Aircat 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Impact Wrench 1250-K

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  • 1300 flubs of torque
  • Patented quiet exhaust technology- only 86 dba
  • Patented ergonomic Kevlar handle and housing
  • Patented Forward-reverse switch
  • Reinforced twin clutch mechanism
  • 2 year



1/2″ Composite impact with 1300 ft-lbs of loosening torque. Patented ergonomic Kevlar handle and housing.

Patented exhaust technology – only 86 dB. Smooth hard hitting twin clutch mechanism.

Patented forward-reverse switch. Built for the toughest applications like crank bolts.

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  1. B

    South Korea is an ally of the U.S. and a very very good manufacturing country, and yes they make the KIA car as well. Like when Japan came out with the Toyota, Korea has done much the same with KIA, and most of their tool lines…… This tool, The NITROCAT is the same reflection of quality South Korea is well known for. My co worker bought the Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX Drive Air Impact Wrench, 1/2 Inch and loves it, until I bought the NITROCAT for $50.00 or more less.Side by side, NITROCAT vs. Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX the torque difference in all honesty is insignificant. They both hit just as hard as the other in all honest reality. however both blow away my SNAP-ON IM6100 hands down. However, the clever people who designed the NITROCAT created a baffle device that does not restrict the exhaust flow, but changes it to a much lower frequency than INGERSOL – RAND or SNAP-ON giving the illusion of a much quieter exhaust, which is noticeably much more comfortable on your ears, however, the same decibels are still the same +/- on all three impacts, just at a much lower frequency with the NITROCAT. And this makes the NITROCAT seem much quieter.They both like air volume, just like the SNAP-ON, and if you want to really get the power these tools deliver, you need to throw away your 1/4″ air hose and get a good quality 3/8″ air hose with 3/8″ air fittings and 3/8″ hose barbs, that go into and secure the rubber hose to the quick disconnect air fittings. Failure to do so reduces the torque output significantly on any impact wrench. IMPACT WRENCH RATINGS are simply chalkboard theoretical values, and I say it that way, because that is simply what it is without sugar coating it.. The NITROCAT is rated at 1,300 ft. lbs. of torque, and I don’t know of any ½” drive tool that will not snap or break at around 300 ft. lbs of torque, Yes, that’s right, 1,000 FT LBS less than the tool is rated, the actual extensions and sockets break 300 ft. lbs of torque. This is more than ample force to snap and break any ½” tool. If you look at the IR 1” drive impact Wrench on this link you will notice it has a so called maximum torque rating at 1770 ft. lbs. but the real values are below it 100 – 900 ft lbs. So how does a ½” drive beat a 1” drive impact gun?……………. It doesn’t, this is the chalkboard theoretical values I am speaking of. How did NITROCAT and INGERSOL – RAND 2235 get the 1300 – 1350 ft. lbs.? Simple, they used a different types of measurement. You see Torque is in ft. lbs. which is a torsional twisting force and the formula used is T=FD/2 or which is Torque = Force or hand pressure times the Diameter /2……… Diameter/2 being the length of your wrench you are using to the center of the fastener. But hold on, ft. lbs. is also the measurement used to calculate a bullet’s impact, or any type of impact including cars etc., also in ft. lbs. Bullets use the equation, F=MA or simply put Force is equal to Mass times the Acceleration, Mass is the weight of the object, and acceleration is the vectored speed it is traveling F is always ft. lbs. However this F=MA does not calculate torsional force, but it does calculate a theoretical value of how much energy is required to lift X amount of pounds 1 foot off the ground against the forces of gravity. Without getting too deep into physics or mathematics, we can both see these equations are different, T=FD/2 is not the same as F=MA This is where the deception is, the impact tools are rated by the force calculated each time the hammer hits the anvil inside the tool, and not the torsional force at the square drive that the socket attaches to. But the deception doesn’t stop there, they also multiply the number of hits and force over a period of time, not just one blow, but the # of blows it takes to get the numbers they desire. So if they rate the impact at 1300 ft. lbs, and the hammer hits with 18 ft. lbs. of force against the anvil in the tool, and the hammer hits the anvil 12 times in one second, then this tool will reach a combined force through 6 seconds of time to achieve the 1300 ft lbs of force 18 ft lbs. / blow x 12 blows per second x 6 seconds = 1296 ft. lbs……… close enough to prove my point. I have tightened grade 8 bolts with the NITROCAT and IR 2235 and the on torque falls around 225 – 235 ft. lbs. The off torque is around 20 ft. lbs. higher, and these values are extremely close to the actual torsional value really is. Each gun may differ a few ft. lbs, my SNAP – On IM6100 only reached up to 185 ft. lbs. on, and 200 ft lbs. off.I have already dropped it many times, submersed in hydraulic oil, buried it in dirt, sprayed cleaners on it, and drove my service truck over it in dirt, only to pick it up with no damage and proceeded to brake a 9/16″, 14mm, 3/4″ 7/8″ and 15/16″ SNAP-ON sockets with this impact using the 3/8″ hose. This NITROCAT does not know the words, ” GIVE UP ” ……………… In all honesty I have had no issues yet with grips failing or anything with the use of solvents, and I am already ordering a second for my personal shop, However I see no real difference between it and the Ingersoll-Rand 2235, other than price, you won’t go wrong with either one.Want a review on the NITROCAT……………. Simply put, ……………….. BANG for the BUCK…………it just doesn’t get any better than this.


  2. Engineer

    Just recently I have tried to remove the anode rod from my old water heater and failed. I was using my 3/4″ breaking bar with a pipe extension, but I could not hold the tank itself. Then I tried my HF 1/2″ impact gun at 120 psi air pressure and failed again. The anode rod has a 3/4″ NPT thread and it’s been in place for 15 years.So I searched for the strongest 1/2″ gun on the market and came up with Nitrocat 1250K. I bought it from Amazon. It came in a nice cardboard box with the Aircat bag and some paperwork. The operating instructions lists max torque at 90 psi air supply as 950 ft-lb and weight as 4.5 lb. Declaration of conformity lists max torque as 1300 ft-lb and weight as 4.3 lb.It is very easy to check the weight since I have a precision calibrated scale. It came to 4.855 lb without any accessories or fittings attached. It is still significantly lighter than my HF gun.It is much more difficult to check the torque rating. This is what I did. I have torqued several 1-1/8″ hex cap screws to 600 ft-lb with a torque wrench (max torque on the wrench) and used Nitrocat to remove them. I have used 3/4″ impact socket and a 1/2″ adapter. 1250K did not hesitate to remove all the screws at 100 psi air supply. Later it removed my anode rod with no problem. It was not rusted in place, just very tight.There are a couple of things that I don’t like. The 1/2″ square part of the anvil is very short at .350″, it should have been a little longer. The air inlet has a 23 mm hex, which is non-standard and you have to use an adjustable wrench to torque the fitting. Also the instruction does not say a word about lubricating the hammer case. It is important you do that periodically – there is a port in the hammer case with a set screw just for that.Despite these few drawbacks I like the gun and hope it will last for many years with a light hobby use.For intermittent use it is not important how big your compressor or air tank is. My compressor is a little Makita with 3.3 CFM @ 90 psi and 2.2 gal tank. I use it to pump an auxiliary 11 gal tank and this is where I connect my impact gun. What is very important is the air flow to the tool. Impact guns need a lot of air flow to develop full torque. I am using 3/8″ fittings on mine with a short 3/8″ hose to help the flow. Do not forget to check the output valve on your tank to make sure it does not restrict the flow.


  3. Kyle Bradley

    This thing is very powerful, even on the lowest setting. It can easily take off lugs nuts, hub nuts etc. And it is very quiet compared to the other impacts I’ve had in the past. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    Kyle Bradley

  4. Amazon Customer

    This gun is incredible. Selector switch on the back has 1 reverse mode and 3 forward modes, no button or other device to select forward or reverse like a high end competitor gun has. I used it to remove the crank bolt on a honda pilot, only touched the trigger and the bolt was broke loose with a 20 gallon air compressor and 90 pounds of air.

    Amazon Customer

  5. mike vangieson

    What I like least, is I couldn’t give this a six star review.. very short learning curve on how much torque your settings stuff hat I have a Mac titanium half inch impact so I did a direct comparison on some lugs with the wheel and some other things around the shop… This mop the floor with my Mac titanium it is going (the Mac)already went into my car to go home as a Backup Tool

    mike vangieson

  6. Programming Dragon

    High torque impact, took off nuts that i had to use a 6′ bar before… This thing twisted a T50 impact star bit, and shattered a non impact T50 star bit… Want torque, this beast will deliver it.

    Programming Dragon

  7. ulysses rangel

    I bought this gun thinking it wasn’t gonna be comparable to my snap on because of the price lol. This gun ended up being a lot stronger and a lot QUIETER than other name Brand (mac, snapon, Matco, IR) I love it and so do my ears. (I’m a big rig suspension mechanic and I put this gun through hell and back)

    ulysses rangel

  8. grant

    I use these at a auto wreckers and we get some old rusty stuck on parts and it does the job. I have some $500 Snap on guns that do have slightly more power but these are Very quiet and do the job just fine! Bang for the buck you cant loose!


  9. darryl

    Went from a mac tools awp050 1/2 inch impact.I’m unsure of who makes that gun. But the nirtocat is a a mac tools gun. It’s the same as awp612q. And mac sells that gun for 496.99 cad plus taxes!This gun will go on sale through Amazon for less than 300 cad. Great value amazing power and it’s the quietest air impact I’ve ever used. More than enough power for an automotive technician. I am a truck and coach technician and this gun suits me well. Great product would buy again


  10. Michael D.

    Very powerful tool. Though the description states 1/2″ Composite Impact with 1300 ft-lbs of loosening torque. The box only claims 900. Still very powerful, only used it once to remove lug nuts. Found it to be very quit. Can’t yet say anything about the durability; as a mechanic will use this more in a day, then I probably ever will. Still, having needed a more powerful wrench then I previously had, I feel very happy to have it.

    Michael D.

  11. olivier

    J écris jamais de commentaire suite a mes achats , mais cet article mérite que je prenne le temps. Jai effectué le changement de la timing belt de mon honda pilot 2016. Jai tenté de retirer la bolt du crank avec une barre de force et je n’est jamais réussi a dévissé . J’ai cassé une barre de force 1 /2 tellement jai forcé.J’ai décidé acheter le nitrocat pour sa puissance de 1200 lbs , et croyez-moi sa fonctionne.Avec seulement deux coup de detente la bolt a sortie facilement.Le nitrocat est très puissant. Je le recommande fortement


  12. James McLeod

    I work at a dealership and use this everyday. By far the best parts are the grip and the throttle crontrol. Quiet, but super powerful!! If your looking for a high quality impact, this is the one for you!!

    James McLeod

  13. Jaskaran Singh

    Break free rusty bolts easily!! Not much heavy like other tools, better than snapon and mac impact wrenchs compared to power and cost. Compact!

    Jaskaran Singh

  14. Amazon Customer

    as described

    Amazon Customer

  15. Amazon Customer

    Nice wrench, like the weight of it. Haven’t used it yet, hopefully will work great tho.

    Amazon Customer