Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Low Profile Reel

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Abu Garcia


  • 8 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller bearing provides increased corrosion protection
  • 2 additional CeramiLite spool bearings provide improved casting performance
  • One piece X-Mag alloy frame provides a Super light yet extremely strong frame
  • Carbon matrix drag System provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range
  • C6 carbon side plates provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability
  • BRAID CAPACITY: YD/LB155/20 115/30 80/50




Setting the standard in lightweight, compact design; the extreme low profile bait caster continues to push the boundaries of low profile design with the lightest Revo yet weighing in at just 4.5 ounces.

The extreme low profile reel combines the new slc spool concept, with hybrid ceramic bearings resulting in a reel with first class casting performance in a package that weighs almost nothing in the hand

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  1. Amazon Customer

    hello everyone, for starters let me address something very important. this is absolutely a finesse reel, if you are looking for a more versatile reel, the revo premier gen 4 is a better choice. Abu garcia is flat out wrong about the max drag rating of 12lbs. 6-8lbs is about what you are going to get, however that is more than enough for any application this reel is designed for. moving on, anyone reading this should be warned that i am a long time abu garcia fan, but an honest one, and this is a compleatly unbiased review from my personal experience with this reel. I will start with the cons.1. The max drag – if you are purchasing this reel to throw large gauge hook lures, you will not get goid hooksets, it’s that simple2. the ceramic bearings – i’m very on the fence about this, and personally do not veiw it as a con but ceramic bearings are slightly audible on the retrieve, there is no “geary” sound at all, and it is not loud, but it is audible.Now for the pros1. ready for a plot twist? the drag is also the number one pro, weird i know. – although the max drag is very low, the adjustability from 0-6lbs is amazing, something that can pluage reels with a high max drag, such as the revo sx. the drag is either to loose, or to tight. also worth mention, drag pressure is very smooth.2. the weight – 4.5oz makes a huge difference, enough said.3. the casting performance – im blown away. from my PERSONAL experience i have yet to encounter a reel that will cast as smooth as this reel. on a medium action rod, i’m going out on a limb to say that it is near impossible to birds nest this reel even with a 1/8th oz lure. i cannot stress how well this reel casts, it is simply amazing.3. the braking system – also tying into the castability, the braking system is so good that it needs to be listed as a pro as well. i fish this reel, as most of my reels with the tensioner set to eliminate side to side play and have not had to turn the external dial of he brake past the 4th click, even with a 1/8th lure.4. ergonomics – this reel is is very very comfortable to palm. the handle is sized very well, the cork handles are very nice as well.5. the aesthetics – no one likes an ugly reel, without a doubt this is my favorite looking reel in my collection.my conclusion: if you are looking for a reel to fish shaky heads, weightless senkos, finesse jigs, or weightless plastics with 2-3/0 hooks, this is a very good choice, and you will be very satisfied. however it is not extremly versatile, and there are better (and cheaper) choices for a more versatile reel. if i were rating this as a generic “do it all” reel, i would give it 3/5 stars due to the drag.good alternatives if you realized this is not the reel for you:1. gen 4 revo premier – about the same price, a better choice for a reel not limited to finesse applications. castabilty is not on the same level for anything under 3/8oz and becomes very noticeable for anything 1/4oz or lighter but has a much higher max drag2. gen 4 revo sx – the gen 4 sx is a huge step up from the previous generation, and in my personal experience casts better than the premier, as painful as that is for me to admit. though the sx is not on the same level as the mgx, it is worth mentioning that i am very impressed with the castability, the braking system is second only to the mgx, i have been fishing it for a month with 1 internal pin set to the on position and the external magnetic brake dial usually on the 1st click or all the off. if you realized after researching the mgx that you want a more versatile reel, i would 10/10 recomend the sx, also it’s about half the price.i hope someone will find this review helpful, and just to clarify, though i did praise the sx exstensively, the mgx is without a doubt much better reel for finesse and i can not stress enough how well it performs in this catagory. have a good day/night everyone!

    Amazon Customer

  2. Joey D

    Coming from at STX owner, I bought this reel with high hopes. I have migrated over the years to using mostly weightless soft plastics and wanted a light reel to be able to cast them far with ease. I have had my STX for over 10 years and it has always performed great but I have always heard these are beasts when it comes to throwing soft plastics far. I was shocked when I first used this thing. I can easily cast a weightless worm twice as far as some of my other mid to high end baitcasters. It is shockingly light weight yet strong as an ox and has enough drag to pull in pretty much any bass I’ll likely ever catch. The braking system is great and very forgiving and I’ve dialed it in to virtually never need your thumb. The spool capacity is great and I’ve had no issues at all with this reel after much travel and usage. This thing can cast!

    Joey D

  3. John A.

    The way I see it, for what you get its way over priced. Ive used mine less than 2 seasons and its getting lose and kind of sloppy. The drag is extremely light and strips every time you stick a fish. It is small and light wait, so I use it for a light set up. ( finesse and light small baits mainly) Mine is set up on a BP Carbon lite 6,6ft medium, fast taper and works out good. I paid $300.00 and seen it as high as $500.00 I’ve had it apart, and other than the ceramic bearings and light wait, I cant justify the value for the expense. Maybe if $150.00–$200.00. I guess were paying for the name, lightness and the new cast control system witch seems to work OK. I’m sure Garcia would justify the expense and argue my point.

    John A.

  4. Jeff

    Fantastic reel. I have tried all the big name brands and this is by far the smoothest operating reel I have used. Once you have it setup for your lure weight and casting style you can throw lures a long way. It’s also good for pinpoint pitching/casting, especially when using lightweight offerings. It won’t replace every reel in your arsenal, but every serious fisherman should have at least a couple rigged up.


  5. Amazon Customer

    As a bass fisherman I love good quality reel. I paired this reel with the St. Croix legend tournament 6’10” medium light ultra fast. The two together are super lightweight and easy to flip, pitch, and cast far, I’ve owned the Shimano Curado and the abu Garcia revo stx, but this is a lot better. This is probably the best reel for bass fishing on the market for the price. Nothing else said.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Trint Sanders

    For the price I expected a lot more, Would have rather bought another Lewis. Just saying

    Trint Sanders

  7. Scott K.

    I bought this real for musky fishing, but I did not realize how small the spool is. I just got back from Chippewa Falls and used fairly large lures and I all the line on each cast. Just not large enough for heavy lures. Nice looking reel and perfect for smaller lures…

    Scott K.

  8. peroloco

    Have other expensive reels and this one tops them all. Super light, very forgiving with minimum tendency to backlash.Added another 10 feet to my cast distance.


  9. Di Zheng

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    Di Zheng

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  11. 瀧華

    ノーマルで使ってません。遠心からマグブレーキとスプール変更してます。(性能的は、REVO LTX BF-8L)と同等です。因みにREVO ALC BF-7も所有してます。兎に角軽く、DAIWA T3airやシマノアルデバランBFよりも軽量で使いやすいです。黒に対して赤のアクセントが効いてて、中々カッコいいです。他で真似してる人見たこと有りません。見かけは、MGXtremeですけど中身は、渓流ベイトフィネス仕様に成ってます。3g以下をキャストするための変更です。ノーマルのMGXtremeでもキャスト可能と思いますが、1日何百回とキャストしまくるのでバックラッシュ等避ける為でも安定して使いやすいです。T3airと比べてクラッチの位置が低いため物凄く使いやすいです。T3air2台、T3SV所有してますが出番無しで予備機です。


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