Cuisinart TOB-60N1 Electric Oven – 1800W – 18 qt – Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • 0.6 cubic feet of space
  • 1800 watts can heat the inside up to 500 Degree
  • Bake, broil, toast, convection bake and Warm functions
  • Precise toast shade control
  • Nonstick coating covers the interior to make cleaning easy and quick




Cuisinart brings a classic approach to modern cooking with the Toaster Oven Broiler with Convection. The industrial stainless steel styling, four cooking options, including convection bake, and convenient keep-warm function make this multi-functional countertop oven a valuable addition to any kitchen. The 500°F oven can bake, broil, toast, warm, and convection bake to perfection with a tinted glass door allowing you to monitor the cooking progress without opening the door. Clean up is easy thanks to the interior nonstick coating.


– 1800 watts of power

– Precise toast shade control

– Brushed stainless steel finish

– Nonstick interior for easy cleaning

– Power On LED indicator and slide-out crumb tray

– 0.6-cubic-foot capacity fits a 12″ pizza and 6 slices of toast

– Functions: Bake, broil, toast, convection bake, convection broil and warm

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  1. EEP

    I expected more from Cuisinart. The printing around the dials rubbed off within 2 weeks. So we don’t really know what we’re doing when we use it. The top shelf is too high, the lower shelf is too low and it doesn’t toast evenly. Also disappointed that there is no latch that brings the rack out when you open the door. Overall very disappointing. I’d return it if I had the box.


  2. David Kasabian

    This is the third Cuisinart Toaster Oven we have owned in this series, and while they are not terribly exciting, they do accomplish their various missions well. Fast preheat, easy-to-use manual (not digital) controls, decent toast, etc.. At 1800 watts, this is the most powerful one we’ve owned and the extra 300 watts over our last model is quite noticeable and makes the oven suitable for more baking which requires better heat control. When this one finally weakens (they seem to lose power versus break down) I will probably buy another one. The last one went through 6 very busy years of toasting, baking, broiling and reheating and finally got to the point where it needed replacement.

    David Kasabian

  3. Cindy Branton

    Print function around knobs came off. Customer Support from Cuisinart said not covered under warranty (purchases less than 8 months ago) . Poor service and poor product design. Do not recommend this product

    Cindy Branton

  4. Razorbackchick04

    Let me first say that I absolutely love Cuisinart products. This was no exception. I read their multiple reviews and was in need of a small countertop toaster oven that was easy to use but also good quality. This definitely fit the bill. The rack can be adjusted to sit higher or lower. The one thing is if you want to line the baking pan with foil, the foil liner needs to fit inside the pan. Otherwise the pan won’t slide into the rack. There is a nice crumb tray and a separate button for toastee functions. There just isn’t a timer or auto stop for the baking functions. Small details but for a quality oven for a decent price it is worth it!


  5. Cosmo Kramer

    We bought this because we had version 1 for over a decade. I thought it was the same, and mostly it is. Well made, nice looking.The changes aren’t for the better.1. No way to set oven to turn off after more than 4 minutes. Old model would turn past “dark” and reach a 30 minute stop. It would auto turn off. New model only has toast settings to left and “on forever” to the left. Which to me is a fire hazard.2. New tray sides (poorly) into the rack guides. Old tray, though smaller, rested on top of the rack and could be easily removed and replaced, making turning items over easier.Why do companies change a good thing without even mentioning the changes?

    Cosmo Kramer

  6. Amazon Customer

    This toaster oven does NOT have a timer. I didn’t realize this when purchasing it. Toasts good but the lock of timer is very inconvenient. Even the cheep ine have it so Its quite disappointing that this one doesn’t. Otherwise works just fine.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Amazon Customer

    I received this as a house-warming present from a friend and liked it so much that I got one for my aunt. Everything works great and I like that I don’t need an extra toaster on my kitchen counter. The size is especially great for those who don’t have a lot of counter space. My only concern is that the number on the dials are already fading. 🙁

    Amazon Customer

  8. Amazon Customer

    Very nice looking unit that is just built a bit cheap. I like the trays and the units baking performance. I don’t like the temperature setting dial. It is very loose and you really don’t know what temp you are cooking at. It has so much slop in the dial just feels like you really can’t dial it into to a temperature. Not crazy about the off control dial either.

    Amazon Customer

  9. Cliente de Amazon

    El tostador no es de la calidad que se espera de esta marca, El pedido vino con la caja maltratada y abierta. El tostador se calienta mucho las paredes y la parte de superior pudiendo ocasionar quemadoras, no lo volvería a comprar.

    Cliente de Amazon