Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic S Tool Set

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  • 3 quick-release ratchets in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drives
  • 6 extension bars to extend your reach
  • 191 sockets, 6-point, 8-point and 12-point, in both inch and metric
  • An array of 16 combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won’t go
  • A magnetic handle for easy nut or bit installation



Model # 50450 Ready for Work Make a hard day’s work easier with this 450-piece mechanic’s tool set from Craftsman.

From any project as complicated as spending the day under the hood to something as simple as tightening a bolt, you’ll have what you need for the job.

This set comes in an array of sizes and measurements that will ensure that you always have what you need on hand.

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  1. PlaysCbricks

    a week after I purchased this here because it was less than the store, Sears had a sale and it was $50 less. The story of my life. The tool set is nice as in you have almost everything you need in one spot organized in their little area. i purchased a few other items to add to it, like larger combo wrenches. probably should pick up a pair of pliers too.The worst part and the reason behind the 3 stars is that there are multiples of certain items. I didn’t look over the list that closely and there are like 5 #2 phillips head screwdriver tips, several of the same size sockets and other stuff. Also there s a group of 4 or so deep well sockets that end with 1″ that are 3/8″ drive. Shouldn’t these have been 1/2″ drive? The allen keys are thrown in a bag separated by metric and standard. I prefer them in holders so you’re not sifting through a bag of them.Biggest grip – the socket drive hex keys in the top drawer do not stay in their compartment while driving on rough road. I have to reorganize them every time I do. It’s only the top drawer so thank goodness.


  2. Ron Young

    I have several Craftsman tools and such and I wanted a good cabinet so the are all in one place. I received this way before the estimated date so 4 Stars for that. 1 star for packaging. It came as in the photo. No box, no wrapping just the tool box with the commercial wrapper. A box would be better. I opened it and discovered that one of the drawer “door” stays on the right side is gone 1 Star for that. This could be contributed to the poor packaging and handling/delivery. All the tools and sockets are included except again because of handling/delivery the smaller sockets were scattered in the drawer and I needed to sped a few minutes to get them back in their respective locations for inventory 1 Star. Those cold have been taped in place to prevent movement. Seems like a good tool set. There are some 1/2 inch drive tools I now have except they could have include a longer extension for that size but not a big deal breaker. I WOULD LIKE A REPLACEMENT DOOR as it should have been included as shown and for the price of the set. I’ve attached photos of unboxing. Rating would have been higher if none of the above happened.

    Ron Young

  3. M.G

    No stars. I recieved a used set with missing pieces. Do not order this


  4. Jason in TX

    About 50% of the 450 pieces are screw/drill driver bits you can pick up at the dollar store, but you can see that in the photo before you buy it. My main complaint is that the quality is no longer any better than any other tool. I bought it to replace tools that walked off with my kids before they grew up and moved out. These are made in China and if you have older Craftsman tools, you can tell a big difference. The case is nice, but this set is very heavy for a plastic case. There are also a number of tools in this set that might ultimately cost you more if you purchased them separately, so overall I chose to stick with it.

    Jason in TX

  5. T_rav_

    After you take away all the useless bits and duplicate tools your left with 227 useable tools they also sent me 2 4 14mm sockets instead of a 5.5mm. the ratchet quality is shoty at best it has plenty of slop in the gear and pawl. They are by no means aesthetically pleasing, they seem to feel better in your hands vs the older ratchets only time will tell how long they hold up


  6. jonathan

    Product case was badly damaged. You can tell on the right side the lock has been ripped off. Scratches across the top. Socket and ratchet missing out the bottom drawer. Bought 2 on them one for my truck one for my shop. Completely useless because of incomplete set and damaged box to the point the box is miss shaped and won’t hold the trays. I expected better from amazon.


  7. rex grosenbach

    A little disappointed when I received my tool set it had 3 missing sockets but other then that everything looked fine and worked proper

    rex grosenbach

  8. Joshua Wright

    You get a lot of tools for the money. You will need to add other essential tools like pliers but this is a great place to start your tool collection.

    Joshua Wright

  9. Ruben Rey Martinez

     Me gusto por la cantidad de piezas que son indispensables para un taller mecánico y no me gusto que la caja llego rota y falto una pieza.ojala me puedan cambiar mi caja .

    Ruben Rey Martinez

  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Faltan 2 piezas en el set de herramienta, vino incompleto

    Cliente de Amazon