Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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  • Regular and Bold settings
  • 1?4 cup setting
  • “Clean” will appear when it is time to decalcify coffeemaker


  • Fully programmable with 24-hour advance brew start and 1-4 cups setting
  • Control panel with extra large display
  • Regular and bold brew strength settings
  • Brew Pause feature lets the user enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished
  • Self-clean function
  • Includes gold tone commercial-style permanent filter
  • Adjustable heater plate with high, medium and low temperature settings
  • Easy-to-view water window for easy filling
  • BPA-free

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Glass Coffeemaker provides hotter coffee without sacrificing flavor thanks to our unique brewing technology. Use the strength options to brew your favorite coffee just how you like it, every time. Scheduling the brew cycle to start at any time using the 24-hour programmability is easy thanks to the extra large LCD display and user-friendly control panel. The sleek PerfecTemp 14 Cup Glass Coffeemaker also features our Brew Pause technology, letting you enjoy that first cup while the rest finishes brewing.

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  1. Scisus58

    Great coffeemaker, love it. We have owned this coffee maker for only a short time but very impressed. Love the 14 cups. My husband loves his coffee. It makes great tasting coffee and keeps it nice and hot. I found the set-up for the clock a little challenging but eventually figured it out. Easy to use. Adding the water and coffee very easy and the carafe seems high quality and durable with not spilling a drop. The top is a snap on, which I thought might be an issue but after using it for a while I think its actually easier to use. Black and silver looks great in the kitchen matching the other appliances. Overall one of the best we have ever used. I gave an average rating for durability because only time will tell.


  2. WTS324

    Recommend this Coffeemaker. Cuisanart is quickly becoming my preferred brand! This product is
    another winner. DOES NOT DRIP WHEN POURING which is not always
    the case. Bold & Regular settings – 14 cups of good coffee! Did find a
    newer model cheaper, but, overall very happy with this purchase & delivery
    was within 2 days!


  3. HOtHOTcoffeelover

    Great coffeemaker. I love hot coffee and now I have a coffeemaker that makes HOT HOT coffee. Before buying the Cuisinart I had to warm each cup in the microwave for 32 seconds to get it as Hot as I like my coffee, but NO more……….. Thank you for selling a Great Coffeemaker…..
    Wonda, HOT coffee lover……


  4. PJGIndiana

    Great replacement for our older model. We ordered and received the coffee pot within a week. Our older model of this same machine burned up so we order its newer version and so far are pleased with it.


  5. bryanadamsbuyer

    Decent Coffeemaker. I ordered this Cuisinart PerfecTemp after my 4-cup Black and Decker went bad after 12 years. It brews coffee pretty fast. The coffee is hot. I don’t see a difference in taste when selecting regular vs bold. I agree with other reviewers that it is a bit difficult adding water to the water reservoir, as it’s a small space. But I use a measuring cup and the water goes in without spilling anywhere. The settings allow you to make small batches vs. large batches but I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I would think the machine will use whatever amount of water is in the reservoir regardless. I like the contemporary style. Finally, I think it’s a bit pricey but you’re paying for the name. After 2 weeks, so far so good.


  6. kw5K

    A real cup of coffee. First I’ll say I have a Keurig and it is ok for a fast cup of coffee. But this Cuisinart gives me a large great tasting hot cup of coffee! It is a solid machine that does not slide around when you select settings. I also like the pop up lid for changing the coffee filter and adding water. Glad I bought it!


  7. RafaelChoice

    Excellent coffee brewer. Being a coffee drinker I wanted a coffee machine that would brew the type of coffee I use to the to best taste. Perfec temp has met my expectations. I’m very pleased and would recommend to all my friends and family.


  8. PJGIndiana

    Great Coffee Maker. We usually purchase Kitchen Aide products. However we have found that they are not as reliable as they use to be. We decided to try this coffee maker, and are very happy with it. The coffee tastes great, and is at a satisfactory temperature. I like my coffee on Regular, however, you can choose to make it bold. Excellent choice!


  9. Christmas

    Poor quality. It makes great coffee, however after 10 days of use it made a loud bang and the next morning would not work. It heated but would not pump water. I called Cuisinart was on hold for 40 minutes and was told I needed to take it back where I purchased it. Walmart was great and put the credit was put back on my credit card. Cuisinart was rated very high with consumer report however I will just use Mr Coffee.


  10. SheenaInPhx

    Lasted for 4 months. I purchased this for my husband’s birthday. It was a great coffee pot, brewed bold or regular which was a bonus, and looked very sleek. Seemed like it was good quality. After a few months it started leaking. We couldn’t figure out where the leak was coming from, only that it happened while it was brewing. After putting down a couple rags around it for a week the whole thing blew out and flooded my kitchen counter and floor. I got ahold of Walmart online since we were still within our warranty time. They told me they would report it to the proper people and be in touch with me about how to get a replacement. I never heard back from them, and it’s now past the warrant period, so we are out a lot of money in my opinion for a coffee pot that didn’t live up to our expectations.