Aircat 1178-VXL Vibrotherm Drive 1/2 in. Impact Wrench

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  • Patented vibrotherm drive Pin-less/twin hammer clutch reduces wear and vibration
  • Patented trigger mounted combines forward/ reverse power management switch provides convenient one hand operation
  • New 2018 patented muffler reduces noise level to 84 d(b)a
  • Patented grip provides unmatched operate Comfort
  • 3 year



The AIRCAT vibrotherm drive 1178-VXL is a 1/2″ Drive pneumatic impact wrench that produces 1300 ft-lbs of torque.

The patented vibrotherm drive is the latest technological innovation In Hammer mechanisms that reduces vibration by 30% while increasing durability by 50%. there are 3 Other patents on this.

The patented grip provides unmatched operator Comfort. New 2018 patented muffler reduces the noise level to 84 d(b)a.

Patented trigger mounted forward/reverse switch and power management for a convenient one hand operation.

We use high grade triple injection, three color composite housing/handle that provides strength and unmatched external design features.

The through-bolt motor Assembly construction eliminates component miss alignment reducing wear and eliminates motor air leakage increasing performance.

In addition the rotor Spline is connected to the anvil which eliminates miss-alignment and reduces wear and vibration.

The hammer Cage end plates retains the grease in the hammers and cage reducing wear. 3 year !

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  1. Steady

    Bought this impact gun after only Being out for a few weeks. Have owned previous AIRCAT impacts and Matco as well as Milwaukee 1/2in cordless and a few others and this impact gun is awesome. It’s shorter in length a little longer then most stubby impact guns but is quieter and offers 1300ft lbs of breakaway torque. I’m a ford tech and work on everything from small cars to the larger trucks and buses and this gun has no issues with anything I’ve thrown at it so far.


  2. Garrett allen boddie

    Being in any wrenching related job it seems everyone has either the cheapest of the cheap impact (harbour freight, lowes, home depot) or the absolutely most expensive impact (snapon, mac, Marco, cornwell) but no one ever has the middle man or the under dog and that’s where this impact lies at. I had the nitrocat 1250k before this one and loved it for 7 years till the anvil snapped so I ordered this one. For the price you are getting an absolutely great gun, the grip is extremely ergonomic in the hand and she kicks like a mule without the sound of a small block chevy with open headers. The only downfall I see with this gun that may become a future issue is the direction/speed selector switch is a bit cheesy and flimsy but for the most part I can not complain.

    Garrett allen boddie

  3. Steven C. Gerhart

    Great gun . Powerful and quiet. There is an issue that Aircat should fix. The trigger and direction controls are plastic. I’ve had the trigger come out of its guide slot twice. Be gentle. Other than that I like the gun

    Steven C. Gerhart

  4. donald mckay

    All the power I need and it’s compact size it will fit in tight areas. This is one tough air gun, I use it almost every day it already looks 2yrs old or more I would by it again. I’m a service trk mechanic so it hits the ground alot and still keeps on getting it on

    donald mckay

  5. Vic Rosa 3

    Love this gun.. Great bang for your buck.. My only complaint is that the Forward and Reverse switch gets in the way of your thumb, especially if you’re a righty.. You might find yourself flipping the switch by accident a bunch of times. I feel as though Air Cat should have made the switch a little more discrete like their 3/8” model. Other than that, great fun. Definitely recommend

    Vic Rosa 3


    Impact is quiet and powerful. A little heavier than the others we have in the shop, and the trigger is heavy but otherwise I like it.


  7. Jesse Dazey

    I love this impact! It works great for what I use it for, such as cab mounting bolts on heavy equipment and all personal vehicle applications. This thing is a beast cant wait to get the 3/4 version to se what kind of power it has.

    Jesse Dazey

  8. Logan Bente

    Fantastic customer service!The first impact wrench I recieved was very weak in reverse. It struggled with over tightened lugs. I expressed my concern to aircat and they had a new impact wrench at my doorstep in 2 days. The new wrench is fonominal. Great breakaway torque. I would highly recommend this impact wrench and aircat in general

    Logan Bente

  9. Husandeep sidhu

    I’ve had this gun for about a month now, I work on big rigs and take out transmissions,dpfs,tires. THIS GUN IS A MONSTER. No bolt, no stud, nothing can really stop this beast. I’ve accidentally broken bolts with this gun because it just keeps turning the bolt as if it looks like it’s still loose. Insane beast will recommend but go easy and be aware of how much your tightening cause it is a 1400ft/lb gun everything will look loose to this gun.

    Husandeep sidhu

  10. Sab1999

    I have enjoyed using this new style gun and always really appreciate how quiet and powerful these guns are. I just wish they had the soft working cover like the 1200/1250k models have.


  11. SRB

    Perfect impact gun!


  12. Betsabé F.

    Realmente…es una pistola que cumple totalmente las especificaciones del fabricante!! Es tan potente…que me dio una grata sorpresa al usarla sin la presión de aire requerida completamente y un compresor muy pequeño!! Con solo unos segundos de alimentación de aire al 100% es capaz de despegar tuercas y tornillos “grandes” muy atascados. Respecto al ruido emitido por el escape…es tan silenciosa que se escucha más el golpeteo de los dados de impacto! Una pistola neumática posiblemente es mucho mejor que otras que cuestan el doble del precio de ésta!!

    Betsabé F.