Bosch CCS180B 18V Lithium-Ion 6-1/2″ Circular Saw

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  • PRECISION: The Bosch CCS180B Circular Saw Bare Tool has a 6-1/2-inch saw blade capacity and provides the ability to cut through 2-inch thick material at 90 degrees and 1-9/16-inch thick material at 50 degrees.
  • POWER: The cordless saw is balanced and compact with 3,900 no-load rpm and weighing only 6.6 lbs. for an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.
  • CONVENIENT: Featuring a left-blade design for a clear view of cut line when saw’s main handle is held in right hand. The cordless saw also provides an adjustable, easy-to-read bevel and a depth-of-cut gauge for consistent locking and improved accuracy.
  • ACCURACY: The saw features the Bosch-exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing the blade into the work piece and an electronic brake to quickly stop the blade for quick and easy use.
  • DURABLE: The Bosch CCS180B Circular Saw Bare Tool was built to withstand years of the toughest jobs with a heavy-duty aluminum foot and upper guard. It also includes Bosch’s Motor and Cell protection to prevent overload and overheating.
  • The 6 1/2-inch saw blade can completely cut through 2-times material even at full depth of cut
  • Exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foot and upper guard for enhanced durability on the toughest jobsites
  • 50-degree bevel gives you a wider range of applications
  • Spindle lock allows for faster and easier blade change


The Bosch CCS180 18-Volt professional cordless lithium-ion circular saw uses 6-1/2-inch blades, and it has the capacity to cut through 2-inch thick material at 90 degrees and capacity to cut through 1-9/16-inch thick material at a 45-degree bevel.

This saw has a blade-left design to allow the easiest view of cut line when saw’s main handle is held in right hand.

Other features include an exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece, a 50-degree bevel range that allows wide range of bevel applications, a spindle lock for fast and easy blade changes, and easy-to-read depth-of-cut and bevel scales.

The saw has heavy-duty aluminum foot and upper guard for enhanced durability on the toughest jobsites.

An electronic brake stops the blade quickly for reduced down time between repetitive cuts.

Additional electronics features include Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), which protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime, and the Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system, which protects the battery (sold separately) against overload, overheating and deep discharge. Battery and charger sold separately.

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  1. Steve MacArthur

    Edit 7/3/2018: I have seen lots of complaints about fit issues with the new Bosch Core 18V battery. The saw I received appears to have the updated battery housing shape, which will accept the latest Core 18V batteries. Serial number on the saw is 709083200. Maybe Bosch has introduced the new housing into production?This saw seems tight and pretty well-built. It had no problem doing 8ft rip cuts on 5/4 decking this weekend. I like the blade brake. The location of the battery placement is nice – low, seamless and out of the way. I’m a casual DIY home user that already bough into the Bosch 18V platform. This saw will be more than enough for my needs. Couldn’t pass up the recent $20 off deal, either.I’m a little disappointed the saw did not come with a rip fence. I had to buy it separately from Bosch, and with research found out the securing screw had to be purchased as well (part numbers 1613480008 for the Wing Screw and 2610347119 for the Rip Fence). This is minor, but I don’t like how the battery “fuel” gauge is hidden from view when installed onto the tool. Lastly, the safety switch can be awkward to reach for – a rare miss since Bosch tools usually have ergonomics nailed down.

    Steve MacArthur

  2. papatch

    I got this saw about 90 minutes ago in via UPS. I have used a lot different circular saws over the past fifty years, this one rates pretty high. It won’t always replace a Skilsaw Model 77 or a decent sidewinder, but it will a lot of the time.I do tenant repairs and rarely use a circular saw all day long.* I replace rotten deck boards and fence boards quite often.* Occasionally I need to repair dry rot around a toilet.* Tenants like to punch holes in doors, so I replace quite a few doors.* Sometimes I will build an 8′ section of fence.What was important to me was that the saw be capable of ripping an 8′ 2×6. I tried it right away, it passed even with the included blade which has a very narrow kerf to blade plate ratio. The saw has all the power I need to rip 2″ stock. It was also important that the saw be able to cut the edge off of a 1-3/4″ door using a 1/4″ thick rip guide, this saw meets this requirement.What did I like about the saw?* The blade guard is not as flimsy as some reviewers claim, you have to jam on it to get it to touch the blade.* The depth of cut gauge is good once you figure out that the settings are for the thickness of the wood you are cutting, not the actual depth of cut: the 2″ mark should be labeled 1-1/2″.* I really like the location of the depth adjustment locking lever, best location I’ve ever used.* If you center the bevel cut gauge mark on the center of the scale marks the saw is dead on.* There is a stop on the bevel gauge at 90 degrees, it is dead on.* The included hex wrench attached to the saw is a plus, though it could fit a little tighter.* It has more than enough power to rip 1-1/2″ truck dried Doug Fir.* It cuts deep enough to cut 3-1/2″ with one flip.* I have rarely needed to cut 50 degrees, but it is a handy feature.* A very important feature to me is the angle of the saw’s handle, you push the saw like you would on a Model 77.What I don’t like:I have small to medium hands, the “safety button” is hard to reach. I will probably disable it with a short screw.Within the past two weeks I have purchased the Bosch 18 volt jig saw, Sawsall and now the I have the circular saw, all using the same batteries. Using corded tools I would sometime spend more time running a cord to the back fence or walking back and forth than I did actually cutting the boards. I often times find myself in a crawl space or an attic, or up on a roof; cordless is the way to go. There are a lot of good brands, I chose Bosch.* It is light yet well constructed, it should last a long time.


  3. XTsallaD

    With the new core battery this is like having a new tool. The rpms with no load run at just over 4,000 with the core battery and the torque is noticeably higher than running it with a 6.0ah but I have no way to measure that. I can feel a big difference using the Core batt compared to using my 6.0 batteries though. I’ve been using this next to my corded Tilt-Lock Milwaukee saw that is old enough to have been made in the U.S. but still the current corded saw from Milwaukee. I’m astonished that this Bosch CCS180 saw, with a core battery, can keep up with the corded Milwaukee 6390-20. My corded Milwaukee can power through a bind without stopping where this Bosch can’t quite handle as hard of a bind. The cordless Bosch with a core battery slows less than my corded saw in any cut and even cuts faster but a hard bind will bring it to a stop. It has a clutch feature that can be adjusted with the blade bolt and also has a blade brake which are both great safety features. It has as much power as I’ll ever need using it professionally. I don’t frames houses so I don’t know how it would hold up in that environment but for just framing a few walls and for repairs in a remodel environment it’s holding up well for the past couple of years. I keep wanting to get a Flexvolt as I have the track saw, but the flex volt is so heavy. Between this and the FV, they both cut 2x material in any range of bevel or not, they both take 2 passes on opposing sides to cut 4x material… Can’t figure out a good reason to have a 7 ¼ blade. I might still get one. The base of the ccs180 did get out of alignment so that it would bind when using it against a straight edge guide on the left side of the shoe but I simply bent depth slide back to where it holds the baseplate parallel to the blade using a square for reference. Now it works perfectly again. Out of the box, I needed to adjust the base plate to get 90 degrees from the blade with the grub screw style adjustment. It was simple and easy. After getting a Core battery and seeing how ugly the gap at the battery terminal is for the replacement handles that Bosch will install on the tool free of charge, I opted to cut the small lip at the bottom edge of the battery area with a utility knife and it was unbelievably easy and looks really good as well. I also grinded off a little bit if the top outer lip on the baseplate where the core battery will hit and reduce the cutting depth by 1mm. My baseplate goes all the way to full depth and I can install and remove my core battery with the base at full depth as well. The handle angle is great and the tool is light weight. The blade brake is very fast and the saw doesn’t sound like there’s sand in the motor when it’s running. No positive stops on bevel adjustment, no light, not brushless, no rafter hook (I use a stand alone rafter hook to hang it from around my work table). I hope this review is helpful.Update:I did get a flexvolt dcs575 saw and this Bosch with the Core battery is still very competitive with that one as well. The flexvolt gets a lot of friction on the base against lumber but I sanded the bottom well with 400 grit paper and its smooth now. Until I sanded it the bosch felt faster in 2X lumber cuts. This Bosch has a better handle position and is easier to push through material and is hard to feel the difference in cut speed between it and the FV. The FV feels smoother in the cut. My projects so far have been only around 40-60 cuts in 2×6 and 2×4 lumber and I’m not framing all day or anything. For my use, I probably wouldn’t replace the Flexvolt if it were damaged or stolen after using this Bosch with it side by side with a Core battery installed (both having 24 tooth diablo blades) but I like features on the FV such as the updated rafter hook(mine has it), light, positive bevel stops and the dust collection port adapter I added that is designed for the corded 575. I still hope Bosch releases an updated 18v circular saw soon.


  4. M. Niquet

    Utilisée de façon intensive 15 jours durant pour construction d’un deck en bois brut. Fantastique!Meilleure scie que j’aie eue en main. La seule utilisable d’une seule main. Je me suis même passé du banc de scie pour déligner des madriers de bois dur. La puissance est là mais sans la brutalité des scies électriques et on est porté à essayer des passes qu’on n’oserait pas avec ces dernières. Bravo!

    M. Niquet

  5. Teredactle

    Love this circular saw, I have used it from day 1 for every single project! I also have the larger corded Bosch, which get barely any use since I’ve had this. My only one complaint is the “Exclusive anti-snag lower guard for easing into the work piece” is not quite anti-snag and I’ve had to manually lift it many times as it won’t get pushed out of the way effectively. The depth/height cut adjustment is not marked in any way that is practical and the locking mechanism comes loose easily (bad design with no way I can see to adjust). Lastly, no way to get some sort of dust collection on this, although I see other cordless tools have this option. Also missing a very helpful rafter hook, really stupid to leave this helpful feature out. I left out a star for all this, as it’s minimal. In all other respects, I love this saw!! I take it with me when I go dumpster diving in the Home Depot huge dumpster bins!


  6. captain amazon

    Very impressed with this saw, exceeded my expectations. I bought it to cut 7″ wide X 3/4″ thick hardwood flooring and it did it without complaining. The blade cut without splintering the pre-stained wood. I like that it’s lighter than my corded saw, and quieter. I did use a Fatpack battery, and it didn’t die. I didn’t do a ton of cuts though, so I don’t know what heavy use will do until another project.

    captain amazon

  7. Maxim D.

    It’s BOSCH, you’re obviously going to love it and it will work great and for a long time.The reason why I didn’t rate 5 stars is because I was fooled by an Amazon deal!!!Be careful, the normal price for this item is $250, if you come across a deal that states that this item is is originally $400+ but you’re getting it for $250 as I did IT IS A SHAMMMM.You can get this for $250 any time (with Prime on top of that).Tisk tisk Amazon… I’m on to you.For everyone else, be wary.

    Maxim D.

  8. JZ

    It cuts well, will go through 2x material easily, and is light enough to use with one hand. With the 4 AH fatpack battery it’ll last forever and can almost replace a corded saw, especially for hobbyists. On one charge I cut around 8 or 10 dado to nest 2×4 into each other and there’s still power left. You should check for blade squareness to base, mine’s a little bit off out of box but it’s easy enough to fix.I was initially apprehensive with the plastic lower guard, but after checking the casting mark and found out it is made of polycarbonate (i.e. bulletproof glass), I’m a lot more comfortable with it now knowing it’s touch as hell.The blade was shipped loose in box, put a few gouges on the tool and broke one of the honeycomb lattices on the lid, so it would be nice if was packed more securely. The insert have space for 2 fatpacks and a charger, plus accessories. There are a lot of leftover space inside the L-boxx 3, but I guess it’s unavoidable given the odd shape of a circular saw.


  9. Ian C.

    I’m extremely happy with the saw.I suspect it is really no different from other major brands (Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita) but it certainly makes the jobsite easier for 2×4’s, 2×6’s, and plywood.It’s not the fastest or most powerful, but it does exactly what it should for that price point.

    Ian C.

  10. Lux Erus

    There isn’t a lot to say, it’s a circular saw. I went with Bosch because they have a good reputation and because I already had the drills; indeed, since the batteries work on different devices and this circular saw has no batteries, I bet most purchasers already one a Bosch tool or two.I combined the saw with a Dewalt paneling blade and it worked very well.

    Lux Erus

  11. gkyle001

    I already had two batteries, so this was well worth the cost. Handy little saw, much easier than my electric one. It’s not likely to get you through a pro day, but that’s not me, so it works out great for my needs. Shipping seemed quite slow, so don’t expect it if you are in a rush for a new saw.


  12. Marc Laverdiere

    I bought it because I have other saws and wanted a lighter one for small jobs. I bought a good blade and I’m using existing 18V 4Amp batteries. This thing rocks. Cuts through wood like butter. If I needed to make a 45 degree cut in 2″ stock, I got bigger saws. But I have adopted this one. My son believes his 7 3/4 (another brand – I can’t recall right now) is lighter. We plan on debating this in a fact based fashion when we got a minute… I got a number of 18V Bosch tools and I never run out of juice!

    Marc Laverdiere

  13. Amazon Customer

    I’m sure Bosch makes one of the best cordless circular saws. but its still a cordless circular saw. it kinda sucks. stalls out a lot, and the blade came louse on me when i was chopping up some pallets. if you’re like me and think you can use it for woodworking, and also cutting up scrap, just buy the reciprocating saw, and a corded version of this. it is not the best of both worlds.

    Amazon Customer

  14. b2run

    Great tool. I’d recommend getting the 4 Ah battery as it gives a lot longer running time. The batteries are expensive. It has no problem going through 2 x 6. It’s a little weird getting used to having the blade on the opposite side of the saw as usual.


  15. K

    Nice easy to use circular saw. High quality. Good power with the right sized battery. A bit expensive compared to other circular saws but I already had the batteries.