Celestron SkyMaster 71017 25×100 Binoculars – Waterproof

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  • POWERFUL 25X MAGNIFICATION: With our enhanced SkyMaster 25×100, you get massive 100mm objective lenses, Celestron’s largest aperture available in a binocular. This is ideal for those who love astronomy binoculars.
  • INCLUDES TRIPOD ADAPTER: As an additional convenience to your sky-watching activities, our 100mm SkyMaster powerful binoculars include an integrated photo tripod adapter for easy hands-free use and portability.
  • BRIGHT, SHARP VIEWING AND BaK-4 PRISMS: The SkyMaster is a favorite among those who view in dim conditions near dawn and dusk or for astronomy purposes. BaK-4 prisms deliver excellent light transmission for brighter and sharper image quality.Exit Pupil:0.16 inch
  • DURABLE AND WATER-RESISTANT: A rugged, armored body provides protection and a secure gripping surface, ensuring product durability for years to come. Its water-resistant exterior means you won’t have to worry about getting caught in unexpected rainy weather.
  • UNBEATABLE WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Buy with confidence from the world’s #1 telescope brand and a leading binocular manufacturer, based in California since 1960. You’ll also receive a Limited Lifetime warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.



Celestron has designed and engineered the largest SkyMaster models to meet the special demands of extended astronomical or terrestrial viewing sessions.

Our large aperture powerful binoculars ensure high performance in all weather conditions and are ideal for astronomical viewing, or terrestrial use.

Each SkyMaster model features high-quality BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics for enhanced contrast, with bright, sharp image quality—even in dim conditions.

A practical integrated tripod adapter rod allows you to enjoy extended hands-free viewing sessions by simply mounting your SkyMaster powerful binoculars on any sturdy photographic tripod.

Our SkyMaster model features soft, rubber eyecups that block stray light and are comfortable to use.

Eyeglass wearers can fold down the eyecups to enjoy a better viewing experience. For maximum stability and secure optical alignment, the 100mm SkyMaster model features enhanced structural reinforcement to the main binocular body.

The purchase of our Celestron SkyMaster 25×100 powerful binoculars includes an objective lens cap, a rainguard, a deluxe carrying case, a neck strap, a lens cloth, and an instruction manual.

Buy with confidence from the world’s #1 telescope brand and a leading binocular manufacturer, based in California since 1960.

You’ll also receive a Limited Lifetime warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.

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  1. Mark Garofalo

    I took pictures of Jupiter and the Galilean moons through these big binoculars. These are HEAVY BINOCULARS, so make sure to get the proper tripod with a parallelogram mount. You will regret it if you do not. I mated these binoculars to the Orion Monster Parallelogram Binocular Mount & Tripod. I attached my Samsung Note 5 to the binoculars with a Snapzoom Universal Digiscoping Adapter. I used this setup to take the attached pictures of the Moon and Jupiter on May 11, 2016.

    Mark Garofalo

  2. kcabpilot

    I read through most of the reviews here and in other online forums and here is my take on all of it. The guys in the dedicated astronomy forums are going to tell you these binoculars are junk but then they are also going to suggest that what you really need is something you might have to take a second mortgage out on your home to buy. What this product is – an $89 pair of Chinese binoculars – you should obviously be aware of and I give it four stars because you can’t beat the price with a stick.Mine arrived on time and I found them to be well collimated (aligned) If you take care not to bang them around or drop them they should stay that way but it is fairly easy to do a decent conditional collimation on them if necessary, instructions on how to do that can be found online with a Google search.The advantages of these over a telescope is that they can easily be used for terrestrial viewing as well as star gazing. The disadvantages are that they are pretty big and heavy and with 20x magnification you really need to use a tripod but viewing any celestial object higher than about 30 degrees above the horizon with a tripod is going to be rather uncomfortable due to the angle. This is why telescopes have that 45 or 90 degree eyepiece..I also found that with 20x the field of view is pretty narrow to the point that you almost need a spotting scope to get these things aimed at what you want to see. When looking at the moon for instance you are going to physically see it moving across the field of view like the second hand of a clock. For this reason I ordered a heavy duty Celestron alt/azim tripod with slow motion controls because a light weight aluminum camera tripod is not quite up to the task of supporting these monsters. Funny but the tripod cost ten bucks more than the binoculars.So far I have used these to see amazing details on a rising late night half Moon, the moons around Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, Seven Sisters and a few other things. This was from my back yard with quite a bit of light pollution so I wasn’t able to find Andromeda galaxy but I’m sure in a dark space I’ll be able to get a stunning view.They are also good for terrestrial viewing and especially at night, they bring in a lot of light but you can’t focus on anything closer than maybe 100 yards or so.So if you think you’re maybe interested in astronomy I’d recommend these binoculars. I can understand Celestron’s philosophy in offering such an inexpensive product, kind of like a gateway drug. You’ll certainly want to upgrade in the future but it’s better than spending $500 on a telescope and then discovering that meh, you’re not really into it and it just sits in the corner taking up space in the spare bedroom next to the jogging machine with all the dirty laundry hanging on it.


  3. The Powell Family

    We picked these up as a Prime Day special. I have a number of high end binoculars (Nikon, Zeiss, etc) and knew I shouldn’t expect alot at this price point. I only bought them because my daughter expressed an interest in astronomy, and I thought these would help. Build quality is about what you’d expect at this price point, basic construction, plastic body. Your money is being spent on the lenses up front, to get that last bit of light in. I just opened the box today, mounted to a tripod and pointed at Jupiter and ……. disappointed. As many mentioned in the comments below, these are out of collimation. Rather than see one Jupiter, I got to see two. Two of every thing I pointed it at. I know I could send it to Celestron for repairs, but I shouldn’t have to for a brand new pair of binoculars. Sadly, I am returning these today and just going in a different direction.

    The Powell Family

  4. Silver_Dog

    Listen to those who say Celestron has quality issues with this product. Mine were color separated out of the box, and after three months of use developed a double image. These were not abused in any way, only exposed to night time temps and were on a parallelogram mount all the time. Of course, since they came through Amazon, Celestron will not warranty them. Nice knowing you Celestron…


  5. sandra h

    Celestron’s customer service is terrible and I’ve been very disappointed. I purchased the binoculars, deluxe carrying case, and tripod approximately 1 year ago as a gift for my parents. They recently started using the binoculars and believe there is a calibration issue. Celestron technical service said their support is provided within the first 30 days of purchase. So, their limited lifetime warranty claim is very deceiving and facetious. The representative I dealt with offered no alternative and did not even offer to look at the binoculars. Overall, a very expensive purchase that I deeply regret. I suggest other potential buyers look elsewhere (Nikon, Olympus)- purchase from a company that’s more willing to stand behind their product and support their customers.

    sandra h

  6. JS

    Amazon did a SPECTACULAR job shipping and delivering these worthless binoculars back and forth twice!I was extremely disappointed when the first pair of 20×80 came with a USELESS FOCUS WHEEL and I returned them for a replacement. The replacement focus wheel was OK but NOW all I could see was DOUBLE IMAGES as so many others have stated! These were both defective out of the box! I got the Celestron 25 x 70 before and was very happy so I took a chance. The collimation issue can usually be fixed at home.However, I decided to check collimation adjustment and I found out on youtube where the prism adjustment screws were and adjusted just the one on top on right side until Venus and stars became one.After only one hour labor they seem to be spot on and I cancelled the 2nd return.I was further disappointed to find that someone had been there before me and had the adjustment so bad it was insane. There were scratches all around the adjuster screw and luckily the set screw slot was still OK.The plastic ring that tightens the tripod contact is pathetic and too weak and hard to turn. The focus wheel was too tight at first and still feels inconsistent and worrisome. These are heavy and will crush small tripods. I am happy with the 80mm objective collecting more light. It’s times like this when I am so glad I use Amazon. I first ordered the item thursday night and received the first one friday, immediately sent it back and my second one arrived Sunday.


  7. Anand Krishna

    First thing first, delivery service, packaging was great.This is my first binoculars ever. So I can’t say if this piece is completely out of collimation (will give updates once I check).Pros:1. Well built.2. Fully multicoated optics.3. Value for money.4. Best for beginners in Astronomy.Cons:1. Quality of bag provided is not good. (substitute would be a DSLR camera backpack and it will do the job).2. Collimation could be a problem. (Almost all heavy binos have this error). You can fix it yourself or could ask for replacement.In detail:-1). You cannot get this quality at this price. Compare with ORION 20X80 — which is around ₹ 25k.2). If you cannot decide about getting 20X80 or other smaller binos then I would say 20X80 would be better. It has larger objective of 80mm which increases your limiting magnitude to approx +7(with naked eyes your limiting magnitude is around +1). That’s a huge difference. You will be able to see most of the messier objects and other DSOs apart from Moon, planets and Orion nebula.3). It is literally a pair of two small telescopes😉. A telescope equivalent to these binoculars will be above ₹ 60k (trust me), So this is a great deal.Some important points:1). You can adjust inter pupillery distance. (As any other binoculars has)2). You can adjust dioptre setting (for individual focus adjustment for eyes) by rotating right eye piece.(please Google for more information)3). Centre focus wheel is given.( For focusing at different distances)(All above three adjustment could be stiff in the starting)Suggestion for Tripod:1). A fluid head tripod is must (for smooth and precise maneuvering of binoculars).2). Tripod must be heavy (to keep binoculars steady/ 20X magnification is too much).3). Branded tripod is not required.4). I will suggest to get a tripod from a photo store. (If it’s in your budget then Manfrotto fluid head tripod will be the best)An Update:1). Saturn’s ring is visible. It will need a nice focus and patience.2). Object should be at the centre of field of view to avoid chromatic abbression.3). Four of the Jupiter’s moon are visible. You can not make out Great Red spot.4). After watching planets for an hour, I found my binoculars are perfectly collimated.5). Bright objects (-2 magnitude or higher) will give chromatic abbression.6). You will be able to see stars as dim as +8 magnitude in a light polluted sky.7). Andromeda galaxy will cover your entire field of view on a very dark night.8). Many DSOs around Sagittarius constellation are visible from these binoculars.9). Field of view is around 3° and not 3.7° as mentioned.10). Moon looks breathtakingly beautiful. It will appear three dimensional with these giant binoculars. You can make out Apollo missions’ landing sites to a precision of few kilometers.11). Orion Nebula will be visible bright and crisp. Your field of view will be contain just the Orion sword.12). If you are willing to do astrophotography using these binoculars then you will need a smartphone adapter for binoculars (just search for it and you will find it on amazon) and a photo staking software – DeepSkyStacker which will stack together hundreds of shots of a DSO and after few hours of processing, you will get a bright and detailed astrophotograph.13). Neptune and Uranus are visible just like a dot but you can make out their color.Best at this price!!Clear skies!!

    Anand Krishna

  8. Peter

    Bought for watching stars, planets and Moon. Possibly some galaxies and nebulaes however this require complete darkness and I have not tried yet. So far I am happy with the purchase – Jupiter round shape is visible and a few mooons around it. The tripod is recommended – without it the picture shakes a lot. The binocular is large – around 35 cm long however not that heavy. In the box also – neck strap, bag. The lenses have covers. I am in general happy – competitive price as well with very good quality of the manufacture. I wear glasses so I will have to adjust dioptries. This is also possible in ths binoculars however for short-sighted (I am far-sighted) it is probably mandatory to wear glasses while looking though (accordingly to the instruction).


  9. Cumbrian Pensioner

    Our family are all interested in the stars and planets, we have some old binoculars, I ordered these thinking they would bring the Moon and stars closer and clearer. I tried to focus them for about an hour, and gave up. My son then tried, he’s usually quite good with these type of things, but after some time trying to adjust them, like me, he couldn’t get a clear image, and the blurry image he managed to get of the moon, was not really any larger than our old binoculars. I’m not sure if we were unlucky and they were faulty, they were not packed at all securely, and plastic bag not sealed. We thought these may have already been returned as faulty, and sent out to us. But I wouldn’t recommend these and returned them. Amazon were very good and I received a full refund.

    Cumbrian Pensioner

  10. M. PARSONS

    Great value for money binoculars. I would suggest a tripod with these as they have a high magnification so excellent for stargazing. I used my phone to take these two pictures through them. You can just about make out the nebula and get a good clear view of the moon. You can also see the Andromeda galaxy with these which is incredible to see, you have to know where to look and what your looking for. There are plenty of stargazing apps to help you.


  11. andy_it_specialist

    These are just the maddest binoculars in the world. They are HUGE. *Unimaginably* huge.They laughably come with a neck strap. For what? An elephant?I now have a small & medium pair of binox and these monsters too. They are great I ever want to set up somewhere static with a tripod and look at something pretty fixed, distance wise. However there is no central focus wheel and you have to focus each eye independantly which is a bit of a pain as they are very heavy if you are holding them in one hand to do so.They do not focus any nearer than about 40m.Despite the focus being a bit of a pain as mentioned above, they are brilliant binoculars, and I would recommend them if you can set up with a tripod and pre-focus. You can’t beat them for that.


  12. SR

    I bought these for stargazing in my garden as i live in a low light polluted area, after doing a bit of research online i decided to purchase these. when they arrived the were damaged (lenses miss-aligned, double vision) i sent them back to Amazon & received my replacement pair within 3 days (excellent Amazon customer service , problem & hassle free). i did read online that a few people had miss-aligned lenses so was prepared for this as nowadays products of this type can be easily dropped or bumped along the postal delivery journey. once i received my new pair i used them that evening, they are big & heavy, but i knew hat beforehand in reading reviews etc. they are very well made, come well packaged & are excellent for stargazing and during a day although a tri-pod is recommended for normal use. i managed to see Jupiter & its surrounding moons easily & was taken back on first doing this :). they come with carry bag, lens cloth, lens covers and neck strap all are sufficient & do the job. I was amazed how brightly i could view the moon & how much detail i could see through them. my 5 year old daughter viewed the moon through them using the tri-pod and was amazed in doing so. these are all around excellent binoculars with 20×80 magnification as stated earlier a tri-pod is recommended. they come with a built in tri-pod adaptor, they are well made, look high quality as you’d expect from Celestron. I’m very pleased with my purchase and often show friends/family the full moon when visiting me as easy and i always get a smile from there faces with excitement no-matter their age or gender.Well worth the money & a quality product will last a lifetime if looked after 🙂 5 star!!!!!


  13. Sheldon Clark

    Very heavy for long-term hand use – really needs a monopod for terrestrial use or tripod for astronomy. The mid-line brace holding the tripod adaptor socket should ensure the objective lenses remain in perfect alignment – unlike the smaller (and cheaper) 70 mm diameter ones I have which soon went cross-eyed. Nevertheless, I would advise users to be careful not to suspend the binoculars (whether or not in their pouch) by their strap, as the plastic clips have in the past proved to be liable to break without warning (which is why my 70 mm ones went cross-eyed). At this sort of price & quality of optics, I would have expected a hard, protective case rather than a soft pouch.

    Sheldon Clark

  14. joanna jarvis

    turned up with a ripped bag and parts of binoculars missing, not impressed to say the least as this was a gift

    joanna jarvis

  15. bob

    Low cost for what they are supposed to do and it shows. Good value if you are willing to fix what you can and put up with the rest. Out of the box they suffer from poor alignment and chromatic aberration. The tripod mount isn’t a good fit either so they wobble with the slightest wind. Can’t do much about the chroma but alignment is relatively easy to fix once you locate the alignment screws. I had to pry the rubber grips slightly to the back and I used a brick wall some distance away as a reference, didn’t take more than 20 minutes to get it right. Next I’ll try using a bronze sheet to address the mount issue. Impossible to use without a tripod.