Breville BOV900BSS Smart Air Electric Oven – 1800W – 29.9 qt

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  • SUPER CONVECTION TECHNOLOGY: 2 speed convection fan (Super & regular) offers greater cooking control. Super convection provides a greater volume of air to ensure fast and even heat distribution, perfect for air frying, dehydration and roasting
  • PRECISION COOKING & ELEMENT IQ: With Element IQ 6 Independent quartz heating elements move the power where it’s needed most, above and below the food for perfect results
  • AIR FRY & DEHYDRATE PRESETS: Why buy a stand alone air fryer or dehydrater when the Smart Oven Air can air fry french fries and other family favorites and dehydrate a range of foods; Dehydrate up to 4 trays of goodness
  • SIZE MATTERS: The large, 1 cubic feet, interior makes room for toasting 9 slices of bread, roasting a 14 pounds turkey, air fry favorites like French fries, slow cook with a 5 quart Dutch oven and comfortably fit most 9 inch x 13 inch pans and 12 cup muffin trays
  • SUPER VERSATILE: 13 cooking functions to guide you to perfection: Toast 9 slices, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Airfry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, Dehydrate.Voltage:110 120 Volts
  • LCD DISPLAY: To easily access the built in smart functionality, choose from 13 cooking functions. Integrated oven light automatically turns on at the end of cooking cycle or can be switched at the touch of a button
  • WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited Product Warranty; Power: 1800 Watts



The Smart Oven Air with Element IQ is for the cook who desires a countertop oven that can roast for large gatherings, air fry crispy French fries & family favorites and dehydrate a wide range of healthy foods. The super convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30% with great crispness.

Special Features of the Smart Oven Air:

  • Super Convection Technology
  • Precision Cooking and Element iQ
  • Air Fry and Dehydrate Presets
  • LCD Display
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  1. Rick G.

    Breville Smart Oven AirThis week I’ve been testing the new Breville Smart Oven Air. It has exceeded my expectations in every way and so far I absolutely love it. Not only does this oven look great on the counter, it doesn’t take up too much space, and the versatility of this oven is amazing. And the new industrial design is timeless and will fit in with any style.A true oven, I think people who bought the slightly smaller Smart Oven Pro like I did, found that it can actually replace their large oven for cooking a lot of items. This is really a true oven that can cook anything that your main oven can, even a 14lb turkey, but with more efficiency. The interior of this oven is huge, measuring 16 inches wide by 12 inches deep, and 7 inches high, giving you more room for tall loafs of bread or cooking roasts without grazing the top elements. There’s one extra element on top, making 6 quartz elements in total. The 8 rack positions offer a range of heights for cooking a variety of different sized foods, and will easily fit a large dutch oven.The range of functions on this model makes it much more versatile than the Smart Oven Pro, now with 13 different modes. In addition to the 10 modes found on the Pro, the Air adds nifty features such as a proofing mode, giving you a proper way to rise dough for perfect baking results. They’ve also added a dehydration feature, letting you dehydrate a variety of foods such as fruit snacks or beef jerky, and lets you dehydrate up to four trays at a time. The new Super Convection mode boosts the fan speed enabling crisper results and faster cooking speed than ever before, and I’ve had nothing but good results so far.Most interesting is the Air Frying mode. Not only does this eliminate the need for a separate appliance, this is a great way to cook frozen snack foods like fries and onion rings, evenly browning and crisping perfectly.Baking in this oven is precise and yields consistent results. Cookies came out evenly browned all around. I roasted a chicken that came out amazing, using the new phase cook feature. Phase Cook allows you to set two back-to-back cooking functions, so you can for example quickly crisp and brown the outside of a roast and automatically switch to a lower, slower cooking method for the remainder of the time. This is one of my favourite features, and makes it possible to achieve incredible results with little effort. Also new, is a Rotate reminder, that alerts you half way through to turn the pan around for the best most even results. I really found that helpful, especially for times when I’m using two racks at once.With all the baking and roasting this oven does, it’s easy to forget that it also functions as a 9 slice toaster! This oven puts heat exactly where it’s needed, providing the most even toasting I’ve seen. Bagels were browned on top while the bottoms remained soft and lightly toasted. And if you just finished toasting a bagel or making toast and the oven is still hot, the it’s smart enough to adjust the cooking time if you want to make more, so your toast is always the same colour whether you start with a cold or hot oven. A bagel took about 6 minutes with a cold oven, and when I wanted to toast another it took just over 3 minutes. This oven does take slightly longer to toast than the smart oven pro, but only about a minute longer.Some of the negative reviews for the Smart Oven Pro were regarding the control panel failing… so they’ve added a cooling fan inside the Air’s control panel to keep the sensitive electronics safe from overheating and prolonging the life of the oven, and they’ve upped the warranty to two years instead of one. Although the fan is annoying, if it helps keep the oven working longer, I can live with it.In our house, this oven gets used several times per day and it never let us down. But I could go on forever about this oven, so I’ll just list the things I liked and disliked the most.Things I liked most about this oven:-Light comes on when you open the door-Timer pauses when door is opened-Beeping sound level is adjustable and can be silenced completely-Seal on door wraps all around to keep more heat in, increasing efficiency-Oven Door stays open 1 to 4 inches without the need to prop it open-the thick, high-quality racks-Broiling feature works better than the Pro-Auto-eject for the toast and air fry levels-New magnetic rack-puller design-New fan design moves more air-Big, bright display is easy to read and interpret-2 racks instead of one-fits a 11lb roast turkey comfortably and gives amazing results-Bakes two pies at once or two sheets of cookies, and reminds you to rotate half way-Heats to within 10 degrees of set temperature-Proofing feature is a huge convenience-Phase Cook for combining two cooking cycles into oneDislikes-Convection Fan is incredibly loud especially in super mode-Front panel fan is loud and comes on any time the oven is activated, even in toast mode where the fan isn’t really necessary.-I wish oven light would stay on until I turn it off-Takes longer to reach temperature, 20 minutes to reach 400F-No recipe book – I wish there was a book of recipes designed for this specific oven that take advantage of the Phase Cook feature , dehydration and other features-Rack edges rub on the glass in the 3rd or 4th rack position when opening and closing the door-Oven Size may be a bit large for smaller tasksWho’s it for?I think this oven is for serious cooking, a bit overkill for a college student for example. It is really a real oven that can be used as a toaster oven. If you think you will need a second oven at times, this is a great option. Actually, this oven would make the ultimate wedding gift for newlyweds.Recommended?Yes! Although slightly on the pricey side, if you’re looking for a countertop oven that can replace your range and can double as a toaster, the versatility, the convenience and features of this model will exceed your expectations as it did mine. With all the performance and capability of a large range oven, you’ll absolutely love the top-of-the-line smart oven Air.Did you find this review helpful? Vote yes down below!

    Rick G.

  2. Chloe

    I loved this oven! Until it stopped working (no heat) after 3 months! I have been trying to get it fixed under warranty for 2 weeks now, without success. Is this always a difficulty when you buy things through Amazon?I will post an update, if and when I have any luck finding someone who will respond to me. If not, I guess this product is just a dud.*2 weeks later – still no luck getting any response to my problem!


  3. whalemeal

    Potential buyers be aware: The glass may be shattered and pop out up to everywhere in your kitchen while cooking.The front glass unit shattered and popped to outside with 3 uses of roasting(using the exact preset setting). I didn’t see any indication of this when we first inspected the unit. This could have potentially hurt my family if anybody had been near the thing. At our first use, I was actually standing right in front of the glass to see how it works and I don’t want to imagine what could have happened there. Those 400 degree glass pieces right into my face.Of course, I will return this thing and will never purchase anything from this brand. Very disappointing.


  4. NWs kitchen

    I went to this oven from the wonderful Philips airfryer which was just too small. This Smart Oven has many good features but the airfryer section is a failure for a major reason. This air fryer basket has a built in metal sign stating: “DO NOT USE WITH FOODS THAT DRIP WHILE COOKING.” The Philips air fryer came with many recipes in three books where over 50 percent left lots of oil in the bottom pan that was removed through air frying. These included chicken pieces, lamb racks, salmon steaks, pork chops and all kinds of reheating to bring back crispness in crusts. This leaves me only dry French fry potatoes of what I air fry. If I put the broil pan under the air fryer basket it cuts off the air fryer heat. Breville knows that most air fryer foods drip, why is this oven not designed to do it right?

    NWs kitchen

  5. Ruel777

    I am a professional chef and this product delivers! First and foremost it is a top of the line toaster oven the size of a small oven. You can fit a 1/2 pan, mid sized turkey is about its limit. It has no hot spots because of its 6 computer controlled heating elements and a turbo fan to seal the deal. It fits a standard frozen pizza or a Large Pap Murphy’s Pizza. Incredibly simple to use and accurate at low or high temperatures. Yes you can dehydrate to make MSG free beef jerky, yes you can caramelize meats with precision with broiling, yes you can even proof bread! The darn thing preheats in 2-4 mins!Not only does it do all this… it is a top of the line air fryer! It comes with 2 air fry pans, one for things that are low in fats and a second pan used for high in fat products like chicken wings. My personal suggestion, spray a small amount of oil on low fat items to get an authentic fried food texture and flavor. With out it things get hard… instead of deliciously crispy.In short I don’t use my home oven unless its a bigger project. (family get together’s) Re-heating food from work has never been simpler! I refuse to use microwaves! Enjoy a high end product!The only warning I have is if you have kids or irresponsible roommates… (same thing haha!) The oven gets hot. Keep things off it and around it. There are 2 air vents and the oven needs its space for proper air flow. To me, it comes with the territory.


  6. Amazon Customer

    beware caught on fire in warming mode after 8 months. now not working.not recommend

    Amazon Customer

  7. Amazon Customer

    I have had this oven for about only a week but would not part with it. I would like to give it 4.5 stars.I had a few questions before purchase that I could not find answers to. I now have answers. Yes, I can bake a large loaf of bread in this oven. I did have to reduce heat a bit and bake just a little longer to avoid a too-brown top. Yes, I can air fry raw chicken wings….I dusted them with potato starch, sprayed a very small amount of oil on them, and stuck with the default air fry settings, did increase the time a little near the end, the wings were crisp and golden. Frozen, battered onion rings air fryed nicely, a little different than deep fried but very good and crispy.The controls and rack positions are obvious. I have not yet looked in the instruction manual (I do have a lot of experience in the kitchen so read the book if you don’t). I love that it is so easy to change the default settings. Clean-up is pretty easy although I haven’t tried broiling yet. Love the front pullout tray. Love that so many of my baking pans fit in the oven. I cannot see that I will have much further use for the two ovens in my range. At counter height this Breville is in the perfect place for ease of use.The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that it comes up a little short in the toast department. Takes longer than my previous Cuisinart toaster oven and dries the bread a little more than desired…okay if you like really crispy toast I suppose. Keeping in mind that this IS an oven and NOT a toaster I was not too surprised. It is simply too large to make great toast. One trick that helps is to set it for multiple slices (tho I’m only making 2). I believe more top elements come on and it speeds the process.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Barbara Clark

    love love this oven! we used the smaller version for years as our only oven and it is still going and only bought this one because of larger size, more flexibility for pans and larger roast possible etc, plus the new fun features.the airfry and basket work wonderful with parchment, crispy items and no mess!the toaster setting for rack is not right, only toasts one side however move the rack down to cookie placement and it works perfect for toast.Breville makes great quality appliances and I look foreward to many years of use out of this oven too.I have not used my stove oven for 10 yrs as i hate cleaning it and crawling into it. this is counter height and efficient and works well for us.

    Barbara Clark

  9. AmazonCustomer

    Gets extremely hot on the outside, and will heat your dorm like a space heater. Use it in the winter I guess?Also, doesn’t heat evenly – had to rotate the pizzas I made a bunch and they still burned on one side and didn’t cook on the other.


  10. Sam

    Everything about this oven is amazing except for the door. Called Breville and they were unhelpful. They acknowledged that the door doesn’t close properly but seemed annoyed when I mentioned that for the price, it should be put together much better.Decided to keep it, and found a solution to keep the door tightly shut.


  11. Jacques Parent Jr

    Not quite up to par.The gasket at edge of the door is useless and when Breville was aked about it, they had no answer for why there is a gasket that doesn’t do anything… NOT acceptable for that kind of money.Other than a lame do not care attitude for Breville, product works fine BUT I would spend more to buy a Wolf or spend less to buy a Black and Decker or Hamilton Beach that will do the same.

    Jacques Parent Jr

  12. Amazon Customer

    So easy to operate and I love all the functions. Be aware…. If you are able, fire it up outdoors for a few hours. It has a very toxic burn-off. After that, it will be fabulous!

    Amazon Customer

  13. Bob Roberts

    I searched reviews extensively on this oven before purchasing. One on the main reasons is we do not use our large oven for the two of us. The volume inside is HUGE, only one pan that did not fit. Very intuitive controls. Heats up quickly and maintains heat well. Most ovens go through the motions but this one really delivers. If you purchase you will not be disappointed.

    Bob Roberts

  14. joanne kidd

    This is larger than my original and works great! Love the chromed crumb tray, auto on light. I have done frozen french fries turned out great. Controls more responsive. Only thing lacking Cookbook. I had to call Breville about how to cook fries. They said cookbook coming. Extremely well packaged, no dents or damage. Would like to know about Kilowatt usages given electricity costs especially on dehydration given long period of time. Great update of product, I love Breville good product line.

    joanne kidd

  15. Diane D.

    I got this countertop oven as I wanted something comparable to family size oven. This oven works very well with ONE EXCEPTION. I would strongly recommend that Breville modify the light function. I find the light annoying when it turns off after just a few seconds. I would modify the light switch such as: one push to the light button and light stays on until you turn it off. A second push to the light button and the light stays on for a few seconds then turns off by itself.During cooking sometimes you do need to do things with food while it is still sitting in the oven or watch the food especially toast for the last few minutes or it risks burning. Not all bread has the same sugar content and having the light turn off so fast is annoying.Aside from the light issue this oven is a VERY GOOD OVEN. It cooks very well and the temperature is true to the display. It heats relatively fast and is capable of doing EXACTLY if not better all the functions of a large oven.Another thing would be useful to have in this oven would be the steamer function.The bottom drawer is easy to extract and can be cleaned while it is hot. Just soap and water will do the trick. I do hope Breville improves on it as the oven is great but in my opinion it could be made better.

    Diane D.