Breville BTA820XL Die-Cast Smart 2-Slice Toaster

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  • 900 watt 2 slice toaster with intelligent one touch auto lowering function; Voltage: 110 to 120 Volts
  • Push-button controls for toast, a bit more, bagel, defrost, and lift and look functions. 5 Settings including- ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift & Look’ , Defrost & Bagel. 2 Slice Extra Wide capacity to suit all bread types
  • LED panel illuminates according to selected setting on variable browning control
  • Brushed die cast metal housing; end of cycle beep; 1-1/5 inch-wide slots; cord wrap
  • Dimensions- 11.25 x 7 x 7.75 inch. 1 year limited warranty




2 slice toaster with innovative 1-touch automation for perfect toasted goodness every time you switch it on.

As your artisanal bread, bagel or pastry lowers gently into one of the 2 extra-wide slots, you’ll know toasting perfection is in the works.

Real-world feedback led us to develop innovative ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Lift and Look’ features that set us apart.

  • Intelligent One Touch Auto Lowering
  • Toasting Progress LED Indicator
  • Capacity: 2 Slice Extra Wide capacity to suit all bread types
  • Settings: 5 Settings including; ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift & Look’ , Defrost & Bagel
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  1. Heather S

    We bought this toaster about 3 years ago and have loved it. It toasts evenly and we regularly use features like the defrost and bagel settings. Love the “lift & look” option and the beep when done. We were rolling along happily toasting until it caught fire one day this week. First time I’ve had an appliance do that – flames coming out the top. Burning crumbs were the culprit. We empty the crumb tray periodically, but had not noticed before that there are ledges inside the toaster on both sides of the slits where crumbs are supposed to fall through to the crumb tray. Crumbs accumulate on the ledges and, in this case, ignited when I use the bagel setting. After the fire, the toaster is toast. Must have fried some critical electronics. Notwithstanding all this drama, I still love the toaster and ordered a new one, but the moral of the story is that it is important not just to empty the crumb tray but also to turn the toaster upside-down and shake out crumbs accumulating in the interior. Hopefully Breville will take note and address this in future product updates. I would give it 5 start for toasting performance and features but am taking off 2 for the design flaw and expense of having to replace it before its time.

    Heather S

  2. Dan W.

    First the good, there is a lot to love here:This toaster toasted two pieces of bread very evenly, the outside heating elements were bright and the inside heating elements were dim, which is the perfect setup to evenly brown bread. The toasting took a little longer than usual, so the toast came out very crunchy all the way through.A single piece of bread toasted fairly evenly, but the inside was still slightly more toasted than the outside. The bagel setting was also impressive, the heating elements on the inside were bright and the outside elements were off.The ‘lift and look’ feature was excellent, and I really liked the slide bar to set the brown level, the flashing LED bar count down, and the ‘a bit more’ button. The motorized carriage and bread holders were also great except for their fatal flaw.The fatal flaw:The bread raising and lowering carriage would get stuck in the ‘down’ position once every three to five toasts. I would have to unplug it, shake it, and give it a firm slap or two to get it to un-jam.I called Breville about it and they said that bread crumbs jam the carriage pretty easily, but the inside of the toaster was spotless, so I think it’s actually a design flaw with the carriage. I noticed that it would jam more often during the first toast, when it was still relatively cool, so I think the carriage would go down cold and contracted, expand during toasting, and then jam when it tried to raise back up due to the expansion.Needless to say I ended up returning the toaster and resuming my search for the elusive toaster that can evenly toast a single slice of bread.

    Dan W.

  3. For Such a Time a This

    Breville has replaced this toaster two times for us as it malfunctions. The bread gets stuck inside after toasting because the mechanism fails to lift it. So, we unplug and pull the toast out manually. The lights flash off and on and refuses to cooperate!Really liked this toaster out of the shoot as it’s features were what we wanted and it toasted pretty evenly. Enjoy the “Lift and Look” and “A Little Bit More” features.Now, after months of having to unplug the unit, plug in, unplug, to hopefully reset it, we’re done. It’s not even been a year. The others malfunctioned within a matter of months after purchase,We will not replace this toaster with another Breville. Very disappointed.

    For Such a Time a This

  4. S&H

     Not sure why it is so difficult to find a decent toaster. We just returned the Aicok toaster. It took forever to toast anything. We then bought this one based on the reviews and it broke after the second time using it. Toaster slice carriages are jammed in the upward position. Makes a clicking sound. In any case there is a motor that moves the toaster carriage up and down. I can imagine that over time in high heat the motor would fail. Anyway this one was defective from the get-go.This toaster was shipped to us in it’s original box. No boxing. No padding. Just the manufacturer’s box. I can’t exclude that the toaster was damaged in transit. Anyway, defective toaster. Beware.


  5. GiGi

    Update: Reduced from five to one star. Button to lower the toast into the toaster quit working the 5th time I used it. Tied the button repeatedly, unplugged and replugged, waved my magic wand. Blah. The elements inside heated up as though there were something to toast, but the bread stayed up out of range. Thank goodness for Amazon.com’s great return policy!Original review: This toaster did not brown the toast all the way to the edges the first couple of times I used it. Then I nudged the darkness lever up one number, and now the toast is perfect. The toaster also accepts oversized Oroweat bread easily. I got my toaster as a warehouse deal, so I think it was a good price. I owned a Breville toaster oven for several years, and liked it a lot, so I was happy to take a chance on a Breville toaster.


  6. Barbara

    Our first Breville, exactly like this one, lasted 3 1/2 years of daily, heavy use. It died when I shook it too hard to get a large, stubborn piece of scorched bread out. The poor thing did what it was told to and paid with its life.We just got its replacement, which works as well as the first. Toast comes out as it should, no problems. The one feature I don’t like is the bagel feature, preferring to have the bagel toasted equally inside and out. The toast feature is the one I use for bagels. The “lift and look” ensures that you get what you want.The toaster looks great in the kitchen and is easy to keep clean.One thing it does not have is a little removable metal tray which attaches to and floats above the toaster. This is for warming things like cinnamon rolls, croissants, or already dressed bread. No more melted icing or butter in the toaster, impossible to remove.Reading between the lines may explain the short life of Breville the First. We are going to be kinder to Breville the Second and expect that it will last much longer.


  7. Amazon Customer

    Almost everything about this toaster is perfect. Almost. The plastic slider knob and sliding mechanism feels cheap. Really cheap. You can tell it uses the lowest-grade plastic which is a shame. I’d pay more $$ to get something that is built-solid all the way through. My largest complaint though is that the finish (a painted silver) does not match the Breville kettle. Yeah, yeah – first-world problems, I know. But a toaster and a kettle are countertop appliances, so I’m surprised a premium brand like Breville would miss the opportunity for their appliances to be consistant to incentivise consumers to purchase the full range.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Northern light

    Love this toaster – the breville 2 slice die cast smart touch toaster- It toasts evenly on one cycle ( my last toaster needed me to flip and turn the toast using 2 cycles and it still wasn’t great )- tried the defrost, bagel and regular function and all worked very well- lift and look is very quick so don’t blink haha- very quiet operation- the low volume beep is pretty quiet – very nice- the toast bagel and english muffins didn’t get stuck when it lifted them up after toasting. This was a huge problem with my other toaster. The items often tipped forward or back and then got stuck when it raised them sooooo this toaster is great- the auto lowering vs a lever is my fav feature.- the crumb tray is in a functional place at the front ( my old toaster had it at the back which was a pain )Overall I love it and it seems very well builtBreville designs products with thoughtful consideration and it showsHighly recommend

    Northern light

  9. Poppy

    I only have had this toaster for a day so I’m holding out my 5th star. But, I’m so excited to have, finally, a toaster that toasts evenly & on both sides. I guess I just wasn’t spending enough money on a toaster perhaps?! Seems crazy to me but anyway, I love its’ looks, lights, and all the cool features as described. I did notice it has a great safety feature, it has a three pronged plug. I like that, I’m going to start looking for that from now on. Again, gotta spend more $$ to get safety I guess! Oh, and this one doesn’t scare you when the the toast pops up…loving that!


  10. Stabber

    Previous Breville Toaster Element burned completely right out of operation. This latest one some of the elements don’t work either and consequently my bread isn’t toasted 100% on one side. This is the 4th Breville product I’ve bought and I will seriously give it a lot more thought next time I need a small appliance.



    On utilise ce grille-Pain pour les rôties, les bagels, les muffins.C’est notre deuxième grille-pain Breville; Le premier est devenu défectueux après 30 mois de service, ce qui nous a déçu et surpris pour un appareil de ce prix. Nous avons choisi de racheter le même modèle, mais ce sera le dernier de cette marque. Le prix nous permettra d’en commander trois ou quatre de moindre qualité la prochaine fois.Not “so happy Now”


  12. Amazon Customer

    All the features are good, but it only toasts on one side. That is why we got rid of our cheaper toaster and bought this pricer one assuming it would deliver us perfect toast. So disappointing!

    Amazon Customer

  13. DBMTL

    These guys are expensive but easily earn their status as a top of the line brand. Little details like automatic features and easy to service crumb tray for example make this a toaster that is not only convenient but looks like it will last a long time – made of good solid materials and workmanship. Breville’s Smart Toaster is the way to go IMHO – liked the level of quality better in this model than their others.


  14. ShawnW

    Love my new Breville 2-Slice Die-Cast Smart Toaster (BTA820XL). It’s clean modern & minimalist and looks to have high quality components. Putting it on setting 3 makes perfect toast. I like how there is a countdown led display so you can see if the toast are about to pop up while you are making your eggs (timing is everything).


  15. horsey girl

    We bought this toaster because we thought if we spent the extra money on a really good toaster it would last. Unfortunately, just like the less expensive toasters this one hasn’t lasted much longer than a year. It now burns on the lowest bagel setting, and is completely inconsistent with toasting on the lower levels. It was a lovely toaster to use while it lasted, but at it’s price point I expected a much longer lifetime.

    horsey girl