Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Grinder – Stainless Steel

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  • 8 Strength Settings: Choose from 8 strength settings or choose Pre Ground coffee option to brew coffee just the way you like it and bean hopper capacity is 1/2 pound of Coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer
  • Brewing Capacity: Single cup with variable size options or upto a 12 cup carafe; Dimensions:9 inch (W) X 14 inch (D) X 16 & ¼ inch (H); 1/2 pounds of Coffee bean capacity with locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer
  • Removable drip tray for 7.5 inch height clearance to fit tall cups and travel mugs; if Carafe overflows:Always ensure the carafe is completely empty before brewing.Power:1100 Watts
  • LCD Screen: Provides real time feedback on water level, grind size, strength selection, grinding time, brewing time, and selected settings
  • Programmable Auto Start: Automatically starts grinding and then brewing coffee at your selected time; Pre brew temperature control: Delivers water at the ideal temperature from cold start
  • Note: This product is not compatible with demineralized water such as distilled or reverse osmosis water; Construction Materials: Stainless Steel; Water tank capacity: 60 ounces




Contains stainless steel blurs, bean hopper has a locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer. In case of the coffee basket dripping or other issues , please do the following to minimize it .

After each use, wash the coffee basket, taking particular care to rinse the chute area. Dry thoroughly (especially the chute area). Ensure there are no grinds in the coffee basket before lining the coffee basket with the gold tone or paper filter and in case of carafe overflowing issue , please ensure that the carafe is completely empty before the start of the brewing.

Voltage 110–120 Volts

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  1. Josh

    I previously owned the older model of this coffee maker, the Breville YouBrew (BREBDC600XL). After having some issues with that model including weak coffee on any setting, as well as lukewarm coffee at best, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the YouBrew’s big brother (or sister?). I can confidently say that Breville has carefully considered all the feedback they received from the previous model and made sure to correct/tweak it in this new and improved beast of a machine.The shape and size of the machine is just about identical to that of the old one – except for the little grinder adjustment knob on the top that adds about an inch to the top of the bean chamber where it is located.I will address the previous model’s issues and then explain how they have been corrected.1. Cold brewing temperature:In the Grind Control, Breville (according to information from their engineering team) has redesigned their heating element for the water and also relocated it to a more suitable location where the sensor for the water temperature can accurately pick up the date ensuring that you do get the 200 degrees F brewing temperature required for a great tasting, HOT cup. It also seems the twist-on lid of the thermal carafe has been modified slightly to fit more snugly and create a better seal. I’m not sure if this has any effect, but it would make sense as even the slightest gap in the lid can result in much quicker temperature loss than most would suspect. This is definitely no longer an issue!2. Weak coffee:Breville has added in adjustable burrs within the grinder to this new model. Now, there is a knob on the top of the bean chamber to adjust the grind coarser or finer so that you are able to obtain the best grind size to ensure coffee is bold, flavourful, but never bitter. Additionally, the machine still boasts an adjustable “strength control” which ultimately just increases the ratio of coffee grounds to water for stronger coffee and vice versa for weaker coffee.What else is great about this brewer? Breville has totally redesigned the already simple LCD panel – which is actually useful and more than a boring old clock to make it greater than ever. The display clearly states, how much water is in the internal tank (and you don’t have to brew all the water out of it like traditional coffee machines either), the strength settings, selected service size (cups for carafe mode, and ounces for single cup). It also allows access to the menu for setting the clock, brew completion signal (low,high, or off) and auto start function (optional).In the menu you can also access the calibration function; this allows the grinder to come on for 10 seconds. After, the amount of coffee ground is weighed, and inputted into the menu using the strength knob. The brewer then recalculates the grinder timer to obtain the correct grinds to water ratio. This is important since all types,origins, and roasts of coffee will always grind differently – it is a good idea to calibrate every time you switch coffee bean brands/types.The machine brews up to 12 cups of great tasting coffee (or 8 if brewing on the top 3 strongest settings) as it would overflow with grounds if trying to brew the full 12 cups on this setting. It will not allow the grinder to start if in a Monday morning haze it gets attempted. It displays a nice little “!” icon and a bold warning “OVERFLOW” allowing the necessary adjustments to be made. Otherwise, you simply select how many cups you would like, the strength by dealing the knob from setting 1-8 (Breville recommends 4 for a medium strength coffee) but you can go up or down based on preference.Next is the single cup mode. A simple press of the carafe/single cup knob switches right over to the single cup mode. Simply remove the thermal carafe and put in your favourite cup/travel mug (there is even a removable drip tray if you love a big cup like me. You twist the cups dial to select the size of your mug (or a bit less if adding cream/sugar) from 8oz up to 20oz in 2oz increments. Press start and the water preheats, and then the interesting part begins. Since brewing a single cup uses little water, it is hard for the water to take up all the flavour and extract from the grinds if it just drips through. So the coffee enters a steeping mode where it mixes in the brew basket and steeps like a french press or tea would. After a couple minutes, the basket opens up and the full bodied coffee drips out just as good as if 12 cups had been brewed into the carafe. Now you can relax and enjoy that piping hot cup of coffee.Inside the box:Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker, User’s manual, Quick start guide, tips and techniques booklet, thermal carafe, and gold tone permanent filter (can also use 8-10 cup flat bottom paper filters).PROS:-Brews hot coffee at 200 degrees as required by specialty coffee associations (I measured it to be at 183 degrees after brewing in the carafe which I DID NOT preheat which is well within the ideal serving temperature of 175-190 degrees.-Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for about 3 hours and quite warm for about 6 – no scorching from a heating element.-Can brew a single cup or up to 12 cups in the carafe.-Adjustable grind size for optimal flavour.-Adjustable strength settings if you like it weak or wildly strong.-Large capacity, 1/2 pound bean hopper.-Grinder is at least 50% more quiet than the previous YouBrew model.-Easy-to-use USEFUL LCD panel.-Nice, sleek, modern appearance.-Simple to clean, remove and wash the brew basket (and included gold tone filter if used). Also, wipe down the bean chute/stopper disc every week or so.-Beans are ground immediately prior to brewing resulting in the best possible flavour and aroma.CONS:-A bit slow to steep on the single cup mode as opposed to carafe (about 6 minutes for all the sizes) but well worth it. It’s no slower than a regular drip machine would be to brew the same amount of coffee. I’m not even sure I’d call this a con.I highly recommend this machine to anyone who enjoys a great, full-bodied hot cup of coffee with minimal work required to get there.


  2. FJ40 Engineer

    We owned a Capresso 455 for years and really enjoyed the coffee that it made. It was used daily and eventually a mechanical part stopped working so we decided to replace it… With tears in our eyes, we researched the internet and came across what we hoped would be a step up. After watching a few videos, we unpacked the box and set up The Grind Control. As an engineer, I can appreciate all of the design work that clearly went in to this machine! This machine is quiet, precise, and brews some absolutely delicious coffee. Ease of cleaning aside, I appreciate that the grinder is accessible and every surface that makes contact with your beans can be cleaned. This is a huge step up from the Capresso that we loved.After a few pots of amazing coffee, we tossed out our Capresso and didn’t give it a second thought.The issue that we are having deals with how the hopper feeds beans in to the burr grinder. It’s a gravity feed, but in my opinion, the shape of the hopper isn’t aggressive enough to ensure your grinder is always fed with beans. I say this because I’ve hit the “Go” button on the coffee maker, gone off to take a shower, and when I come back, there are still plenty of beans in the hopper but the coffee looks like dirty water (a very light brown tinge). It’s hard to visualize, but only one area of the hopper is feeding in to the burr grinder.I’ve resorted to “pushing” the beans in the hopper to ensure a constant grind. Safe? No, but I’m careful and I don’t want to waste my beans… If you stop the process, the coffee maker has no idea how much coffee has already been ground so you either a) toss out your fresh grounded coffee and start over, b) leave the grinds in the filter and allow the coffee maker to put more in (strongest coffee I’ve EVER had!!!), or c) fill the rest of the filter with coffee ground outside of the grinder and just use it as a drip maker.I’ve emailed Breville and am waiting to hear back from them. I’ve tried different adjustments on the grind control knob but it hasn’t helped so far. This issue isn’t listed in the “Troubleshooting” steps that Breville provides.All in all, I like the coffee maker. As mentioned before, the coffee, when the coffee maker operates properly, comes out perfect. The controls are pretty intuitive in my opinion and I like that all parts are accessible. Also, I like Breville’s design to separate the steam from the beans in the hopper – it works. It doesn’t have many mechanical parts to break, which is good. What I find unacceptable is that I have to monitor the maker during burr grind operations. I’m lazy. I don’t want to sit there and push beans in the hopper. If that didn’t bother me, I would have just bought a drip maker and separate grinder.If we find a solution to the issue, I will update my review. Based on taste alone, this could be a 5 star coffee maker.

    FJ40 Engineer

  3. Smb

    Ordered this in October of 2017 and it has provided OK, but not great coffee since. Until yesterday that is, when it stopped working entirely and gave me the error code “001”. This is a common error with the machine and it renders it completely useless. There is a disk placed behind the coffee basket that controls the flow of ground coffee to the basket. It seems to be out of sync and will not close to the proper position, which means the machine will not do anything. It will not grind, it will not brew. I cannot even switch it over to use pre-ground coffee and have it brew a cup. So $300.00, got us 6 months of coffee machine use. We will be contacting Breville for warranty service on this machine and see what they have to say.Bottom line is that there are too many moving parts in this machine to make it a reliable appliance. A machine that costs this much should last more than 6 months.