Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier Smart Bundle-HEPA-Silver / White

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  • Wattage: 105 W
  • Power Source Type: 120V


AIR PURIFIERS FOR MOLD AND BACTERIAMold has been associated with a variety of adverse health effects such as wheezing, prolonged coughing, fatigue, and headaches.

As mold grows on surfaces, it releases airborne allergens and sometimes toxic substances which may trigger asthma or allergy attacks.

Live your best with the best-in-class performance of the Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Silver Filter that combines HEPA style filtration to capture and remove high levels of mold spores with Silver-Ion Technology to kill collected mold and bacteria, preventing it from growing on the filter and releasing back into the air.

Try our Alen HEPA Air Purifiers for mold allergies today and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Perfect for living rooms, open concept rooms, and other large rooms up to 1, 100 scor.

All of Alen’s air purifiers include a lifetime , ensuring years of pure air for your home.

What’s in the box: BreatheSmart air purifier, HEPA-Silver filter, Front Panel, use with adapter or converter outside of USA and Mexico will void .

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  1. CL

     Why I bought the Alen BreatheSmart:I recently found out I am quite allergic to dust. I live in Hong Kong where pollution can be dangerously high. I started researching air purifiers and ended up choosing the Alen BreatheSmart because 1) They have great reviews. 2) They offer a reasonably priced unit (in the premium range) that could cover a large space (1000 sqft). 3) They offer a Life-Time Guarantee and seem to have good customer support. I ended up buying two units (one for home and one for office) with the upgraded silver filters. I was very excited and eager to try them.What happened:When I first turned on the unit (in the office), we were taken back and surprised by the noise it made. It was extremely loud even at the lowest setting. We brushed it off and thought it was putting overtime in and doing its job since it was new. Maybe the noise will improve we thought. After a few days, it did not improve and we decided to turn it off during the day when we were working and turn it on during the night when we leave. I was suspicious about the noise (being a product designer myself), something didn’t sound right. Sounded like there was a problem with the fan. One day I came into the office and the unit did not even turn on. It broke in less than 1 week of use.The EXACT same thing happened to the other unit I was using at home. The video uploaded is the noise it made at the lowest setting. Pretty ridiculous. I could only upload one video per review so I cannot upload the new replacement they sent, which is ALOT quieter and does not make the ‘broken’ noise. So at least now I know for sure that the two units were 100% faulty.UPDATE:So the replacement unit started all good but now it’s making another type of noise and it’s very annoying again. The unit has only been on for less than 1 hr! What is going on here Alen?Asking for the replacement units:It was very straight forward and easy to get the replacement units through Amazon, but they only cover 50 USD for the entire order. That means I have to now send back 3 units from Hong Kong and I will have to pay over 400 USD in delivery. I paid 475USD for two units deliver to Hong Kong. Ridiculous.TIP: If you have thrown away the packaging, wait until the new one arrive so you can use that packaging to send it back. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend and repack everything yourself.Overall experience / theory / conclusion:What are the chances that now 3 units are all faulty?!!! I have never in my life experienced this type of faulty products 3 times in a row. I have two theories:1) The units were damaged during the delivery stage- I see there are dents and marks on the packaging itself, meaning the boxes were probably being thrown around. The build quality is very poor as well.2) I HIGHLY SUSPECT they reuse the parts and refurbish the faulty units and send them out as new, which leads to a bunch of obvious problems down the product’s life cycle.After 3 faulty units in a row, I have lost all confidence in this brand. Maybe a freak coincidence? I do not believe so.After spending over $2000 USD on this purchase (with a bunch of upgraded filters), in my own humble experience with this product- I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!


  2. M.A.

    9/18/18 – Updated ReviewI am really impressed with the communication and customer service Alen Corp, especially, Stephen Bassett provided. Late in the evening on a Saturday night (around 10pm), Stephen noticed through my review that I was having issues with my unit and he literally came to my rescue. I received my brand new unit (as promised) this morning. I just turned on my new and upgraded unit and the air smells cleaner and crisper to me. If I see an improvement in my child’s allergy issues, then I will most certainly buy another unit for my first floor. Buy with confidence!———————————————————————————————————————–My unit isn’t working! It’s the weekend, so no help for me. I hope customer service responds to me soon, otherwise, I will need to return this useless and expensive box with flashing lights.


  3. DelMarDad57

    So we have now owend our BreatheSmart for about 2 months. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. We live in a high rise building and have about 1200sq ft. We have placed the unit in such a way that it can pull the air from both large rooms at the same time. We noticed after only a few days how the amount of dust on the furniture diminished . My wife and I also had been having nose congestion and blowing our noses to no end for a few months, we think because of the dust. After about a week, no more sneezing, and after about 3 weeks, no more congestion. We have the unit running 24hours a day. I do notice in the early morning hours that the status light does go to blue, lowest setting, so I know that the sensor is definitely working. You do need to make sure to check and clean the PREFILTER about every 10 days , depending upon your situation. I just take a Dustbuster type vacuum and clean it in about 3 minutes. This is a MUST. I also invested in the better filter to capture more particles like mold, just to be sure. No, we don’t have mold, already tested for that. It was worth it to me. After spending this much for the system, another $50 for a better filter was a no-brainer. Don’t skimp on the heart of the system, the filter. No, its not overly noisy. If you want it to work, then it has to make some noise. If it really bothers you then take it off of automatic and drop the speed down a notch. I give it a 5 star rating and would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.


  4. Jody Wells

    This product worked great for two years. I didn’t see the dramatic results in dust reduction others have reported, but it does work well in sensing and destroying odors in the air. However, after a couple of years when the unit switches to lower speeds there is a horrible noise that gets on your nerves after a few minutes. If I would have known after two years this would happen, I would have definitely saved $$$ and gone with another, less-expensive option.**UPDATE** 04-11-16 – I reached out to Alen customer service by both email and phone asking about my now unusable fan. I haven’t even gotten a response from the customer service team. I would NOT recommend this company.

    Jody Wells

  5. Fabien0601

     At the first start, the purifier emitted a very noisy and disturbing sound even at low Fan RPM intensity then stopped to run after 5 minutes then restarted 10 minutes later and repeat it several times.I contacted Allen manufacturer by email for technical support and first feedback I got from them even prior to hear my detailed explanation was “There is no malfunction, the air purifier is only designed to work within the Continental US.” ..My discussion by phone with Allen sale support was same level. I have not seen so poor support from my entire life for a unit which cost more than 900$ include transportation and fees to UAE. Currently the unit is in transit to return in Amazon US. Amazon didn’t discuss long to accept to return the product. Pending the total refund include transportation..


  6. Amazon Customer

    After a lot of research – I was excited for this item to arrive. I unpacked it, set it up and plugged it in. I was immediately disappointed. THE SMELL OF CHEMICALS WAS HORRIBLE AND WOULD NOT GO AWAY. It gave both my wife and I a terrible headache. Thinking it might be temporary I put the unit in a spare room in the basement and let it run. The smell did not go away. I determined the issue was likely with the filter. I had read about this problem so called Alen. I FOUND OUT ALEN DOES NOT SUPPORT UNITS SOLD IN CANADA. As always Amazon was helpful. Although they would not replace just the filter only the entire unit which they sent over right away. BUT THE REPLACEMENT HAD THE SAME CHEMICAL SMELL. I even ordered a separate filter – which was not as bad but still smelt like burnt plastic and chemicals. BOTTOM LINE IS ALEN IS USING SOME PRETTY NASTY SMELLING, HEADACHE INDUCING CHEMICALS IN THEIR FILTERS AND THEIR SUPPORT TO CANADIAN CUSTOMERS IS NON EXISTENT.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Dragon Warrior

    Much better than the low value small air purifier

    Dragon Warrior

  8. Amazon Customer

    Seems to be working well so far!

    Amazon Customer