Craftsman V20 7-1/4 in. Cordless Sliding Miter Saw Kit 20 Volt 3800 RPM

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  • Part of the V20 cordless system
  • 7-1/4in. V20 20V max* miter saw has a powerful 3, 800 RPM motor for cutting 2x dimensional lumber, hardwoods, baseboard and trim with ease
  • Slide capacity allows for 8 in. Cross cut at 90 degrees and 5.5 in. Cross cut at 45 degrees
  • Capacity to cut 3-5/8 in. Nested Crown and 3-1/2 in. Baseboard vertically
  • Lightweight design at 21.8 lbs. With side carry handles make this unit extremely portable
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty, refer to “Warranty & Support” section below for full details



This CRAFTSMAN V20 20V max 7-1/4 in. Cordless sliding miter saw is powered by a powerful motor running at 3, 800 RPM designed for cutting 2x dimensional lumber, hardwoods, baseboard and trim with ease.

The sliding 7-1/4 in. Blade allows for a cross cut capacity of up to 8 in.

While the 9 Miter detents and single bevel blade allow for angled cuts.

The lightweight design coming in at 21.8 lbs.

Coupled with the side carry handles make this unit extremely portable.

The LED light eliminates shadows and provides an accurate and easy Cut line to follow.

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  1. Amy C

    Didn’t realize it was battery operated when I ordered but kinda like the idea so gave it a shot. My dad and I had a job redoing a bunch of oak trim in a house and this saw is great. Angles are perfect and light is placed where it makes a shadow on cutting surface like a shadow laser line. I thought for sure my dad wouldn’t like it as he is a Dewalt man for everything but this craftsman saw so far so good. Will update if any issues too.

    Amy C

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have an electric Dewalt saw, heavy and hard for me to move. This new craftsman is the absolute deal. Light weight. I cut cedar shakes for an hour and after finishing put the battery on charger. Didn’t need charging. These 20v craftsman tools are the cat’s a*s.

    Amazon Customer

  3. stephen

    For some One who is in the carpentry business for over 20 years, I have never had a saw so smooth in cutting and sliding. Very light and easy to carry very low in noise 🔊 and is very safe to work with I recommend buying it.


  4. M.L.

    ***See update at end of review***This craftsman cordless saw has many great features. The most notable one being that it is cordless. It uses a 20Volt 4.0Ah battery pack. The 4.Ah is the big one.While being cordless is a great benefit, it also holds this saw back a bit. Let’s discuss what you get in the box, the features and then finally, the Pros and Cons of being cordless.What’s Included:(1pcs) – Saw(1pcs) – 7.25” Blade (installed)(1pcs) – Battery pack(1pcs) – Charger(1pcs) – Dust bag(1pcs) – Board clamp(1pcs) – Allen wrenchinstructionsSaw Features:The saw uses a carbide tipped blade, good for rough lumber (2x4s) as well as MDF trim. The blade itself makes clean cuts on a variety of materials, including oak hard wood flooring, MDF trim, pine lumber, PVC, pine trim, walnut flooring, etc.Pros:Extremely convenient (can still work where there is no power)Many cuts on a single chargeFairly Light weightCompound mitersCut up to 8” boards (square cuts)LED light casts a blade shadow to mark cut line.Dust bag (though it doesn’t work very well)Velcro Hose clamp (for connecting shop vac dust control)45º Angle tilting blade45º Angle rotating cut baseSlide rails offer 4.75” of slide movement (8” total cut width)All adjustments are lockable with knobsBoard clamp helps hold board in place while cutting (safety)Battery quick charger charges 12V or 20V batteries.Can hang battery charger on wallTrigger safetyCons:Even with the dust collection bag installed, there was a lot of dust.Slide action isn’t really smooth.Not as powerful as “plug-in” sawsOnly includes (1) battery. Better if it included (2)Does not include a way to plug the saw into wall. (if the only included battery dies, you wait to cut again)Because of the being battery powered, there is a balancing act between making a powerful saw, and a long lasting battery. If you make the saw too powerful, the battery will be drained in a hurry. If you make the battery last super long, the saw will be terribly weak. I think Craftsman did a good job finding this balance point, however, it’s still underpowered for a professional carpenter, in my opinion. Now keep in mind, I’m comparing it to my 12” plug in Dewalt miter saw. I’ve had it for many years and trimmed many houses with it. I’ve also installed several hard wood floors and built a handful of decks with it. So compared to that saw, the Craftsman V20 saw is underpowered. Now that’s comparing a battery operated saw to a plug in saw, and as I stated before, Craftsman did a good job creating a nice battery operated saw. So what is the saw good for?While this V20 Craftsman saw will never replace my plug in 12” Dewalt as my in-shop saw, it does have a place in my tool set. One thing this Craftsman saw has that my Dewalt doesn’t, is that I can take the Craftsmant to a job that does not yet have power, and that is HUGE! So while it isn’t really fair to compare this saw’s power to a larger “plug in” saw, it is adequate for getting the job done when there isn’t power around. So why have I even mentioned the power of the saw if it does the job? Well it’s “battery operated” power level just can’t cut as fast as a “plug in” saw. For someone who just does some weekend jobs, that’s probably fine. For someone who gets paid by the job, you’ll find this saw dogs down and stalls when trying to rip through boards. You must cut slowly or the blade stops. If you make slow steady cuts, it’s fine. That’s just a drawback to battery operated saws.Who is this for:This saw is basically for someone who will possibly be cutting wood where there is no power.Who this saw isn’t for:Someone who needs to make lots of cuts really fast, and has access to power.This is not the best solution for a permanent shop saw.While this isn’t a great solution for a permanent shop saw, this is a perfect solution for someone who works where there is no available power. This would be great for building tree forts, deer stands, farm repairs, decks, and wherever there isn’t available power.Update: 02-29-2020I’ve had this saw for over 3 months now and I’ve got to say that I am using it WAY more than I anticipated. I’m building a garage and this saw is so convenient, I’ve been using it and my plug-in Dewalt has stayed in the shed. It really is super convenient. I just grab the saw and make my cuts wherever I want, without considering power outlets. The battery lasts a really long time as well. I am bumping it up to 5 stars because it is SOOOO incredibly convenient.


  5. C.G.

    This is a very compact, lightweight miter saw. Considering the listed size, I was still fairly shocked at how compact it is in person.The weight on my scale is 22.35 pounds, or just about a half pound heavier than listed. Even with the slightly higher weight, that’s an impressively low weight.This is not a miter saw only capable of small jobs. It can and does handle pretty much anything thrown at it within reason. It’s obviously best for home DIY projects, but can handle fairly extensive ones requiring pretty frequent use.Battery life is good to very good. I have doubts it would handle listed cuts per charge, but I’d say it would get within 8-10% of that claim.Build quality is fairly stout, especially considering the size of this unit. It may not look like it’s all business but it’s pretty capable.Overall, if you want a compact option you can move around, this is about as compact as you can get and still be able to get the job done.Recommended4 starsCheers!


  6. PicassoPC

    This is my first sliding miter saw, so I am learning to cut and create on this Craftsman V20. I have grown up with Craftsman tools as my Dad is a big proponent of the brand – and their quality and warranty.The saw is much lighter than expected – it’s very easy to move around as needed, and since it is battery powered I’m not concerned with where I am working. The battery has lasted all day with about 1/3 left (I have probably made about 40 cuts).The laser shadow light for guidance is spot on – I’m not sure how it was done before, but this is a really nice feature.The included blade worked for all material that I cut, and without any problems. I was advised to upgrade to the Diablo blade, but I’m not thinking that is necessary as this one worked just fine. The only options I will add are the Craftsman branded saw table/truss and an extra battery.Overall I would definitely recommend this miter saw to others – it’s a great way to learn woodworking at a competitive price.