Craftsman 20 gal. Corded 6-1/2 HP 110 Volts Wet/Dry Vacuum(009-17596)

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  • MAX POWER: 6.5 peak HP provides heavy duty cleanup for tasks in the shop, garage, or on the jobsite
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 20-gallon drum provides extensive capacity for cleanup of large messes
  • BUILT-IN BLOWER PORT: Rear blowing port on this wet dry vac allows for quick cleaning of leaves and grass clippings in your garage and outdoors
  • OVERSIZED DRAIN: Built-in oversized drain on the wet/dry vac allows for convenient emptying of liquids
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 2-1/2 in. x 7 ft. POS-I-LOCK Dual-Flex Hose, 2 Extension Wands, Utility Nozzle, Car Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Wet Nozzle, Muffler/Diffuser, Qwik Lock Filter and Dust Collection Bag



The CRAFTSMAN 20 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac, featuring our most powerful 6.5 peak HP motor, is the ideal solution for tackling extra-large cleanups around the garage, shop and jobsite that need the most power and capacity.

This shop vacuum features on-board hose storage plus accessory and power cord organizers that help eliminate unneeded hassle and reduce overall storage space.

Also included is a large 2-1/2 in. diameter vacuum hose with added Dual-Flex that resists kinks and crushing.

For added versatility, the blowing port directs high speed exhaust air through the hose giving you the ability to go from cleaning up from a renovation to blasting yard waste from the deck.

Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System allows for quick and easy wet dry vacuum filter changes.

This wet dry vac also comes equipped with an extra-large drain that quickly empties the tank of liquids.

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  1. Mike SC

    I bought this to help with dust collection for a table saw/router table rolling bench I am building. I was planning to put a cyclone dust separator in front of this and build some sort of sound baffle, but having used this I decided that was unnecessary.Here’s why:1) this unit is much quieter than my old DeWalt 2.5 gal shop vac. It is by no means whisper quiet, but I can talk over it and the noise has little higher frequency content so it is very tolerable for using while sawing or routing. Continuous use might be another issue, but fine for my application.2) This unit uses collection bags inside the vac. This has 2 benefits: contains the finer dust and easier to dispose of worth the $5 per bag. I my add a front end cyclone if I find I fill the bags up too fast. But still great to have the bags catch the fine dust that carries through the cyclone.This vacuum has plenty of suction power to clean up the shop. The on board tool storage is just OK. It rolls easily with no tipping. All in all very pleased.

    Mike SC

  2. aBuyer

    Anyone buying a any product should assess his/her own needs, applications, and budget before making a purchase decision. The right product for one person isn’t the right product for another. I read a lot of product reviews before making a purchase decision, and I read a lot of one and five star reviews from people that I don’t think know what they’re talking about, so the reviews aren’t much help if you cannot assess the reviewer.So here’s my two cents. I’m a serious home hobbyist wood and metal worker, formerly did it for a living. I had a Craftsman heavy duty 20 gallon shop vac that just died after 40 years of incredible service. In shopping for a new vac, I was appalled at how cheap everything now is, and from all vendors: plastic instead of metal, lower cost materials, and less durable. Unfortunately, most of the local stores do not carry 20 gallon shop vacs, but cater to the lower end smaller products. I bought a Rigid 14 gallon heavy duty vac as the replacement, and was immediately disappointed. The vacuum was anemic, and the 14 gallon canister was entirely inadequate. The canister is so short that the filter soon becomes surrounded by debris and begins losing suction when the canister is only half full.So I began an online search. Many of the mainstay vac companies don’t even make a 20 gallon vac, but Craftsman had two or more models. I compared all the specs between the Craftsman models, and ended up buying the CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17596, which has significantly more suction (measured in CFM) than the other models. I’ve now had the opportunity to use is extensively, and it has the same strength of vacuum as my dead vac (critical performance for me), and matches it for other performance features as well. Here’s what was finally important to me: wet/dry capability, 20 gallon canister, 20 foot power cord (anything less is a joke if you really want to use this as a shop vac), and high suction (~190 CFM according to Craftsman, and HP or peak HP is really a meaningless measurement since air movement is the only thing that matters). The only remaining question is the unit’s durability. I’m happy in every other regard.From my perspective, the optional dust bag that lines the canister is worthless. It simply does what the canister itself already does: collects whatever your vacuum sucks up, but you pay each time you use one and throw one away. It’s a completely unnecessary expense.


  3. Gentle Souls Animal Healing

    When my Craftsman shop vacuum arrived today, I was so relieved and pleased that the black plastic parts did not stink like so many of today’s plastics do. So often, out of the box, black plastic (from China) has a very toxic smell that will not air out. I liked how easy it was to put together the vac, and I like how it’s designed to hold the hose and accessories. It is easy to pull around, does not tip over.However, I just used the vac for about ten minutes and the heat from the engine has created a very toxic stench, enough to where I feel a little nauseous or headachey now. I could tell it was filling up the room with the smell. So the warmth of the engine apparently is triggering some kind of intense off-gassing. I’m not sure what to do about this and might have to return the unit. I will try sitting the thing in the sun for an afternoon in case that helps, but I sure wish whatever material has been used to manufacture certain black plastic parts over the past few years could be changed because a number of products have this terrible smell nowadays and I feel physically sick when exposed to them.

    Gentle Souls Animal Healing

  4. Kathryn L Graham

    Five Star …….Wish they had the option to purchase the replacement filters along with the main purchase.

    Kathryn L Graham

  5. 926 Daytripper

    Craftsman to nickle and dime you no longer includes the plastic muffer with this model, they use too. So, they got me for another $14.95. Over the years, I would not buy Crafrsman, this time I was ordered to by the Woodshop management . Now I won them over. The old craftsman only lasted a year

    926 Daytripper

  6. Xela Milk

    16 Gallon 6.5HP:Pro: Great suction, does not flip when pulled by the hose. Hose has nice one-hand clip to attach to tank. Has floater that shuts the motor off when the wet tank is full. On vac tool storage options are actually usable.Con: came without foam filter (just regular filter and 1 disposable bag). “No flipping” comes with the price: it is a bit wide.Conclusion: I am glad that I had decided not to repair my old ShopVac and instead bought this unit. It is better than my old one (16 Gal 6HP Shop VaC) was at the day one.

    Xela Milk

  7. rollo

    Came without casters or lift handles. NO INSTRUCTIONS.Came with parts just lying in bottom of box. No packing.It is hugh and should work well, but I need all of the parts.Will update!Same day update. Given several options. I chose a 35% partial refund. Ordered castors that I hope will fit. Can do without the handles, but I need to be able to move it about in the room.The output hole blows out a blast of air, blowing stuff around while you are attempting to clean. I duck taped an air filter mask over it…did the trick.


  8. jeff

    There are a few parts to connect with a Phillips screw driver and that’s it –four screws. Screw on the handle, two small latches that hold the hose and snap on the wheels and it’s ready to rock and roll! Always liked Craftsman. I’d buy this as a gift for someone but necessity requires I have one, too. Oh, it includes a dust bag for dry vacuuming; wet vacuuming leave the bag out.


  9. Evelio Hernandez.

    Solamente le doy 4 estrellas por el simple echo de que no trae ningún accesorio con cepillo integrado para aspirar el automóvil y casa, pero fuera de eso la potencia de aspirado es fenomenal, he escuchado de varia gente que dice que hace mucho ruido pero que motor con esta potencia no hace ruido para mi el ruido lo dejo a un lado…

    Evelio Hernandez.

  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Aspiradora de gran potencia, gracias a sus ruedas se maniobra con mucha facilidad, accesorios variados para cada espacio en tienda o en casa además de que absorbe algo de líquido.

    Cliente de Amazon

  11. Brian

    great vacuum, though somehow I think amazon is a place they dump their damaged units as most people in reviews get vacuums that are damaged…mine was…big crack on top by the handle…however it still works ok, but dust will get in through the crack and shorten the life of the unit 🙁


  12. Sarmad

    Heavy-duty vacuum. Shipping the item with Canada post it is really not recommended.


  13. Derek

    Ordered it for my father he loves it thanks.👍


  14. Daniel

    Excelente artículo como te lo esperas de craftsman, calidad de materiales, plasticos duros y gran potencia.


  15. kristan

    Love it works great