Bissell CleanView Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Green 2252

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  • Buy BISSELL, save pets; BISSELL donates up to 10 dollars to the BISSELL pet foundation for every pet product purchase, upon activation
  • Powerful pet hair pick up with triple action brush roll + scatter free technology
  • Swivel steering to easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles
  • Clean edges and corners with edge to edge cleaning
  • Remove pet hair with specialized pet tools including pet hair corner tool and pet tool
  • Bottom, easy empty dirt bin makes emptying quick and mess free. Hose Length: 6 feet
  • Replacement Filter Style 12141
  • Dirt cup capacity 1. 0 liter


The Bissell Clean View swivel pet gives you the outstanding performance you’d expect from an Expert Floor care company at a great price. It has specialized pet tools and features, so you know it’s designed for homes with pets.

The triple action brush roll lifts, loosens and removes embedded pet hair and its silk-like bristles work gently on hard floors to remove fine debris while also keeping it contained with scatter-free technology.

Just as its name suggests, the Clean View swivel pet has swivel steering that gets around and under furniture and other obstacles in your home.

Pair that with edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities and you can clean with confidence that you’re getting more with each pass – giving you a new outlook on convenient cleaning.

Buying this product saves pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.

When you buy a BISSELL product, you help save pets, too. We’re proud to design products that help make pet messes, odors and pet homelessness disappear.

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  1. Techie

    Regardless of how clean one is, vacuums after a while starts smelling in an unpleasant way. This is a fact I’ve noticed with my previous vacuums, even after changing the filters and bags. I remember thinking, what if I could wash some parts of it? But it wasn’t an option. And with this BISSELL Cleanview vacuum, every part, except the motor area, can be washed with soap and water. Yes, from the reusable filter, to the dust bin, and the accessories, are easily removed and washable. Of course, one must wait until all the parts are dry before using them again.The dust bin is large, and the electric cord is very long, the longest I’ve ever seen in a vacuum. Which allows for one to clean many rooms before having to empty the dust bin, or unplug and plug the vacuum again. Making one’s job easier and faster. I like how it’s simple to go from hardwood floors to rugs, these is particularly useful when the house has hardwood flooring covered with rugs.And the included accessories are very efficient, and there is space to store them in the vacuum itself, with the exception of the pet turboeraser tool. This is like a tiny vacuum in itself, it has a brush made with rubber to catch hair more easily, and it can be taken apart to clean it entirely. Of the included tools, my favorite it’s the pet hair corner tool, which like its name says, it is made for cleaning corners, and stairs too.The fact that it doesn’t use replaceable bags is a money saver, and it’s a powerful vacuum with lots of suction, and while it’s a little noisy, it cleans so well, and easy, that I don’t care about it being loud.


  2. Jason M. Hatch

    I’ve had Huskies for decades. Needless to say, the shedding season (basically 365 days a year) is tough on vacuums. I’ve tried most machines (except a Dyson) and haven’t found anything that works well on coarse fur. This one does. The pivot design is a huge help in my place. The brush picks up the fur, but doesn’t hold onto all of it and become ineffective like many others. Dumping the canister is simple and clean. For the price, I don’t know if I could find a better vacuum. Shipping was a little slow, or I’d have given 5 stars.

    Jason M. Hatch

  3. Erin k. Clark

    Very lightweight with excellent suction! I had a Dyson many years ago and missed it…..until this arrived! I would never trade this in for anything and it is under $100! How can you go wrong? If you are in the market for a new vacuum get this one. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!😊

    Erin k. Clark

  4. Terry

    This Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell is spectacular in homes with pets and the price can’t be beat.There are so many things I love about this vacuum that it’s hard to know where to start. I have 6 cats and 3 dogs and a lot of messy humans in my home. I have to vacuum daily just to keep all the humans from getting hairballs so I was excited to try this one. Previously, I relied on a Shark Navigator for daily vacuuming with a bulkier Kenmore for weekly deep cleaning and vacuuming curtains and other areas above the floor. The Shark has great suction and is lightweight enough to be easy to carry around to all the rooms but it has a fairly narrow brush roller so it takes more passes and it doesn’t have onboard storage for the accessories and the dustbin isn’t very big.This Bissell is still lightweight but it has a very wide brush roller so it takes less time to vacuum. The brush roller is fantastic for picking up pet hair. Seriously fantastic. But not just pet hair – it does an excellent job of picking up fine dust and dirt – something the Shark isn’t great at. The plastic casing around the brush roller is clear, too, so you can easily see if you have a lot of hair or fibers wrapped around it.This vacuum also swivels very easily so it’s much easier to vacuum around furniture. It maneuvers almost effortlessly.The dustbin is clear and has a HUGE capacity. You can easily see when it’s full and just detach it with the press of a button, carry it to the trash can, press another button and it empties from the bottom. Your hands never touch the contents. It also opens from the top to clear any clogs there or to clean/change the filter.There is a height adjustment knob that allows you to select from 5 different height settings and it works equally well on carpeting and hard flooring. I like this better than the automatic height adjustment on my other vac because that never works as well in my experience.The cord is 27ft long so it’s a generous length. Bissell also offers this model with a retractable cord for about $30 more. https://www.amazon.com/BISSELL-Cleanview-Upright-Bagless-22543/dp/B07FJ4N2S7/ This vac I am reviewing is exactly the same model but with a manual wind cord. Personally, I love the self-retracting cord and it is way worth the extra $30 to me but if you don’t mind rewinding the cord onto the vacuum when you’re done, this one is an excellent buy because the vacuum works so well.I also love that the power button is bright red and can be pressed with your foot. It’s easy to distinguish from the other buttons.You get 5 attachments and hallelujah, they all store onboard. Attachments are only useful if you can find them when you need them so I love onboard storage. You get an extension wand, a long crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet hair corner tool, and a pet turbo eraser tool. These are not especially high-quality attachments but they work just fine. The turbo eraser tool is great for vacuuming furniture and pet beds and the pet hair corner tool is much handier than I would have thought.It has a pre-motor filter that can be washed so you don’t have to replace it as often as some.Since this isn’t a lift-off vacuum, it’s not super convenient for vacuuming stairs. The hose is a bit short, IMO, so you still have to move the vacuum up the stairs to clean them. Since my stairs are wooden, I use a small hand vac for that chore and it’s much easier and faster.Assembly is easy, too. Just two screws to attach the handle and you’re ready to vacuum.You do have to remove 6 screws to take the brush roller out for clearing away hair that wraps around it and to change the belt. I wish it had a hinged door instead, like another vac I have because I have several long-haired family members so I must perform this task fairly often.Other than that minor disappointment, I definitely recommend this vac – especially for households with pets. It cleans as well as much more expensive vacs but it’s very reasonably priced.


  5. Kat

    I purchased the vacuum because I have pets and it’s advertised as a PET vacuum. I’ve had it for under a month.I went to run it and I saw the brush wasn’t spinning. I could smell the belt and even though I thought it was odd for a belt to go out so early I started the process of taking the bottom apart to replace the belt.When I took the bottom off I found the belt still taught on the motor shaft. Smoke coming from the motor shaft and singed dog hair. The entire belt compartment was PACKED with dog hair.The design of the vacuum literally feeds the pet hair into the belt compartment. In under a month enough hair managed to get between the belt and motor shaft to the point to render the vacuum useless unless it’s take apart and apparently start a small fire.Ridiculous- go buy something else!


  6. Eric

    We really like this vacuum. It is light and turns well and super easy to empty. Also I had no idea our old vacuum was really not picking up anything compared to this. It does a great job with the carpet.I’m giving it 4 stars because we bought it to pick up pet hair off stairs and the couch but the pet attachment gets jammed based on its design. Hair wraps around the axel and it stops working. They have other attachments that can still do the job though.It is a great vacuum overall for the price so I would recommend this to anyone on a budget looking for quality.


  7. Eder Ledesma

    Si tienes mascotas, esta es la aspiradora que estás buscando. Funciona perfecto, tiene muchos aditamentos y cumple bien con lo que promete.

    Eder Ledesma

  8. JL Reed

    Muy frágil. Las bandas se rompen constantemente y no muy sencillo cambiarlas.

    JL Reed