Breville BMO734XL the Quick Touch 1100W Microwave – 1.2 cu ft – Stainless Steel

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  • Unique dynamic power adjustment lets user change both power and time during the cooking cycle
  • Ten power levels allow you to adjust the power from 10 percent to 100 per cent with the twist of a dial
  • Sensor IQ Reheat and Cook function automatically adjusts cooking time to match the food being cooked
  • Polished Stainless Steel Interior, Fascia and Door Handle
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Capacity 1.2 cu. ft. (34 liters), 1100 Watts



The Breville BMO734XL Quick Touch is the easy to use microwave that knows the power level and time to suit the food you’re cooking.

Adjust power and time on the fly! Smart settings take the guess work out of cooking, reheating and defrosting foods.

Brushed stainless steel door hides easy to use shortcut menu and includes a self-locating turntable.

Innovations include; Sensor IQ which detects humidity and calculates time accordingly; My Favorite which allows you to program your favorite setting; Time Defrost which automatically sets defrosting power level once time is input; and of course our A Bit More button, when a little extra time is needed.

One-Touch Auto Buttons are pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks.

Includes a kitchen timer along with clock display and unit weight conversion.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    We bought this microwave due to the favorable reviews on line, thought that it would be a good investment to spend a little more and get a quality microwave. For the price the components are not of the highest quality, very little actual stainless steel on the unit, its just painted metal that scratches easily. After just under two years it broke. Microwave turns on but does not heat food. I am told it is not fixable without excessive cost. Was put on hold with customer service for long time, eventually gave up. Would not buy it again.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Loree Bolin

    Just want to say I usually love Breville appliances. I own 10 of them, so I’m a big fan of Breville. However I bought this microwave May 2017, and it felt like it was cheaply made for a Breville appliance. The microwave is loud and clunky sounding the dial is a pain more than not, but it’s as pretty looking as any of their stuff. Cooks food as well as any microwave. So I decided I could live with it until it broke down.Now I’ve decided I can’t! With normal use the display has stopped showing any lettering. Now the only way I’m able to cook food is if I use the instant +30 button. Can defrost meat only because I can remember how to get there. Paying $249.00 for a microwave to loose a display after 7 months is preposterous! Poor form Breville!

    Loree Bolin

  3. David Haakenson

    Breville is known for its outstanding quality and product design. I have a number of Breville products and love them. So when I needed a new microwave, I did the usual extensive research, but was instantly attracted to the Breville. The design is outstanding. I feared I wouldn’t like the interface, but it’s frankly exquisite, easy to use and intuitive.But, after owning it for just three weeks, all the lettering on the ‘Start’ button started flaking off, probably from light contact from fingernails as the button is pushed.For $300, twice the cost of other brands of similar size, I’d expect the buttons to be nearly impervious to minor wear, especially after minimal use over 21 days.At first glance, this is a microwave that looks like Apple designed it. But Apple wouldn’t outfit a product with a button that deteriorates merely by touching it.I’ve contacted Breville support and was offered warranty coverage. Instead, I’m returning it. If its primary button is of inferior quality, what else is? I’m not waiting to find out.Breville, I expected better.——-UPDATE: I have compared ‘Start’ buttons on Breville microwaves at two local stores that carry it. The buttons are entirely different. At one store, the button is smooth and feels like plastic, like the one on the microwave I had. At the other store, the button has ridges and feels metallic. The printing is buried in the ridges, and the button feels/looks like the Stop/Clear button. I expect the printing does not wear off the metallic version.I’m updating my rating from 2 to 4 stars. It’s an outstanding microwave. But be careful. If you buy one and you can’t feel ridges when brushing your finger across the Start button, return it for another, if you’re fond of the printing on the ‘Start’ button.

    David Haakenson