Athlon Optics 10×42 Argos Binocular 114003

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Athlon Optics


  • ESP Dielectric Coating is a multi layer prism coating that reflects over 99% of the light to your eyes bringing you a clear, bright image that displays accurate color reproduction.
  • Advanced FMC – Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses gives you better light transmission to bring optimum brightness and true color across the entire light spectrum.
  • Argon Purged – Argon purging gives you better waterproofing and thermal stability
  • Phase corrected prisms produce images that have better contrast, a higher resolution and better color reproduction
  • XPL Coating gives you an extra protection on the exterior lenses from dirt, oil and scratches



Not only are they built to withstand rugged hunting conditions, Athlons Argos Binoculars have a close focus, which lets you examine insects and other small creatures.

Athlon combines BaK-4 prisms with an Enhanced Spectral Prism dielectric coating to reflect over 99% of the light to your eyes, so you see images that are brilliant even during dawn and dusk the hours when wildlife is most active.

Phase-corrected prisms create high-resolution, high-contrast images, that enables you to spot distant game.

Advanced fully multicoated lenses add to light transmission and preserve true-to-life colors.

Exterior XPL coatings make the outer lenses dirt-, oil- and scratch-resistant. Strong and lightweight polymer composite chassis is argon-purged, fogproof and 100% waterproof. Twist-up eyecups and long eye relief

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  1. neal bunce

    These are a great pair of binos that are solid and compact. The glass is first class and the build quality is excellent. I bought them for hiking and they should be great for birding and general wide field of view. They are light and will be easy to carry. Focus wheel is tight and easy to operate. I would look at Athlon again for their optics.

    neal bunce

  2. LLoyd

    These binoculars without a doubt far exceed the price that is asked for this glass. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked thru these binoculars. I would buy again and recommend anyone to give these a good look when buying binoculars!


  3. jmilou

    Since Athlon seems to be fairly new in the market I was a little hesitant to purchase these 10×42 binos. I’m happy to say they’re really nice. The binos have a nice clear view and seem very well built. The eye cups are nice very adjustable. I would buy again anytime.


  4. Amazon Customer

    Just got it this morning… I am very pleased with the performance of the product. The image is very bright and clear, not like my old pair of bino, this one is super easy to set my focus on, and the range of staying focus is wide. Again this is very nice comparing with my old pair that will be not out of focus with a minor twist on focus knob. Overall weight is in right range, and rubber skin feels great to grip on. Great value product!!!!!

    Amazon Customer

  5. Bryce Preece

    Love these binoculars I’d put them as good as if not better than name brands like vortac or others. Well worth it.

    Bryce Preece

  6. Frequent Purchaser

    They’re okay. Larger eyecups than the Athlon 114006 Argos 8 x 34 Binoculars, Green, which was nice. But these have the same field of view (371′ at 1,000 yards). These 8x42s have onsiderably thicker barrels are are noticeably heavier than my 8×34. I suppose they let in more light, so perhaps they’re better in low light than the 8×34 model, but I didn’t try this because their size and weight with no improvement in FOV made them a non-starter for me. I’ll keep using my lighter, smaller, essentially identical 8x34s.

    Frequent Purchaser

  7. Frequent Purchaser

    I’m comparing these to four other binoculars:Athlon Neos 8×42: Approximately identical to the Argos 8×34. 8×42 have wider field of view, I suppose. But looking through them feels almost identical.Athlon Midas 8×42: These have better close focus than the 8×34. Brighter. Sharper. Stiffer focus wheel but a good focus resistance anyway. I prefer the easier to turn focus wheel of the 8×34, but neither are bad at all.Athlon Ares 8×42: The best overall of this group. Sharper (I think) than all of these Athlon binoculars. But huge. Focus ring way too hard to turn and I don’t feel the focus knob ribbing gives me a good grip as it has large gaps with no rubber ribs.Vanguard Endeavor 8×32 ED II: These hurt my eyes immediately when I start using them. Major black edges so I have to get my eyes in just the right spot. I don’t have any such problems with any of the listed Athlons. This annoys me. But these are sharper than the 8x34s and have much richer color. (Color rendition in the Athlon’s listed is the same for all three.) Heavier than the 8x34s — hey, they’re metal. Focus is too fast for me. I like how the 8x34s and other two Athlon’s give me room for almost in focus. I don’t like the unforgiving (compressed range) focus of these Endeavors. I do not wear glasses. I wish these Vanguards had larger-diameter eye cups. Perhaps my pair was defective, causing the eye fatigue, but I don’t have another pair to test with.SummaryI’d keep the Ares, but they’re too big and heavy for me and the focus wheel is too hard to turn. (I got them for $160 under their normal price, new.) I’d keep the Midases but I didn’t get a great deal on them (only $30 under the usual price by buying open box). I’d keep the Vanguards for their clarity and rich colors, except for the black borders (requiring careful eye placement) and the instant eye fatigue I experience with them.

    Frequent Purchaser

  8. Lyle D. Morton

    Taking the covers on and off all the time takes time to get used to. Very clear!

    Lyle D. Morton