Aircat 3/8″ Nitrocat Impact Wrench

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  • Strongest 3/8-inch impact in its class; Lightweight, hard hitting twin clutch 3/8
  • Durable composite housing; superior internal mechanics; Weight (lbs) – 2.75
  • Ergonomically designed handle (reduces operator fatigue); Patented through-the-handle exhaust (keeps debris away from face)
  • Patented quiet technology (86 decibels)
  • Easy operation flip lever – forward and reverse



All the power, half the noise! The AIRCAT tool line has a substantially reduced level of noise while retaining more power and torque.

Our tools have been tested and shown to operate at 82-86 dBa (decibels), far below the OSHA guidelines.

This feature benefits not only the mechanic but also the overall business.

The patented tuned exhaust muffler technology, in all the tools, allows discharged air to pass without developing back pressure, thus retaining more power, while significantly reducing noise.

AIRCAT has innovated through-the-handle exhaust design, which incorporates its revolutionary worldwide patented internal muffler/filter. The benefits include reduced hazards from breathing exhausted air particulates, the elimination of blow-by into the operators eyes and lungs as well as reduce noise.

AIRCAT also incorporates a patented ergonomically engineered handle design to relieve stress and fatigue on the operators hands, wrists and arms.

The patented AIRCAT handle offers better overall distribution of weight for a balanced tool and provides a unique grip that makes it easier to use for prolonged periods of time.

AIRCAT offers a full line of pneumatic tools, including impact wrenches, air ratchets, reversible drills, die grinders, and cut-off tools.

Established 1998 in Spokane, Washington AIRCAT is a line of high quality pneumatic hand tools that incorporates the unique and multi-patented exhaust muffler/filter technology.

The AIRCAT tool line has a substantially reduced level of noise while retaining more power and torque.

The AIRCAT impact wrench line offers both twin hammer, twin clutch mechanisms and the new VIBROTHERM DRIVE mechanism.

The 1355-XL produces 700 Ft-Lbs of loosening torque. It produces 1350 Blows Per Minute at 10, 000 RPM. Minimum of 6 CFM at 90 PSI measured at the air inlet while the trigger is fully engaged required for the 1355-XL to operate properly. 2 Year .

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  1. Anthony Rousseau

    I’m a diesel engine mechanic of 13 years, I have had Snap-on impacts for most of my career both 1/2 & 3/8. I was never that happy with the power or durability of Snap-on impacts, my MG325 was getting weaker and cost of repair was $150, so I took a chance on the NirtoCat 1355-xl. I could not be more happy with it, it does everything my Snap-on did and is quieter, and cost less than half, when it get’s weak I will just buy a new one. I also replaced my 1/2″ Snap-on impact with a NitroCat and it’s stronger than my old one, turns midrange head bolts that my snap-on would not. Also these impacts are the same ones MAC tools sells, MAC just re-brands them and marks them up.

    Anthony Rousseau

  2. T. Webb

    I’ve owned Snap On, Mac , Matco and Ingersol Rand impacts and used a dozen others of one brand of another as shop provided tools…this Air cat is the best impact and value for the money of any brand out there. The trigger is easy to feather and this thing will remove wheel boots that make 1/2 impacts groan… If you need a good, powerful,.lightweight 3/8 impact get this one.. Make sure you have a grease gun, some air tool grease and of course air tool oil. This does have the grease fitting on the front. I would expect with good maintenance this tool should be a long lasting edition to my tool box

    T. Webb

  3. Midas FOCO

    This gun is for real! American Made quality at what I feel is a great price. I work in a busy shop and use this every day. I put a swivel air hose connector on it that works very well. If this doesnt work, I have the AirCat 1150. I have co-workers that own other quality brands and they still ask to borrow mine. Between brands like SK, ChannelLock, and these air tools, I am able to stay off the truck. I can buy top of the line American at a good price and still have some money left to have a life. Thanks Amazon for supporting the American worker. Could do a better job at labeling country of origin for all the products being sold though! I will be honest and say that there really is no feathering of the trigger. It does have a selector knob that works well in forward. They tout the power and they have it at at least half the cost.

    Midas FOCO

  4. Dixie Belle

    I’m not the person’s name on this amazon account, but I am the person that owns this gun. I use it in cases where some guys would use their 1/2 gun. It has bounced around in my road call box down dusty roads, been dropped a few times, almost oiled before every use, covered in dirt, oil, grease, ran at 120 psi on shop air that barely gets the water drained (sometimes the leaky quick connects on the hoses in the shop have drops of water in and on them it’s so bad), all of this going on for at least over a year.No problems out of this gun still. I’ve used it to take lug nuts on big rigs off torqued to at least 500 lbs just to see if it could. If/when it finally breaks down on me, I will have it rebuilt and not think twice about it. Still going strong, I’m still happy with it, and I would absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt, buy it again. From working in a shop of snap on, cornwell, Ingersoll rand, mac and matco guns, I would bet my pay check this is the strongest 3/8 gun in my shop right now.Unless someone were to buy a dud, I don’t see why anyone would have a bad opinion about this gun unless they had Ingersoll rand or snap on, ect. fever. Or they simply don’t know as much as they think they do

    Dixie Belle

  5. Jason

    I had high hopes for this gun and when I got it I put air into it and you could hear bearings spinning and the anvil wasn’t straight so the socket was cocked spinning. I’m glad I bought from amazon I sent it back I’ll update when I get the replacement. As far as the size and feel it was amazing and I’m bummed I can’t use it until I get it, I’ll try out my IR 3/8 instead.


  6. james richardson

    Finally used it today removing wheel wheels and sprockets off scooter. Only had 100lbs air in tank and removed 5 nuts and a large nut on sprocket. Tool used very little air and plenty of power. A thumbs up on this impact. Will be looking at others made by this company

    james richardson

  7. Arowan

    This gun has tons of power and is probably the quietest air tool I own.That being said, it’s a little psychotic. The trigger goes from off to full in almost no distance, with enough spring pressure it feels more like a click.I’ll be keeping it to do tires, since at the lowest forward setting, it torques to ~110 lb/ft, which is sufficient for most car wheels, but I’m waiting on an Ingersoll titanium to replace this for things that need a light touch.


  8. Stephen T Hilb

    Great impact, very strong. Would be 5 stars but it’s a little too big to fit in most areas needed. Will probably wind up buying the titanium IR to fit in those areas even though this is stronger

    Stephen T Hilb

  9. The_Mystery_Shopper

    I was personally looking for a 3/8 impact that had a lot of power but also light weight and cheap. I understand that most of the time all that doesn’t happen so i new i was going to have to compromise on something. I have many other Aircat brand tools which i absolute love and love the power and quietness of them plus they don’t cost a fortune to purchase as other brands. I have tired many 3/8 impact previous before this one and many just do not have enough power or strain your arm while holding due to the weight. We have a independent supplier that occasionally comes to us offers us deals on tools and one of which was this impact. They wanted upward of $350 + tax for this impact and i really couldn’t see myself purchasing a impact for that price so i thought i could find it cheaper on Amazon which of course i did. When i did purchase this, they wasn’t too many reviews so i didn’t really know if it was something worth purchasing or something i should avoid because reviews are everything when purchasing something. You get someones insight on the product! Therefore i took a gamble on purchasing this. After over a year of daily use i can say i am very satisfied but i have noticed advantages and disadvantages about the gun which i will state a few.Advantages:Power, using the gun it has a tremendous amount of power. I have a Aircat 1150 1/2 impact and can break off lug nuts with ease, this 3/8 will do the exact same. This impact will break off lug nuts torqued over 300 ft lb of torque which is insane. It will remove most fasteners without hesitation. Now i personally sometimes don’t think and just set in reverse and put the socket on the fastener and pull the trigger and snap goes the bolt. You have to be very careful when removing fasteners because if your trigger happy it could break completely off (which i have done a few times.)Settings, the impact has 3 settings for forward (low, medium, high.) It is great because you can set how much torque you want the fastener go to. I am not exactly sure how much each is but it is a benefit to have.Weight, it impact itself is surprisingly lightweight. It is not very heavy where you are going to strain your arm using it. It is comfortable to hold but won’t cause pain in your hand.Quiet, if you have a LOUD impact then upon using this you will see how quiet this is. I couldn’t believe an impact could be this quiet. It is not wispier quiet but it is most certainly quieter than most impacts on the market. I have a technician beside be that has a VERY LOUD impact and i can’t even stand it at times. I throw s*** at him all the time and keep telling him to buy a new one but he is waiting for it to break (he said the 7 years ago.)Price, price point on this is very reasonable (on Amazon) you are definitely getting your moneys worth for the gun. It has power, lightweight, quiet, and the price is all in 1.DisadvantagesReverse torque, i personally wish this gun had this where you can set how much torque you have in reverse as like the forward feature because that way you can dial in how much power to want to remove a fastener. My old gun has this feature that i enjoyed but they don’t make that gun anymore so therefore i can’t purchase it again plus there wasn’t much torque.Length, the length of the gun is long. I personally wish the impact was short so i could get this into tighter spaces. This isn’t a impact where you are going to squeeze into a tight spot to get at something. You would need a swivels, extensions, and other attachments to be able to use the impact but it has enough power to be able to remove the fastener but not be able to get at it. When i purchased this, Aircat didn’t have anything else on the market but today they have a stubby impact which is able to get into tight area with ease but also more expensive.Overall, the impact is working out well and liked my purchase of this impact even though this impact is quite long in length. It has enough power to do most applications without having to break out the big 1/2 in impact. The price is great for what you are getting and would definitely recommend this impact to anyone because this a good buy.


  10. Rooney

    Lots of breaking torque at 90lbs. Surprised me for a company I never heard of. Great price. Love the grip sits in the hand more like a pistol. Will be buying more nitrocat products in the near future.Gun gets dirty but grease wipes right off.


  11. CdnHockeyDude

    this things a beast, spins lugs off like they are nothing, and light too. I suspect I’ll be using this instead of my 1/2″ for most stuff since this has so much torque. Also, I think its now a twin-hammer if you look at the aircat website, the twin clutch 1355-xl is discontinued and had red stripes on it.


  12. Unknownium275

    Great little gun. Outperforms our Matco and Snapons for half the price. BE SURE to oil and GREASE the gun, meaning the bearing in the front of the gun with a fine tipped mini greaser otherwise performance and wear will suffer


  13. Sener

    Awesome! Very powerful for a 3/8″ impact. Puts the new snap-on equivalent to shame in my shop. I have recently started replacing all my air tools with Aircats(have 5 so far from the line-up). I’ll use my IRs at home.


  14. wes thorne

    A Little more torque would put this higher, but having to switch back to my half inch a lot of times sort of breaks the flow.

    wes thorne

  15. Apprentice

    This tool is super strong… the power more then enough….. of course i like