Aircat Nitrocat Mini 1/2″ Impact Wrench

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  • Strongest mini 1/2-inch in its class
  • Hard hitting twin clutch mechanism
  • Durable composite housing
  • Ergonomically designed handle (reduces operator fatigue)



The NITROCAT 1375-XL is a great lightweight “Mini” 1/2 with a no non-Sense, hard hitting twin hammer impact wrench that releases 900 (flubs) of loosening torque This tool outperforms anything in its class.

Used on brake Calipers, Tire removal, Medium bolt removal. All the power, Half the noise. The AIRCAT tool line has a substantially reduced level of noise while retaining more power and torque.

Our tools have been tested & shown to operate at 82-86 dB (decibels), far below the OSHA guidelines.

This feature benefits not only the mechanic but also the overall business.

The patented tuned exhaust Muffler technology, in ALL the tools, Allows discharged air to pass without developing back pressure, thus retaining more power, while significantly reducing noise.

AIRCAT has innovated through-the-handle exhaust design, which incorporates its revolutionary worldwide patented internal muffler/filter.

The benefits include reduced hazards from breathing exhausted air particulates, The elimination of blow-by into the operators eyes and lungs as well as reduce noise.

AIRCAT also incorporates a patented ergonomically engineered handle design to relieve stress and fatigue on the operators hands, wrists and arms.

The patented AIRCAT handle offers better overall distribution of weight for a balanced tool and provides a unique grip that makes it easier to use for prolonged periods of time.

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  1. Jon Rapp

    I am a pro tech and use this daily, mostly on wheel lugs of all shapes and sizes. It takes everything off quickly without struggling, and the variable forward power settings (3 “speeds”) make reinstall torque easy to control. I typically use the lowest setting, and hand torque from there.It’s VERY quiet compared to the other impact guns in the shop ( a godsend when you have to use it all day, trust me). It’s light weight and small size compared to my others make it a very versatile tool.If you’re looking at an IR Titanium or similar composite impact, and want to save some cash, pick up one of these! You won’t be disappointed.

    Jon Rapp

  2. W. Chow

    Man, this gun is a little beast. It’s way more powerful than the full size Ingersoll 2135QTiMAX that I bought years ago and also lighter. However, it lacks certain nice features compared to it’s Ingersoll TiMAX competitor.It doesn’t have the pressure sensitive trigger that allows you to control how much air your letting into the wrench so that you can control the impacts and the Ingersoll impact guns usually have a larger range of torque setting controls on the back on the impact wrench. With the 1375-XL, it’s full power on and off with even the slightest push on the trigger.******Update 01/31/2016*****One year has passed! The tool is still hitting hard and working like a champ although I may have gone overboard with the oiling of this tool as the oil I put in is now seeping past the o-rings around the trigger and power dial. Oops.

    W. Chow

  3. S. Skolout

    Wow! It is hard to believe the power that this little air impact has! I bought it for my garage because I sometimes need one. I replaced a bigger heavier Husky impact that had much less power. My brother has a large manufacturing company and uses this brand there and raves about them. If you ever need an impact in garage get this and you won’t be disappointed!

    S. Skolout

  4. Tim

    This thing is a beast but SO light and SO quiet. Only regret is not buying one much sooner!! Oh…air consumption is quite low! The high quality of this tool is quite evident when you hold it. Fits in the hand like a glove!Update:. Used this several times for suspension work on my F150. It hasn’t skipped a beat!


  5. Amazon Customer

    We have purchased 3 of these for our shop and highly recommend it. Light weight, with high torque will remove move nuts or bolts. Occasionally we have to use our super high torque impact to remove overtight bolts and nuts. But this is so light that it is nice for everyday use in the shop. Highly recommend

    Amazon Customer

  6. Michael Hooper

    This is a fantastic little tool . I was wary about buying this , but I’m surprised by how quick and gutsy it is . I would take the “700 ft lb of loosening torgue with a grain of salt , but it is very powerful . I have other guns which are rated at less torque with more power for very tight large bolts , due to the slower heavier hammer action , that will beat it . I use this tool on a daily long term cycle and the places it will fit , and the lightness of the tool is a bonus . On a minus the first one I received was faulty and had to be returned for a free replacement , but the $60 return freight ( I live in Australia ) soured the purchase .Overall I would highly recommend this

    Michael Hooper

  7. David Gasnik

    Aircat has yet to let me down. I’m a mining mechanic and use impacts daily this is the 3rd aircat gun ive bought. I have the 1250k and the 1600th also. This gun is great its small compact and quiet. A little bigger then a 3/8 gun but still fits where my 1250 cant and i have yet to use it and it not break something. I use this a lot on smaller bolts as it doesn’t snap them like the 1250. Just ordered the 3/8 aircat gun and the angle die grinder. If your cheap like me and still want quality and power but don’t want to spend the money then aircat is the way to go. I recommend them to everyone. I also put the head to head a lot with snap-on and IR they break bolts loose where the others wont.

    David Gasnik

  8. Zhi Z.

    1 drawback: trigger is somewhat sensitive. it can be controlled with practice but not as easy as new mac impacts, snap on mg725. matco and IR 2135Ti. 2 drawback is switch is not very convenient for one hand operation, but you could use one hand to switch it with practice. now the good part. this impact does not lack in power for day to day use, i would imagine it would struggle to break loose certain bolts like a honda crank pully bolt, but its so light weight and stable. its very good on your arm and wrist if you do auto repair for a living. did i mention that its very fast? definitely more superior than any other impact guns our there except for those 2 drawbacks i didnt like

    Zhi Z.

  9. Jason P – Canada

    Yeah… is more powerful than a 231c……and half the size and weight.Edit…a few weeks later….I’m using this professionally every day. It is now my “go to” gun for everything. I’ve busted off plenty of stubborn wheel nuts, axle nuts, and caliper hanger bolts. It has loosened off many tough truck lugs that my co-workers’ air guns could not. Bonus, it fits in places where a full size gun won’t, like between suspension parts and a wheel hub bearing bolt. For all you pros, have a close look at Mac Tools air impacts and Aircat’s. Then when you figure it out, compare prices.

    Jason P – Canada

  10. Stephen Bobb

    This gun is amazing! Owned for 5 months now i service airport limos and it puts in work. I mean real work from transmissons to suspension. From lincoln towncars to escalades 50 hours a week. Gets in those tight places and the light weight helps on your joints. Only con is if your adding more than a 4 inch extention or a flex socket power is greatly reduced. Which is totally understandable…thinking of purchasing the larger 1200 seris for those applications. And it needs to be oiled daily and greased every so often or you will run into power loss.

    Stephen Bobb

  11. Jason

    Im not a professional mechanic, I just work on my own cars in my garage. This gun is by far the best that I’ve ever used. I previously had a mastercraft gun that couldn’t take five lug nuts off without having to recharge a 17gal compressor. This gun is so much more powerful I can take off all 4 wheels and the compressor still doesn’t kick on. I’m sure it’s not as powerful as sime of the bigger ones but for my needs this gun is awesome, and it feels really good in the hands.


  12. Hector

    Excellent tool. I have been using it to replace suspension components on my work vehicle. It handles factory torqued 21mm-head bolts with no problem. I have it hooked to a 3/8″ Milton swivel whip, inline oiler, and 3/8″ Goodyear rubber hose; all using Milton V-type fittings. Quality tools like this make working be more a pleasure than a chore.


  13. Amazon Customer

    Couldnt take the lugs off my silverado 2500hd or my subaru xv. Tried multiple different PSI setings from 90 up to 130 and nothing worked.

    Amazon Customer

  14. tyler senga

    Killer impact, it is so nice to get something that is actually better then advertised! Have been a dealership Journeymen for about 20 years and have gone through several “brand” impacts and the 1375 byfar exceeds for weight saving’s , quietness, and brute torque. This is a giant killer!

    tyler senga

  15. Timbo

    Small enough to get into tight spaces and powerful enough to break free nearly any fastener you come up against .This impact gun is the most versatile tool of this type I have seen. If you are using this gun for any general automotive use you should be happy with this .