Cuisinart VELOCITY Ultra Trio BFP-650 3-Cup Food Processor – Aluminum

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  • High-performance 1 horsepower motor. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • Low, high, pulse controls; pre-programmed smoothie and ice crush functions
  • Tight-seal lid with 2-oz. Measuring cap
  • 3-Cup food processor attachment with Feed tube and pusher, slicer/shredder disc and stainless steel chopper blade
  • 56-oz. BPA-free Tritan plastic jar, two 16oz. Travel cups


Cuisinart introduces the VELOCITY Ultra trio blender/food Processor with travel Cups – a dynamic threesome that lets you do it all! the blender’s smart power and sophisticated electronics minces delicate herbs, whips up smoothies, even chops ice.

Blend right in the two travel Cups, put on the lids, and enjoy healthy drinks to go.

Attach the food Processor work bowl to slice, shred, chop or mix up a dip.

With its sturdy base, this 3-in-1 workhorse can handle anything you toss at it – or into it!

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  1. Cats rule

    I am happy with this purchase except as another reviewer said the go cups do not have a tab on them to close the opening where you drink from. Also the cup tops become jammed on the top and wont come off if you turn them with even the slightest pressure. I had to wack them on a hard surface to break the seal, I called cuisinart about mine and they are sending new ones out, but in the meantime they said to put them in the freezer for 20 min to shrink the plastic, I tried that and it did not work. I dont know why cuisinart would resort to this kinda thing, they have always made great products, if these new go cups are the same I guess I have to live with it or go through the hassle of sending the whole thing back, which I do not want to do not really.

    Cats rule

  2. Mountain Mama

    This replaces a very similar cusinart item i loved and had for years but this has a little more power. But some how this model lets large pieces of hard veggies like cabbage or carrots into the bowl when using shreading blade no matter how i feed or speed. My old one had 4 speeds & pulse. This has 2 speeds and pulse which i use all the time. This also has ice chop setting that stops, goes, changes speeds and stops automatically…and makes more snow cone than chopped style ice. Its smoothie setting is also automatic. I prefer to chew my fruits and veggies separately so i can’t say if its a wonder or just silly. It comes with a full size blender jar thats good for gazpacho & gravy & pina-coladas. Maybe smoothie cycle would be good for that. Think i should have gone a little higher in price and gotten a cuisinart with more blades but i’ll keep this and learn its idiosyncrasies…and maybe try a snow cone, too. … or maybe sell it in a garage sale since ive kept it too long to return.

    Mountain Mama

  3. Kindle Customer

    Everyone was right concerning the ability to remove the covers from the bkender cups. You have to get a char grip opener and then it is still very hard and as an older person with cancer and the treatment has affected my joints with Migratory Arthritis, I have given up with this whole process and blender and will be sending it back. If you have weak hands forget about ordering this blender. Even to unscrew the blending mechanism on the large cup can be hard and sadly if you do not screw it in and turn it really tight then the liquid out of the bottom of the blender. Also there is always some black greasy residue where you put the lender cup onto the blender itself. After just a week of use I am very concerned that this whole blender setup will not last very long. I threw away the packing materials but I do have the box and I will be taking it to Kohl’s where it says you do not need a box or even a bag to return your purchase. So Amazon I expect a refund for this blender $105 and some change. Please do not give me any trouble with this return. We buy from Amazon with good face that these products will be decent, but a lot of the time they are not and then we especially me have to go through the hassle of chatting online and getting the runaround each time and having to speak to a supervisor. They like to take your money but if you buy with your own credit card or debit card they take a long time to refund your money. If you buy something with an Amazon gift card then the refund is pretty quick, not all the time I still have had to contact an Amazon representative over Amazon gift card return purchases. As a cancer patient who cannot get out to the stores like I was able to before I was diagnosed I like the ease of buying what I need for myself and my family on Amazon. Sadly if I need a refund many times it will turn into a nightmare and never mind UPS losing your packages or leaving them at the wrong home. I have had to drive around my neighborhood looking for the front door that match the picture that they posted on my account saying my package delivered. Yes it was but not at my house. I would just suggest we all start thinking really hard about buying from Amazon and go to the store and price compare and just buy at Walmart or something where they don’t give you the runaround about refunding your money. Back to the blender, just beware If you are thinking of purchasing this taken to account the negative reviews because they are true. I ignored them and now I have to return this blender.

    Kindle Customer

  4. CS

    I bought this thinking that it would be the same size blending‘s accessories as the Cuisinart that I already have that is similar to this. And it is not. And the cups and blending item are too big to fit in the dishwasher The food processor portion is smaller than the Cuisinart items I already have so they’re not compatible either. I just took it out too late to send it back so now I’m stuck with this. If you don’t mind it being too big and then go ahead and order this or too small for the food processor portion but it will not be compatible with any Cuisinart items you may already have.


  5. Amazon Customer

    Very disappointing i make protein shakes everyday and the two cups that come with it are very small also when i put the cover on them they will not come off no matter what i do to get them off. I have tried soaking them in hot water,putting them in the freezer ,even my two sons have tried with no luck also it sounds like a plane taking off way to loud. I will never buy a cuisinart product agin not worth spending extra money for in my opinion a cheap product

    Amazon Customer

  6. David Root

    My wife loves it for making smoothies. We bought another brand that was more expensive and returned it. She is much happier with the Cuisinart and its performance.

    David Root

  7. Courtney Robinson

    So far so good. I got it yesterday. I used it this morning to me a coffee smoothie this morning. It definitely does what it needs to do. It was way easy to set up and use. My only gripe is the hard to use shake on the go cups it came with. That took forever to unlodge once it was stuck. I’ll be making smoothies and margaritas much more often.

    Courtney Robinson

  8. Dave P Glisson

    Works great. We use it mostly for smoothies. Takes a good while to pulverize blackberry seeds and also it would be really nice if the smoothie cups had lids that completely sealed instead of just with a hole to drink out of, but overall very useful. Good having the food processor combo, not many of those out there any more that work very well.

    Dave P Glisson

  9. GD

    Worked great but was extremely loud. Travel cup did a good job making smoothie. I am someone who is not easily bothered by machine noises but couldn’t tolerate this one, ended up returning just for this reason.