Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 – 12V Max Flexiclick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System

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  • Versatile: The electric screwdriver’s 5 in 1 design delivers outstanding versatility in a compact, high quality drill/driver; The kit includes a locking bit holder, a key less chuck, an offset angle and a right angle to attach to the tool with the one click interface
  • Convenient : The included key less chuck attachment provides locked in drilling for difficult materials; An LED light illuminates dark work areas effectively and afterglow function keeps the light on for 10 seconds after the tool is off
  • Secure: The kit’s locking bit holder attachment locks hex bits for security during high torque driving or drilling
  • Adjustable: The provided right angle attachment is designed for tight work spaces and works with the other three
  • Precision: The offset angle attachment offers precise screw driving very close to edges; rotates to 16 positions without



The Bosch 12V Max Flexi Click 5 In 1 Drill/Driver System is designed for professionals who want a high quality tool that redefines their limits to get the tough jobs done.

At only 1. 8 Lbs. and 265 In. Lbs. of torque, this robust drill/driver delivers the performance you expect in the size you want.

It has two speed settings, for quick jobs and precision work. It starts with a magnetic bit holder for basic driving.

The four attachments – a locking bit holder, a key less chuck, an offset angle and a right angle– each attach to the tool securely and easily with the one click interface.

The right angle attachment is for tight spaces, and it works with all three other adapters.

The offset angle attachment delivers precise screw driving close to edges.

Both of these attachments rotate to 16 positions without removing them. The locking bit holder

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  1. Mountain Digger

     Bought this a month ago over the brushless motor that advertised to be more battery efficient because I wanted a impact and drill driver for my every day job. This thing is light weight and easy to operate with.Pros1. High startup torque2. Lightweight3. Different heads for different applications at the worksite4. Comes with 2 battery.Cons1. The heads comes out itself somestimes2. The battery life is short.👇😍😍 Every time I purchase something online, I always check the reviews. I count on others to help me choose the best option. My reviews are always my honest opinion and I try to include photos if possible.If my review has helped you in any way, please click the “helpful” 👍👍👍 button below so that I know! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you! 😍😍.

    Mountain Digger

  2. greg

    I often use this with its 90° adapter and Bosch’s spade bits (from DSB5003) to get between closely spaced joists. First, the torque is lower than I expected considering the wondrous reviews others have given Bosch’s 12V power tools. Second, the 90° adapter seems only to be able to click in at three angles, e.g., 120°, 240° and 0°/360°, but offset such that you’ll never be able to hold the handle of the drill perpendicular to your work.


  3. Alex T.

    I’ve got this drill/driver set on preorder with all possible rebates and Amazon discounts just for $119 so, I am not the one to complain about the retail price.Pros: Fit and overall workmanship is what expected from Bosch. Tool is made in Malaysia. Fills good in hand, enough power to drill a pocket hole with 1″ forstner bit. Changing attachments is easy. Charger works fast.Cons: Battery retention clips are extremely stiff even for my hands. Changing the battery would be a struggle for an average teenager or a woman.Adjustment of the positions on the offset and right angle attachments were not always easy. It felt like they were catching up on something when being pulled out to adjust, not always but enough times to notice. I think with some break-in time there will be no issues.The biggest complaint by far is so called “soft case”. Bosch description calls it a bag, which is what it is exactly. There is almost no padding, the cheap lunch box will have more. The Velcro retention straps are too short and hard to grab. There are no dedicated straps / positions for any of the attachments. Retention strap for the spare battery is too far away from the drill handle, and as a result takes up valuable storage space which could be allocated for an attachment.Conclusion: So far seems to be adequate for what I need.

    Alex T.

  4. KenG

    This is an excellent drill cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and finish carpenters. It’s ability to get into tight corners makes a lot of aftermarket drill accessories and specialty drills obsolete. The only thing you will need is a flex shaft. I hope at some point the parts of this drill and the drill itself can be purchased separately. It has the same power as every other non-impact 12V drill and performs very well. There is an 18V version in Europe at the moment FYI. Also, this drill should really come in an L-BOXX, but that’s nothing Kaizen foam can’t fix. If you are looking to get rid of carrying speciality drills and most accessories, this is your drill. I might add that the offset attachment will drive pocket screws with a 3” bit vs a 6”, but don’t expect this tool to efficiently drill a pocket hole.


  5. Rob59AZ

    I have a full set of the Bosch 12V power tools and they are my go-to tools for small/medium tasks (anything not requiring the big 18V tools). I purchased this set for off-site work as a space & weight saver. Couldn’t be happier with this – very flexible, plenty of power (for 12V), and my 4-year old batteries still have plenty of power and capacity, leading me to believe these batteries will have a long useful life as well. I found a use for the offset driver attachment within days of receiving it. I love being able to keep bits in the head and just swap heads (from drill to Phillips driver, for example).I still need to carry the impact driver, as this tool cannot perform that function, but that’s the only thing I could think to add (if indeed that’s possible) to make this the perfect power tool.


  6. Simon Chu

    I am a DIY enthusiastic person. I had 2 different brands of impact and hammer drills set but they are all regular size drills. When I see this drill, I am not paying too much attention to it. Then I see a set from my colleague, I start to think about why I need this. After a period of time, I am telling myself I should not waste money on my third set for no reason. However, the promotion price from amazon drew my attention again. I eventually bought it and test it. After couple small project using it, I decide to do this review.I really like it. It is lighter and smaller than my drill sets. When u work at restricted area with limited room and ceiling or high height work, this drill definitely has an advantage over any regular drill. It is easy to hold and carry. the switchable concept is invincible. No need to carry two drills anymore and easy to switch amongs different caulks. Right angle and offset caulks are big selling points too. One small bag pretty much carry everything. I put a bits box in the bag instead of charger to make it more comprehensive with pretty much everything I need in one single bag.The whole set is solid built and good quality. If really want me to criticize, I will say the power is not too high but good enough for most DIY project. The price (even regular price) is quite competitive considering it comes with 2 batteries and different caulks.Highly recommend this to any persons for a new drill or second or third set. 🙂

    Simon Chu

  7. BA

    I originally purchased this to replace my 2007 vintage PS20 driver. The capability of flexclick system really caught my eye.Overall I am satisfied with this purchase. It seems very well built with higher capacity batteries.There are 2 issues I did not anticipate.1) this unit is much heavier overall than the PS20 and it is also very top heavy in comparison. Probably due to two reasons the robust flexclick mechanism and the additional features of the newer driver unit it was based on (2 speeds, more clutch settings & more powerful motor). A trade off for the additional capabilities. Not a deal breaker but just be aware of it if you are used to the older simpler units.2) the angled flexclick mechanisms do not attach at points I would have expected them to. In other words my expectation was at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock if the front end was a clock face. This unit locks at 3 positions on the “clock face” so the positions will be staggered and not at 90 degrees to one another. You can turn the locking ring before attaching and with trial and error it will lock at a desired “clock” position. In a way this creates more flexibility but conversely more fiddling. Fiddling leads to frustration if you are in a hurry.Update: after more fiddling I found that if you hold the right angle or offset attachments at the “angle” you want and turn the lock ring counter clock wise (or towards unlocking) until the attachment engages the driver you can then turn the lock ring the other way to lock it in position. (Could this have been in the manual? Lol) because of this I will re rate it at 5 stars.A pleasant surprise is that I was unaware that Bosch simply renamed their 10.8v batteries to 12v so the batteries are interchangeable between my drivers and chargers, so the PS20 will not be put out to pasture but will have a shiny new partner.This is from the Bosch website confirming the battery “name” change and cross compatibility:“All Bosch Professional 10.8V power tools, batteries and chargers will be changed to 12V.They are fully compatible.”I am really impressed with the service I have had with the PS20 and that the batteries are still doing well. I am hoping the same level of engineering and build went into the flexclick unit.Update Dec 2018: another issue to be aware of is that you must be careful when rotating the clutch if your wearing gloves or have your hand too far forward you can also inadvertently turn the attachment causing it to fall off. I’ve done this several times with the small driver attachment luckily in the shop. This would really suck if you are up a ladder or on a dock.


  8. Thomas W.

    Used this product while I was building a suspended storage area in the garage above the garage door. Basically 2×4 construction using construction screws and hangers for the 2×4. The offset attachment was great for driving in the 2 5/8 inch size 8 screws I was using. On the hangers I used 1 3/8 screws and it made short work of them all. Had a couple of joists in the way and found the 90 degree driver worked perfectly to get screws in there. Since I was working in the air I liked the light weight of these item. They have good torque but not as much as the 18 volt models I have but are far lighter and have enough and are much easier to handle due to smaller size. Probably if I was going to just get 1 tool I would get this item due to its versatility. It would be nice if they made this in brushless for even better battery life but it was fine for what I was doing. If you were driving screws all day you would need a couple of batteries as that seemed to take the most out of the battery, I think you could probably drill things all day. Great tool glad I got it.

    Thomas W.

  9. GoodBuying

    This has been an absolute life saver for my go-to tool bag. It works just like any other bosch 12v drill but easily provides a head that holds drill bits or 1/4 inch hex bits. It also comes with a 90 degree head that can be used to get between studs and in tight areas as well as an offset hex bit driver that allows you to screw in/unscrew right next to surfaces that would otherwise get int he way of a normal drill. The 12 volt battery lasts long enough for most jobs and is light enough that you can carry multiple of them.I don’t use the case from it but the drill and all attachments fit nicely in my normal tool bag.


  10. Joseph

    Where this Bosch combination tool really shines is with smaller jobs like drawer glides, electrical outlets, mounting boxes, pocket hole joinery, door hardware, etc.The right-angle attachment is one of things we won’t use often, but when we do, we are glad to have it.Same for the offset attachment which is nice with door hardware and hinges, cabinet assembly, and tabletop project assembly’s.Point is, it’s got enough power to do most tasks on our job sites – including drilling holes in various materials, and most driving tasks with ease – and with 2 batteries, were easily get through a good amount of work with this set.IWe are really happy with this tool. The 3 year warranty once you register, just makes this set even better.However I’m not a huge fan of the soft shell case.


  11. SR

    I’ve been using this unit for a kitchem build / install, and it’s been great so far — battery life is awesome, the attachments are all easy to swap out and adjust, and it’s just nice having a small hex-drive clutched drill to avoid overdriving fasteners. The ONLY downside is the complete lack of a belt clip, which is sorely needed during installs.


  12. Amazon Customer

    The movers lost my old drill during our move so I needed a replacement right away to use to put together the Closetmaid Kits from Home Depot and the storage units & desk from Staples. I have osteoarthritis in my hands and can no longer use a screw driver without getting a cramp after a few minutes. The Bosch Drill/Driver is much lighter and worked well to let me complete the assembly of our new furniture.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Yamil

    Excelente equipo para uso en carpintería bien torque y muy buen la punta para esquinas y sobre todo el precio menos de 3000 pesos en oferta relámpago


  14. bazked

    Superior product. So simple to use. The right-angle attachment and the corner attachment are truly insightful and thoughtful. Wont think of any other product other than this. Great battery life as well.


  15. Knight4

    Muy buen taladro, yo lo compre para usarlo en ensables de muebles en mdf e instalaciones, con todos los accesorios se hace indispensable en las isntalaciones