a level wind reel, so you need to be careful when spooling the mono or braid. I have a 30lb mono on it, but will soon replace it with a 50lb braid. The drag is good, but its not made for monster fish. This should be able to handle anything b/w 30 to 40 lb fish.

    Avid Fisherman

  8. phaylath phoutthavong

    Great reel but it doesn’t cast any more than the Chinese knock offs. Having drag issues already. Not even 2 used.

    phaylath phoutthavong