Bosch GXL18V-232B22 18V 2-Tool Kit with 1/2 in. Compact Tough Drill/Driver, 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. Two

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  • Compact power combo kit – Two 18V tools (impact driver and drill) designed to fit in tight areas and to provide outstanding power, two 18V batteries and a charger
  • The Bosch Freak impact driver’s two-in-one bit/socket chuck – includes a 1/4 in. quick-change hex shank with power groove and a 1/2 in. square drive chuck, for using either bits or sockets
  • More compact, updated drill motor – provides the same power in a lighter weight
  • Powerful, efficient impact driver motor – delivers a max of 1, 600 in. -Ibs. of torque for professional power
  • Hammer-and-anvil system in impact driver – designed for maximum impact endurance



The Bosch GXL18V-232B22 18V 2-Tool Combo Kit features two tools designed to deliver professional cordless drilling and driving performance.

The Bosch Freak GDX18V-1600 Bit/Socket Impact Driver has a two-in-one chuck that combines a 1/4 In. quick-change hex shank with power groove for bits, with a 1/2 In. square drive for sockets.

Its motor produces up to 1, 600 in. -Ibs. of torque.

The DDS181A Compact Tough 1/2 In. Drill/Driver has an upgraded metal chuck, and its motor delivers the same power as conventional 18V motors in a more compact size.

It produces 600 in. -Ibs. of torque and two drilling speeds (0-1, 900 rpm for high speed and 0-500 rpm for high power).

This kit includes two 18V 2. 0 Ah Slim Pack batteries and a charger.

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  1. Raymond

    I received this unit and used it for a project on the home. Attempted to register it and found out it was a refurbished unit. I was not happy with the experience of this. You may do well to check your serial number via product registration or Provantage to see if you got a refurbished unit.


  2. Michael Nye

    I bought this set to replace my Makita drill and driver (which served me very well for several years of hard use). At first it seemed these were very underpowered, but after using on some heavy tasks, I realize it is just quieter than my Makitas were and more powerful. The battery life on these is impressive as well. I’ve been able to do several projects and only have charged them when I first got them. Highly recommend any Bosch product, this drill and driver are no exemption.

    Michael Nye

  3. Steven H.

    The Drill is great and all the usual quality I expect out of Bosch. There is what I consider a substantial design flaw with the quick change driver however. The locking sleeve is too deep to accept and lock the drill bit holder that comes with it or any other of my drill bit holders, including Bosch ones. This greatly diminishes the whole point of the driver. Only now do I see in the answered questions that this seems to be a known issue. Sad to say I will have to be returning this as otherwise a very nice set.

    Steven H.

  4. Jason Gray

    Love the impact driver but the drill does not stay tight on drill bits. Very frustrating. Love the battery life and power

    Jason Gray

  5. Aliounis

    This is my second Bosch drill and my first one is still running great, I just wanted the impact driver. The drill definitely got an update since the first one. The keyless chuck is much more durable compared to the first one. It is great to have all the existing batteries work on this one after almost 7 years. High quality and extremely durable tools


  6. Charles W. Reese III

    There is no detention to hold the driver bit into the driver. The bit needs to be taped in place. Not very efficient to work with.

    Charles W. Reese III

  7. R. Leverette

    I bought these to replace an old drill that died. I got the set since the price difference wasn’t that much more than for just the drill. The drill works great, it puts holes in things with ease. The real star here is the impact driver, it puts screws and lag bolts into things like Al Borland hammers nails. The ratchet motion has kept me from stripping and screws or bolts either. I’ve been using both of these to build a treehouse for my kids and I got about an hour’s battery life of consistently putting in screws. I had already made all my cuts and was just piecing everything together, the screws went in way easier than when I was using a drill, and under the same sort of usage my old drill would only last about a half hour. Using this for the occasional odd job a charge will last me weeks. The belt clip is large and super handy and the charge indicator on the batteries is a nice touch. The batteries take less time to charge than they do to drain, since this comes with two batteries you never really need to stop working. I’m very pleased and would recommend this set to anyone in need of a drill and driver.

    R. Leverette

  8. Banjobrock

    It didn’t last a year. I don’t even think it lasted 6 months but we didn’t buy the warranty a so we’re screwed. I hate that We wasted hard earned money on crap tools.


  9. Mtnviewer

    Great kit!!! Did a lot of research on these tools & on sale, this was the best bang for the buck. Nearly every review I could find also rated it at or near the top of competitors. What sealed the deal for me was quality of workmanship. Mine are flawless & the drill chuck has zero wobble as one person complained about. Next was the electronic battery & motor controls, which prevent over charging & over heating the motor if encountering a tough driver situation. You can’t burn out the motors on these tools by forcing them to work if over loaded.!!!! Next is ergonomics. The tools are quite light, smallish & fit in my hands really well. Even the soft shell case is excellent for what it is & far more rugged or heavy than I expected & opens wide with a heavy zipper.The ONLY CON is that there are no bubble or electronic levels on the drill, which is extremely useful in my work. I missed this the first time that I used it drilling horizontal holes on thin cabinet stock & sure enough, my eyeballing horizontal was off & I drilled through the upper surface from the edge. I then took the tool, figured out with rear wedges under the battery with pages from a small book, when the drill bit was level & I jury rigged a bubble level wedged into the left side steel hanger & from then on, drilled ALL level holes, not wasting any material as I did with my first use.Come on Mfgs, you make these things look like race car, rather than functional TOOLS. Put on levels for vertical & horizontal drilling. Make the top surface FLAT so it can be leaned against a vertical jig for even more precise vertical drilling!!! Build in bubble or now in the modern age, red green red LED levels, so green shows when level. You put in excellent LED’s for the battery check, so you have the technology & the technology is cheap, it’s in point & shoot cameras for goodness sake. These are supposed to be quality & decently precision tools but you make it harder to use them that way.Otherwise, great tools, better than the rest that I tried in the stores & a far better price on Amazon than in the stores.


  10. MadameS

    Just received this kit. Bought for myself for home use/and I’m also a property manager. My boyfriend is a red seal carpenter and very experienced with tools and can’t believe the weird screeching noise it makes and says its not normal. I’ve searched all other reviews online and see a few others had the same problem with this kit. I decided to exchange them on Amazon since they are brand new but figured I’d call the company first in case there is something we can do ourselves at home to fix this. The customer service lady was extremely rude and said it’s impossible to have any issues with this set and said any noise is normal and proceeded to tell me in a rude tone that “my boyfriend is just trying to find a problem and there isn’t any”. Wow, excuse me??? This is how they talk to customers? Her name was Elvira from Montreal, Quebec. Not impressed with this type of customer service from this company. I told her that was the rudest thing I’ve ever heard from a company, figured she would apologize but instead she said: “Well I’m just saying it’s a possibility that you guys are only trying to find issues”. We also just bought their large job site radio and we both love it and were about to order a 2nd one for him, so obviously we wanted to love the drill set since the battery is compatible with their radio and very far from trying to find issues. I wanted to order a lot of their other tools as well but after my experience with this brand’s extreme rudeness on the phone, I am rethinking.


  11. Amazon Customer

    Set is excellent. I have installed just under 400 doors and windows since I got them and still running strong. Not as fast as the dewalt 20v but far more precise. The variable speed trigger on the impact driver is actually variable speed, unlike most where is goes stop-fast-just drove the screw all the way through the material. I havnt used the drill to the same extent but it handled a full day of drilling 1/2″ holes with an auger bit into LVL and 5 ply beams. Bottom line: great tools, and considering the impact driver usually runs around 399 by itself you really can’t go wrong with the price.

    Amazon Customer

  12. Jean-Michel Desrosiers

    Je recommande ce kit à 100% quand il est en spécial!Pour le prix, la qualité est vraiment là!Puissance 5* pour un kit compact.Durée de batterie 4* (2ah).Durabilité 5* : embout métallique et construction résistante et protection à la poussière!Très agréable à utiliser!Il y a également une protection anti-kickback intégrée pour éviter des accidents!

    Jean-Michel Desrosiers

  13. Michael

    Bought these to replace my ailing MasterCraft drill/driver. So far these Bosch tools are working out great. The hammer driver speeds up work in my shop, fits the hand nicely and battery life is very good. The drill clutch mechanism for loading and changing bits is very quick and easy. Great design and seems to be of good quality. Time will tell of course but during the past few months I have zero complaints!


  14. Chris Childerhose

    The first impact drill combo i ever bought was a bosch that i got 9 years ago. I still have the drill set to this day, and it still works. They have been through a lot, even being dropped off ladders. I was told that the average drill set lasts about a year with heavy usage. I am a carpenter, my drills get used a lot. I have used a lot of drills over the years including dewalt, makita, Milwaukee, rigid, porter cable. I am not bashing those either, they are quality products. The dewalt has hands down the most driving power for the impact driver. But the bosch has impressed my with how long it lasted. So this Christmas i got 2 sets as a gift from my wife. I was very happy.

    Chris Childerhose

  15. Jorge

    Se sienten de buena calidad. Con suficiente fuerza. Perforaciones de 1″ en madera sin problemas, en velocidad 2. Tornillos de 1/4″ x 6″ sin hoyo guía, con soltura. El atornillador parece que consume más batería.