Abu Garcia Revo T3 BST60-HS Revo Toro Beast Low Profile Reel

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Abu Garcia


  • 5 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection
  • X2-cräftic alloy frame and side plate for increased corrosion resistance
  • Power stack carbon matrix drag System provides extreme drag pressures combined with unparalleled smoothness
  • Dragger heavy duty provides increased Fighting power and extended gear life
  • Duraclutch design provides improved engagement and durability



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5 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection;

X2-cräftic alloy frame and side plate for increased corrosion resistance;

Power stack carbon matrix drag System provides extreme drag pressures combined with unparalleled smoothness;

Dragger heavy duty provides increased Fighting power and extended gear life;

Duraclutch design provides improved engagement and durability

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  1. Amazon Customer

    When I received the package, visually, the shipping box was OK. I was expecting a new in the box reel, but this one was obviously already opened. I didn’t like that at all. I should make it 2 stars, but the reel itself is fantastic and the shipping arrived next day.I got the higher line capacity version, Abu Garcia T2 BST60-HS. It’s big. Easily twice as heavy as my other reels, Abu Garcia Revo Premiere Gen3 and Shimano Chronarch Ci4+. The Beast doesn’t palm as easy but I had no problems adjusting and finding comfortable hand positions. I had no problems adjusting to the weight of The Beast either. I’ve been able to drift fish for several hour stretches without getting fatigued by the weight.The Beast is great. I use it on a St. Croix 9’6″ heavy rod and I was able to subdue a couple of 15lb king salmon in a small, snag infested, river without issue. The drag is smooth and quickly wore out those kings. I had to tighten down the drag during a hard charge, and the drag responded well.The cranking is quiet, smooth, fast, and near effortless. I can feel more things happening on the other end of the line because the reel is so quiet in my hands and I have to retrieve slower. The Beast takes up a lot of line when retrieving fast so you can get in more fishing.I’ve only used The Beast a few times for king salmon, but I was quite impressed by it’s sheer power and ability to subdue and reel in a king. I hope to use it for surf fishing, sturgeon, and cranking for bass. Time will tell how well The Beast will hold up, but right now, I definitely recommend this reel if you don’t already have something similar.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Amazon Customer

    The name says it all. This Beast was a gift to my Son. He has been a round reel Abu guy all his life. I own a 50 and the 60. Far and away, the best reels in the world. My son was skeptical as to how he would transition to the low profile and a other features.We Muskie fish. So, all our gear gets used hard. He has watched me fish low profile Abu reels for the last 4 years without a failure. His comment to me after fishing the Beast was, Dad, that reel is BADASS. I own a Winch 60, an Hs 60, an NACL 60, and 2 Beasts. A 50 and the 60. I cant wait to see what Abu comes up with next. ABU FOR LIFE.

    Amazon Customer

  3. ]-[u||t3r

    As a Muskellunge fishermen I try to use the best gear possible so that I can safely land and release the fish I catch as quickly as possible, but the Revo Toro Beast was too expensive. Luckily it was on sale and since I always wanted one, I bought it.Shipping was quick and packaged well. The box containing the reel however had been opened previously as the clear circle stickers that usually seal reel boxes were missing. I didn’t think anything of it and lifted the top off to see the reel. At first glance from within the box it looked fine upon closer inspection however it definitely looked used. It had various scratches and other wear and tear issues so I returned it hoping to get a sealed box with a BRAND new reel.Upon receiving the new reel, I opened the package only to find that the box that contained the reel was again previously opened. This time however the reel “looked” brand new so I kept it and went fishing.The first night fishing with the reel it initially cast very smoothly however I kept getting unusual backlashes that I attributed to not having it set right. I managed to catch and land four fish that night and I was very pleased with the reel regardless of the backlashing that occurred.Over the course of the next few fishing trips, I began to have other issues with the reel. Sometimes while reeling the reel would make a grinding noise almost as if something inside had come loose. The first time it happened, I thought a part had broken off inside so I shook the reel but I heard nothing. I started to notice other issues as well such as when using jerk baits the reel would go in reverse as if the casting button was pressed, and sometimes when I’d cast the reel would engage mid cast. I lived through these issues until yesterday.Yesterday, I took the reel to a certified repairman to take a look at what could be going on. I watched as the repairman dissembled the reel. When he got it a part, he took a good look at the main gear and pinion gear and asked me how long I’ve had the reel. I told him that I bought it in July and have fished with it for about 15 hours since then. He said the gears look as if someone was burning double tens for an entire season and that they would need replacement.Luckily he had replacement parts. When he got them he showed me the worn gear vs the new gear and that’s when we made the discovery that the gears from my reel were the incorrect gears!! The gears in my Revo Toro Beast were worn gears from a Revo Toro Rocket!!! Someone ordered my reel and replaced the new gears with their worn out crappy ones. No wonder I was having such horrible issues. ALL the parts, drag washers, stopper, ratchet, pinion and main gear were from someone’s used and broken Revo Toro Rocket. We might not have noticed if the ratios were the same. Ultimately, it was the comparison that showed the size difference between the two.Needless to say, I’m a little upset that I ended up getting TWO used reels from Amazon. Regardless of the fact that the second reel looked new, it’s guts were old and broken. Next time I order an expensive reel online, if the box appears to have been opened I’m going to return it immediately.


  4. Donald Lilly

    I bought this pull double 10 for Muskies and it works great really smooth and has a lot of cranking power, I bought a beast power handle and when I’m not using it to pull double tens,I am pulling small pick up trucks around with it. ha ha. Has fantastic pick up keep those lures from getting Caught in the brush. I would say this is almost a perfect reel feels great in your hand so far has handled everything that I have put on it with ease. I run 80 pound spider wire braid with 130 pound fluorocarbon leader,have not had any problems, be careful though it will cast a mile you will throw it to the other side and that not good.

    Donald Lilly

  5. Ben

    I got this reel but the reel came facing down and i was questioned. I had a clinched feeling that someone has already used it. It came without the plastic wrapping and scratches on the reel. And the bearing make sound when i reel it. It also reels in a 2.1.1 gear ratio it picks up 28 cm of line i tested it when i got the hyper speed which is suppose to pick up 88 cm of line so i am very confused. Im getting a return hopefully it inst used and it actually works correctly.


  6. Puk 2.0 owner

    My nephew is graduating high school next month. This is his graduation present. Great price for accepting a slightly damaged box. So grateful, thank you. This reel is more impressive IRL than I can truly express. Always buy a warranty! Like condoms. it’s cheaper than child support! I’m horrible, I know. Seriously though, the Abu Garcia Revo T-2 BST-60-HS Toro Beast is beyond exceptional!

    Puk 2.0 owner

  7. Amazon Customer

    An amazing musky reel machine. Abu Garcia does it again!This reel provides Pure Power for casting and retrieving BIG baits. Magnum Bulldawgs, Magnum Shadzillass and double 10 blades with ease.Smooth casting and comes with three different handle options. (including two different power handles)I tested out the Tranx prior to buying, and much preferred the feel of this reel.I have already horsed in a couple big fall fish with ease, the drag system is perfect.4 star rating is for the seller, my item was obviously an open box. The price was reasonable, bit the product was advertised as “new” and therefore there was an intentional attempt to mislead the customer.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Brian C

    Solid and sturdy reel from Abu Garcia. Got the version with power handle and is good for throwing blades. I wish there was higher line pick up per turn but it gives good torque and throws double 10s with ease.The power handle made it feel a bit bulky/awkward when trying to throw anything other than a lure with a constant retrieve but feels less awkward than the power handle on the Lexa 400. For the price it’s not a bad option if you’re looking to throw blades mainly.

    Brian C

  9. Eric Haase

    This is a beast of a reel! No complaints about it.The reel comes with the big power reel with the big knob.I have had no problems with it reeling in big pike and muskie.I have this paired with a Fenwick Predator

    Eric Haase

  10. Arizona

    Broke after using twice maybe 4 hours on reel


  11. Brad Slater

    Don’t know why it took me so long, has completely changed my fishing game.

    Brad Slater

  12. Jason kearns

    Reel is great but Amazon did bit send the power handles in box can tell it was opened very disappointed about that..

    Jason kearns

  13. Stephen P Beveridge

    Nice reel but definitelyAn open box deal! NotPacked in original form at all!!!

    Stephen P Beveridge

  14. Andrew

    Amazing. Worth every penny if you are going to fish Muskie.


  15. Adam

    Amazing reel.Got it for a phenomenal price!