Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

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  • Compact: Most compact cordless 18 Volt power drill driver, 3 pounds Of lightweight design allows for optimal handling in even the tightest spaces
  • Light Weight : Lightest weight 18V electric battery powered compact drill driver for more efficiency and less fatigue during the toughest impact drilling or screw driving applications
  • High Torque & Speed: High torque and speed at only 3 pounds, The Bosch DDB181 02 Provides 350 pounds Of optimized torque for powerful fastening and 1,300 RPM for fast, efficient power drilling
  • Convenience: Includes LED Light illuminating the darkest work spaces and contractor bag for portability making it the complete power tool
  • Variable Speed: 2 speed transmission, one for heavy duty projects and one for speed, both provide optimized torque and efficiency for powerful screw driving and precise drilling



The Bosch DDB181 02 is the industry’s most compact and lightest weight 18 Volt basic duty 1/2 inch drill/driver. With its compact and lightweight design, professionals can drill or drive fasteners overhead or in tight spaces fatigue free.

More compact than many competitive 12 Volt tools, It is ideal for electricians, plumbers and HVAC tradesman looking for a solution that not only fits in their pouch, but also can handle most everyday tasks with 18 Volt battery power.

The Ddb181 works at two speeds 400 RPM and 1, 300 RPM (No load) and provides 350 inch/pounds of torque, which is enough to drive most common fasteners and drill bits.

Kit contents: (1) DDB181 02 1/2 inch compact drill/driver, (1) screw driving bit, (2) 1.5 Ah slim pack batteries, (1) charger, (1) contractor bag

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  1. Wisconsin Gardener

    Initial impressions. Will update later as required. I have owned a Bosch 18 volt drill/driver for a few years. It has been awesome. I also have a Bosch 18 volt, handheld vacuum, and a reciprocating saw. Figured I needed some more batteries. A fat pack would have been nice, but this was too good to pass up. Two more slim packs, another drill/driver and charger, essentially; for free. I had asked the question of the people; “have they improved the chuck?” The chuck is not great on the older one. The response was, paraphrasing: “seems fine to me”. It would appear to me as well, that the chuck is MUCH improved. This is a great drill. Not sure why everyone doesn’t do this, but having the light down on the base works great! No shadows as others have pointed out. Seriously, others… a light on the body behind the chuck is useless. A few observations though. This is even more compact than the older version. I don’t have the specs on the old one, but if will be interesting to see if as powerful (the old one is a beast, given the size). The motor is much smaller. Second, the two batteries are 1.5 amp, with no fuel gauge. They have no label that my old eyes can read, maybe 611’s? My old one also has 1.5 amp BAT610Gs, with fuel gauge. I think the more expensive, newer versions come with 2.0 amp batteries. Still a good deal. But know what you’re getting. Pic is of the old (left) next to the new.

    Wisconsin Gardener

  2. CAE-MI

    I’ve had a Bosch 1/2″ chuck brushless drill for a couple years and it works excellent. Batteries are not impressive but the drill works well. So, I decided to buy another one just because it’s handy to have two. Saw this on Amazon, looked identical to the one I bought before. I even checked the model number…sorta. My original drill is a DDS181. This one is a DDB181. It’s kind of like the gay cousin of the DDS version…smaller, more delicate, less powerful. It isn’t a BRUSH’ed motor, which is good because their brushed motor drills are no better than Walmart drills. But despite the DDX181 number, this drill sure isn’t the real McCoy either. Here are a couple photos so you can decide for yourself. MY point here is that this is how Bosch “markets” crap…and because of this kind of deceitful nonsense, I’ve bought my last Bosch product. My advice? Buy a Dewalt…or PC or any of the others that don’t play these games. In the end, I kept it because a pair of batteries is worth the 90 bucks I paid for it but NEVER again. Bosch is off my tool list permanently.


  3. CindyC

    My original review is below, but, as you can see, I have changed it, giving this Bosch drill, and the Bosch company, the five stars they deserve!! Let me catch you up: I was disappointed that the drill stripped out, because my husband loved this drill, and used it a LOT. He is a project, DIY kind of guy. He told me this was the best drill he had ever owned, and he has owned about every name-brand drill there is, both rechargeable, and corded. So, whe it stripped out, just a little over a year out, and the warranty here on Amazon had expired, I was really disappointed. BUT – let me give Amazon props here – I applied for, and got, the Amazon Visa, and got a $70.00 gift card, with which I paid the majority of buying another Bosch drill, just like this one…so, it only cost me around $20.00. THEN, my husband, Mr. DIY – Persistent kind of guy – called the Bosch company direct, and they paid for us to ship the broken drill to them, repaired the drill, and shipped it back, at $0 cost to us! (I know, right?) So, my hubby now has TWO wonderful Bosch drills, at a cost of $20.00 out of pocket! (I paid the Amazon Chase card off, right away, to avoid interest.)Original review:(Only giving two stars, because, even though this is a five star drill while it works, it stripped out internally after owning it for one year, three and a half months…just past the warranty date of one year. A drill that costs this much should last longer than a little over a year. My husband absolutely loved this drill. So disappointed!)


  4. CCCampbell

    Thrilled with this compact, lightweight, efficient drill. I am a 50 year old woman, and my hands and wrists are pretty weak, due to occupational stress on them, but I have a lot of little projects around the house that need done. This drill makes work faster and reduces stress on my hands. The torque is perfect for me, just enough to get simple around the house projects done. Larger drills have too much vibration for my hands, are too heavy and cumbersome. The light has been very helpful in small spaces. Especially like that I just depress the trigger 1/2 way to get the light on, find where I need to place the drill, and then drill. 2 batteries were important to my, so I appreciate the value in this set! VERY happy with this purchase.


  5. Adam

    I really loved this thing while it lasted but after 13 months the motor has blown out. I really expected this to last longer, it seemed very well made. I only used it for smaller projects too. It is really light and has a decent amount of torque. My dad has this same one and the larger version and has had no issues so maybe I just got a bad one.


  6. Florian

    Hasta le fecha, la mejor inversión que hice desde mucho. Se siente súper bien en la mano, la segunda pila es un adicional muy apreciado, siempre tienes energía. Preferí ese modelo en 18v para su capacidad de brocas hasta 1/2”. No me arrepiento! Se recarga en un par de horas. Las dos velocidades y poder escoger la escala del torque permite taladrar en concreto y láminas sin broncas. No tiene la potencia de un taladro de golpe pero hace el trabajo chingon! Para tornillos, es perfecto. Muy buen producto Bosch


  7. Dan Thornton

    I bought this drill mainly because of the excellent reviews in Consumer Reports and the glowing customer reviews on Amazon. The drill is smaller than most but that suits me because I am hardly a power user and it seems to have more torque than I could ever use when the clutch is set high. The battery pack easily lasts all day for me and there’s a spare included in the package in case it doesn’t. So you can have one charging while you use the other one if you need to work continuously for long periods of time (which I don’t). The case is very nice. When you’re done, it all packs up nicely. It comes with one screw bit that would probably fit a lot of heads, but I bought a bit set to go with it so that I could get just the right fit. There’s even a belt clip for heavy users.

    Dan Thornton

  8. Lily B.

    Purchased the drill in 2015. I loved how compact it is, drills holes in tight spaces and overall was great. Good design, perfect for smaller household projects. Which is exactly what I used it for.So yes, it was 3 1/2 years old, but rarely used and nothing demanding, just light wood or drywall drilling here and there.Every time I used it I had a feeling there is a burnt smell in the air, coming from the drill, thought though it’s how a brushed motor works. Then, couple of days ago I wanted to install a trim, upon starting to drill the first hole I saw a flame and sparks coming out of the motor at the end of drill and it was…gone. I read at least two other reviews describing same issue I experienced, so it’s not an isolated case.After owning this tool for a while I still say it’s a great little drill, just mine seemed to have been plagued by quality assurance issues. I have two other older drills, and I know for sure it is not normal for a motor to die like this after a very light use. And I understand why it carries only one year warranty, while all other competitors sell their drills with 3 year warranty… If you decide to buy it, you will probably love it, just be aware of the reliability issues.

    Lily B.

  9. Matthew Puzey

    I waited almost two years to review this drill in order to get some real use out of it because I have had other cordless drills which over time I became quite dissatisfied with. My original reason for purchasing the drill was to take with me on a driving trip to Alaska. That trip is very demanding and as expected required a number of equipment repairs along the way, some of which needed a drill. I wanted something that was cordless, and small so that I could use it totally off-grid and not consume a large amount of space since I needed to pack a considerable contingency of tools and parts to be self sufficient on the trip. This Bosch cordless really fit the bill. It is one of the smallest cordless drills out there, has two good lithium ion batteries, is reversible, and comes in a handy carrying case which keeps it all together. It was great on the trip for things like windshield chip repair and screwing down replacement tank strapping when one of my fresh water tanks broke loose in the Yukon.Once I returned, I put the drill in my shop and have used it for quite a few drilling and screwing tasks, as well as priming engine oil systems, and it has not let me down. This is one tool that I am really glad to own.Pros: – Compact size is easy to carry, and handier in tight spaces – Excellent Lithium Ion batteries work for a long time, and do not discharge easily in storage – Two batteries included, which means that even if you run one down, you can keep working while it recharges. – Nice carrying case keeps everything together – Reversible, and ratcheting torque can be set for driving screws to avoid overtightening – Good power, outperformed a small corded drill in priming a 351W Ford oil system recently – Keyless chuck is just one step handier when you are in the middle of nowhere, or anytime reallyCons: – Seemed a touch on the expensive side when I bought it, but it is clearly a case of getting what you paid for

    Matthew Puzey

  10. Will

    Que no te engañe el tamaño, este taladro tiene excelente potencia y además le dura mucho la batería, que además tarda muy poco en recargarse. El sistema de dos velocidades con clutch y modo taladro resulta excelente para poner pijas con punta de broca y no barrerlas. OJO, no tiene rotomartillo. Viene con un espacio para ponerle una correa pero no viene con correa, pero sí con un gancho para colgartelo del cinturón.


  11. Rabbi Goldstein

    Love this drill. BEST I have ever owned. Feels “solid”, quality construction. The lithium battery is AMAZING! Handles MONTHS of my small household projects without needing to recharge. Previously, I was using cheaper “black and decker” orange cordless drills–which lost a charge after 3 or 4 days, weighed much more, and were probably made as the “cheapest-available” drill niche. Switching to the Bosch drill is like getting RE-BORN! From now on, I will probably stick with ot her BOSCH products (if the quality/value is like this drill!). So what it costs a bit more than cheaper (B&D) drills? It will clearly last MANY MORE YEARS and do its job PERFECTLY. Well, I guess you can tell I like this baby. GET IT!

    Rabbi Goldstein

  12. Kyle Harrison

    It is definitely the best drill I have owned to date, but I don’t know what that says since it is only the third one I’ve had. I have previously had a hardware store branded drill, which was good for the first year, but the battery life was not the greatest and the power was kind of lackluster. I also still have a corded Black and Decker heirloom drill that is still going pretty good, but doesn’t have a reverse function. I only do work around the house including some simple furniture builds, so I am not a heavy user.I am impressed with the Bosch so far, especially with it being quite small and easy to handle. The battery life is great and it definitely can hold its own in the power department. I love that it comes with two batteries, so you can keep working if the first one dies out on you. It has a light that comes on when you press the trigger, which I don’t find all that useful. It would be better if there was a light switch, so I would be able to turn it on and see the hole I want to drill into before actually drilling it. I usually have a separate light anyways, so not a big deal to me. It also comes with a case, which I appreciate, so I can keep everything together on my tool wall when not in use.I would recommend this to anyone looking for a drill.

    Kyle Harrison

  13. Ron Evers

    I found it a 1/4 Lb heavier than my 7.5V DeWalt that it is replacing only because a new set of batteries cost as much as this new kit. I do a lot of cabinet work & drill screw pilot holes in hardwood so was concerned about comments that this unit did not hold small drill-bits securely. However, it held a 1/16″ bit just fine; I did not try anything smaller than that. At this time I have only given it a trial use, so cannot comment further on how well it will perform over the long run.

    Ron Evers

  14. tester

    Straight out of the box the drill is sparking so badly that said sparks were exiting the drill vents itself!Once I finally got through to the phone number of Bosch customer support printed in the instruction manual I was told in no uncertain terms that sparking exiting the vent holes of the tool itself was normal operation. This of course is misinformation and clearly shows that no quality control is happening before these units leave the factory.This drill should not be sold in its current form and Bosch needs to improve their quality control if they wish to sell a safe product and avoid any future injury lawsuits. This is a safety hazard and I pity anyone who mistakenly uses this tool in a hot work zone.I for one will never touch another Bosch power tool again since this return and will source future tools from another reputable manufacturer.


  15. Myschuff

    This drill has really surprised me for it’s value. I got it to do small jobs around the house. It’s lighter than the 18V Dewalt. I ended up using it to build an entire 100×100 foot wooden fence this summer. It’s done everything I’ve asked of it so far. Not a jobsite drill but the next best thing being so lite. The battery lasts a day’s work without capacity loss over a year. Charges on a reasonable time. If the battery was bigger it would be heavier. After a year it’s still like the first gay I used it. I wish now I had bought two.