Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4-Slice Toaster

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  • Compact design with stainless steel accents
  • 7-setting shade dial
  • Reheat, defrost and bagel controls
  • 1-1/2-inch wide toasting slots
  • Slide-out crumb tray




The classic toaster gets a modern update with the Compact toaster by Cuisinart.

It saves space, whether placed sideways or facing forward, to fit any kitchen counter.

Toasts two thick bagel halves and two thin slices of bread at once.

Dual custom controls, wide slots and high-lift carriage ensure even, precise and convenient toasting, every time.

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  1. C. Peterson

    Less than three months after purchase, this toaster (while being used exactly as specified) started a large fire in our kitchen.All the heating elements on the right side (both slots) channeled into one set of coils (the extreme right) and were so hot (toaster on level 3, not defrost) on a single piece of bread, that the bread started on fire, shooting flames over a foot in the air.It is only by luck that I was nearby, and the toaster was in an open area of the kitchen, that I was able to put the flames out without damage to our kitchen or home. This toaster is dangerously malfunctioning and should be redesigned and taken off the market until fixed.Update: THIS PROBLEM HAS YET TO BE RESOLVED BY THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AS OF ONE FULL MONTH POST-FIRE.

    C. Peterson

  2. Amazon Shopper

    The bread toasts only on one side. After adjusting the setting, one side of the bread toasts nicely while the other side is completely burnt. Cuisinart customer service is sending a replacement toaster pending their receipt of a check for $10 and the power cord. Time will tell if the replacement will perform as the first toaster.UPDATE 2/24/18: The replacement toaster was received. Upon opening it, several pieces of plastic came tumbling out of the packaging. Didn’t think that was a big deal because the plastic came from the underside. BUT, upon trying to use the toaster, it was obvious that those little pieces of plastic were a big deal – the toaster carriage wouldn’t click down for toasting. Save yourself the trouble and look at another toaster.

    Amazon Shopper

  3. Jonathon M

    The level adjustment is useless on both sides.Setting 1 is warm bread. Setting 2 is charcoal. Good luck modulating in between. If you actually get it about where you want it, it’s twice as dark at the bottom as it is at the top.Here is the setting chart for reference. I haven’t tried anything above 2 since I’m not brave enough.1. Warm Bread2. Charcoal3. Conflagration4. Insurance Claim5. 5-Alarm6. Mushroom Cloud7. Game Over

    Jonathon M

  4. Diana D.

    I am so disappointed in this toaster. I loved the look, the size, the features, yatta, yatta, yatta, but when it comes down to toasting – yuck. It can almost burn one side but just warm the flip side of the bread. Very uneven. The heating wiring doesn’t work uniformly. SO – NO MATTER HOW YOU LIKE THE LOOK OR THE PRICE – pass this one by. If it weren’t past the time I could return this, I would. What a disappointment. IF the maker had focused on the primary purpose of this unit, it’d be perfect. As it is, it’s not.

    Diana D.

  5. SRP

    We tested this real quick after receiving it. We found out 2 months later after moving into our home that the second side did not work. (Our bad not testing it thoroughly) Since we were past the Amazon return date, we called Cuisinart customer service and explained that it did not work out of the box. They wanted around $20 to fix it. We asked to speak to her manager and she said he was busy but would call us back. Never got a call. In the meantime, I called Amazon. Even though it was past the return date, they easily swapped it without a charge! Cuisinart 🙁 Amazon 🙂 :):)


  6. Jess

    I really didn’t know a toaster could be horrible — I assumed it was a simple device that just warmed bread. What can go wrong?… I had an old $10 toaster that was a decade old and worked fine but looked awful. I replaced it with this — and immediately regretted it. I was looking for a simple, straightforward toaster, nothing fancy and trusted the cuisinart brand since I have other kitchen appliances made by them that I like. But, no matter what I do, this toaster burns one side of the bread while leaving the other soft. Truthfully, I am amazed that such a simple machine can fail so completely…!


  7. Anna Marie

    This toaster although nice in appearance, had a horrible plastic/ chemical smell when removed from the box. I tried airing it out, even took it outside with me putting it in the sunlight and breeze on the patio, and of course, toasting bread (inside the house). Nothing would remove this smell, although lessened after a two week period of trying. No plastic visible on any parts, crumb tray etc. It also had uneven toasting on the two sides of the slice of bread. Also the “right side of the toaster, posted much darker than the left at the same number setting. Bad experience, but thankfully good customer service at Amazon.

    Anna Marie

  8. Tom R

    Purchased this toaster and noticed when I turned it on that the elements were heating unevenly. On each side, about 1/2 to 3/4 of the elements turned red. This is on the maximum setting after letting it heat up to the end of the toasting cycle.I called Cuisinart and asked if this was a normal issue on their cheaper toaster, or if I had a defective unit. They assured me that all the elements should be heating evenly and I had a defective unit.Amazon sent me a replacement that same day and lo and behold, when I turned it on, again about 1/2 to 3/4 of the elements heated up, but in a different pattern.If Cuisinart hadn’t assured me that this was abnormal, I’m not sure what this review would be like, but when both toasters I got within a 2 day period don’t work as they insist they should, I can only assume this is a shoddily built product.3 stars because I still make toast and I can’t be bothered to return this again.

    Tom R

  9. Brenda Rogers

    I ordered a new toaster because my old one took so long. This toaster takes even longer and is 200 watts more. The dial goes from 1 – 6 . Even at 5, lots of breads are even brown. I would definitely send this product back if it wasn’t such a pain in the butt. I think we are going to take the old one back to our kitchen and put this new one in our guest suite.

    Brenda Rogers

  10. PhilipB

    I have had this product for about a year. The left handle is very hard to get down. It seems to catch on something and I often have to try a couple of times. It’s bad enough that I wish I could return it but my window has closed. The overall quality apart from that is good. My only comment would be that slightly wider slots would be better.


  11. Gracie

    While white might not have been my choice for a toaster, the unit works great and toasts so much more evenly and faster than my previous toaster. I have several Cuisinart appliances and have always been pleased with the brand. Very happy with my choice.


  12. Cliente de Amazon

    Los primeros usos doraban más un lado o una parte del pan, de una forma muy dispareja. Conforme se ha ido usando, ha trabajado de manera más uniforme. No sé si tenga que ver con poner a punto de uso las resistencias pero después de la primer semana ha funcionado muy bien.

    Cliente de Amazon

  13. Amazon Customer

    I replaced my old toaster because it would toast one side but not the other…I purchase this new toaster and it does the same thing but its new… dissapointed…

    Amazon Customer

  14. Trevor Gabriel

    I hate toasters. I hate that they are made as cheap as possible and I hate that the bread never toasts evenly. After reading a bunch of reviews from googling “best toaster”, this one was on almost every site I looked at. Every slice has been uniform and golden brown. I love it.

    Trevor Gabriel

  15. nlalande

    Grille le pain que d’un seul côté !!! Ne fonctionne pas bien. J’aimerais le retourner.